Celebrating Bonifacio Day, militant organizations

call on the people to persevere in the fight for change


Liwasang Bonifacio


November 30,2007




Various people's organizations marched from Liwasang Bonifacio

to Sta. Cruz with Mendiola as final destination.....




.....until they were blocked at the corner of Morayta and Recto streets

where they held a program to commemorate Bonifacio Day


      Rep. Liza Maza, Rep. CrispinBeltran, Rep. Satur Ocampo

Press Statement
November 30, 2007

References: Carol Araullo, chairperson
Renato Reyes, Jr., secretary general

Filipino people should resist the Arroyo regime’s repressive measures and persevere in the fight for change

On the birth anniversary of the great hero Andres Bonifacio, the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) calls on the Filipino to wage resistance against the repressive measures of the Arroyo regime in its desperate bid to stay in power and ignore popular clamor to resolve issues hounding the Arroyo presidency.

The latest Makati stand-off is the result of long festering problems involving the legitimacy, corruption and human rights abuses of the Arroyo government. So long as the current regime refuses to accept accountability for these heinous acts, the people will continue to clamor for a change in leadership. The only way out of the crisis is for Mrs. Arroyo to heed the clamor for her resignation.

We join our many countrymen in condemning the repressive acts that ensued after the Makati stand-off. We deplore the patently illegal imposition of a curfew which violated the constitutionally guaranteed right to travel. We condemn in the strongest terms the arrest and manhandling of members of the media who were covering the Makati standoff.

The curfew and the arrest of media personnel were calibrated to sow a state of fear among the populace. The government wants to send a chilling effect on the people a few hours before a scheduled peaceful protest action in Liwasang Bonifacio. We say no to repressive measures! No to a return to martial rule!

It is during these dark and seemingly uncertain times that we as a people must unite and remain steadfast. We must vigorously defend and exercise our constitutional rights, even as these rights are being attacked and curtailed. This includes the aggressive exercise of the right to peaceably assemble and air our grievances and the right to free expression.

We call for the immediate release of Vice-president Teofisto Guingona, Bishop Julio Labayen and other civilians who were arrested during the Makati standoff.

We call on the people to stay the course of resistance and to continue to stand for truth and justice as we reject morally bankrupt regime. ###


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Fr. Joe Dizon and KMU Chair Elmer Labog


Press Statement

December 1, 2007





By Prof. Jose Maria Sison


International League of Peoples' Struggle


The International League of Peoples' Struggle praises and supports the vigorous protests against the Arroyo regime  and the  demand for the ouster of this regime aired separately by scores of   military officers and civilian sympathizers at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati on Thursday, November 29 and by the thousands of  street demonstrators near the presidential palace in  Manila on Friday, November 30.


The Thursday protest action at the hotel did not succeed with its announced objective of  inspiring  the people to join it within a few hours and the military to openly withdraw its support in order to cause the downfall of the Arroyo regime and replace it with a new government.  But  it succeeded resoundingly through the national and global mass media in making a strong  denunciation of the moral bankruptcy, corruption, mendacity and brutality of the regime and in manifesting the relentless struggle of patriotic officers and enlisted personnel against those in the pro-Arroyo chain of command.


The organizers of the Friday street demonstrations were successful in accomplishing their announced limited objective of  fielding some thousands of demonstrators in order to revive the mass movement for the ouster of the Arroyo regime.  But the street demonstrations did not catch the attention of the national and global mass media as much as the Thursday protest action had done, even as the mass organizations were more cogent and sharper through their statements, streamers, placards and graphics in condemning the afflictions inflicted by the regime on the people and in demanding the ouster of the regime.


No doubt all concerned have still a lot of work to do in developing further the  capability to launch gigantic mass actions and causing  the military and police to withdraw support from the Arroyo regime as in the downfall of  the Marcos and Estrada regimes in 1986 and 2001.  The participants in mass actions in Manila must grow to the level of 50,000, then 100,000, further on 200,000 and still further.  Only after the level of 100,000 is reached will the military and police  begin on a wide scale to consider  withdrawing  support from the Arroyo regime.


Successes in people's uprising as in 1986 and 2001 may not be repeated mechanically because of differing circumstances.  To cite one important current circumstance,  Arroyo  has repeatedly demonstrated her willingness to shed the blood  of her opponents in order to keep herself in power.  She has shown her callousness in causing the murder, abduction and torture  of hundreds of unarmed legal activists opposed to her regime.


She is known to boast  that unlike Marcos and Estrada who ultimately abandoned power for fear of a bloodbath she will not hesitate to cause bloodshed in the name of law and order.  She is also known to gloat over her repeated success in suppressing hotel takeovers which are in fact shows d'etat rather than coups d'etat. Thus, her adversaries  within the military establishment are under challenge to  prevent her from using the  chain of command in controlling them and in attacking  the people.###


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November 30, 2007

Anakbayan commemorates 9th anniversary, Gat

Bonifacio in Oust GMA rally

Nov. 30 protest displays youth resistance to Arroyo's repressive measures

"In the continuance of Gat Andres Bonifacio's patriotism, today's youth collectively stands up against corruption, repression and injustice."

This was youth group Anakbayan's statement on the event of its 9th founding anniversary and in commemoration of Bonifacio's birth anniversary today.

Anakbayan today joined the Bayan (Bagong Alyansang Makabayan) contingent in the protest march to Liwasang Bonifacio with the theme, "Labanan ang Kahirapan, Korupsyon at Kawalan ng Karapatan!"

Anakbayan led youth and student protesters from UP, PUP, UST, UE, San Beda, PCU, PNU, Adamson, TIP, JRU, some public high schools and out-of-school youths from urban poor communities in Quezon City, Manila and CAMANAVA.

Anakbayan chairperson Eleanor de Guzman said that today's protest was an overwhelming show of youth and student resistance to the Arroyo administration's repressive measures following yesterday's Makati stand-off.

"We unite with the Filipino people in condemning Malacanang's repressive moves. We condemn in strongest terms the imposition of a curfew and the violation of press freedom in the arrest of media people who covered the event," she said.

"We will not be cowed. It is our moral, political and legitimate right to call for the ouster of a regime that has long betrayed and disillusioned the youth's patriotism and love for country. It is our democratic task to peaceably assemble to voice out this sentiment."

De Guzman said that Arroyo's repressive measures would only serve to ignite 'pockets of youth and students revolts' against the administration.

"Let us break the chill. We call on our fellow youth and students to take cue from what Gat Bonifacio and others before us have displayed. Again, we are being challenged by our times to stand up and take the cudgels for democracy," said de Guzman.

She added, "Let us all look forward to our very own First Quarter Storm. The year is almost over, but our resistance is continuing to gain ground." ###

Sarah Katrina Maramag
Vice-chairperson/Media Officer, 09193486790

Eleanor de Guzman
Chairperson, 09282555423

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Former DOST Usec Josifina Lichauco

Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo


KMU Chair Elmer Bong Labog



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