Suara Bangsamoro leads various organizations

in commemorating EDSA I anniversary in Cotabato City



February 25, 2008




Suara Bangsamoro organization (Voice of the Bangsamoro) led a picket-rally in Cotabato City to commemorate the EDSA I anniversary and in coordination with other organizations nation-wide. Other organizations that joined the picket-rally include  Liga ng Kabataang Moro (League of Moro Youth), AKLAS (Alyansa ng Kabataan Laban sa Panghihimasok ng Amerikanong Sundalo-Alliance of Youth Against US Intervention) and Gabriela Youth.


Photos courtesy of Suara Bangsamoro Organization (Voice of the Bangsamoro)


February 23, 2008

Moro group commemorates EDSA 1, calls for GMA’s ouster

COTABATO CITY, PHILIPPINES – The Suara Bangsamoro (Voice of the Bangsamoro) organization here will commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the EDSA 1 People Power uprising that toppled the Marcos dictatorship on Monday, February 25.

The group will participate in the nationally-coordinated protest lead by Bagong Alyansa Makabayan amid fresh allegations of corruption and calls for ouster facing the Arroyo administration.

Bai Ali Indayla, the group’s national secretary-general, said that the NBN-ZTE scandal is just one of the numerous anomalies scourging President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration. Most recent is the massacre of eight innocent civilians in Maimbung, Sulu ‘where as commander-in-chief, she was held responsible.’

“GMA has no heart for the Bangsamoro people. In the guise of chasing after Abu Sayyaf elements, the Moro people are often times the victims. Among cases of killings, not even one was resolved,” Indayla exclaimed.

The group said that their action on Monday will be a build-up towards a bigger mobilization to a “new brand of people power” that was announced by Catholic bishops last Tuesday (February 19).

“Now is the time for the Moro people to be united in kicking out a corrupt and callous president. Under GMA’s tenure, the rate of poor Moro families has continue to increase as well as cases of rights violations and extra-judicial killings,” Indayla stressed.

According to Ibon Foundation, an independent research institute, seven out of 10 Filipinos are poor and jobless. Pulse Asia, on the other hand, reported GMA as the most corrupt president in the Philippine history.

Moreover, Indayla also lambasted the “unity walk” of GMA with her dummies as “a hysterical effort to project an untouchable façade in coping the enraged Filipino people.”

“Their effort shows that their days are counted as the day passes by. Their number continues to decrease every day. Whatever their efforts are, the Filipino people are certain in saying ‘Enough of GMA!’ The Bangsamoro people could no longer endure this corrupt, fascist and illegitimate government,” Indayla ended.►


For reference: Bai Ali Indayla, national secretary-general of Suara Bangsamoro, Mobile # 0921.9064.699/Tel. # 064.421.5680


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BAYAN Southern Mindanao statement
February 25, 2008

Learn the Lessons of the Past, Advance the Peoples' Movement

to Oust the Corrupt US-Arroyo Regime!

Today, 22th year of first EDSA People Power uprising, the peoples' organizations, church people, youth and students will pour in Davao City's main thoroughfares to call for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's resignation. The Filipino people's struggle against If there is something that we should reminisce about the EDSA I uprising, it is the struggle of the Filipino people against tyranny and corruption. Now, Marcos ideals dwell in the US-Arroyo regime. Tyranny has returned.

Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada's revelations is reminiscent of Marcos' big time looting spree during the dictator's stint as president. Cronyism and nepotism are still alive in the belly of the bureaucracy, where new faces took over as cronies and power broker, at the behest of the president. In the wake of the NBN-ZTE controversy, we can recall the testimony of former Minister of Public Works and Highways Baltazar Aquino about kickbacks and commissions received by Marcos. Now, it takes a man's courage to reveal the truth about $130 million kickbacks before the Arroyo administration scrapped the anomalous NBN ZTE deal.

The $130 million amount of greed of former COMELEC Chair Benjamin Abalos and First Gentleman Mike Arroyo could construct five hundred school buildings or even offset the shortage of textbooks and teachers in the education sector. In Southern Mindanao region alone, more than 300,000 children are incapable of getting elementary and secondary education due to poverty. Of the 980 barangays in the region, almost 160 barangays have no electricity. The Arroyos' "moderate greed" could have eased the burden and suffering of our people.

The NBN-ZTE scam is one of several scandals that the Arroyo administration had wantonly sponsored in just a span of seven years. If tolerated she might beat Marcos' record as the second most corrupt president in Asia. Since 2002, Arroyo and her minions were habitually stealing people's money by disregarding procurement process and overpricing supply contracts. Yet, even after these corrupt practices are exposed to public, the perpetrators are still left unpunished. It seemed that stealing has become everybody's business in the Arroyo administration.

We believe that the legacy of the first people power uprising can be well-remembered especially in these times when the tyrant in Malacañang is determined to curtail legitimate dissent. Day by day the people's movement is gaining momentum. Day by day, we hear the voice of the people with a unified call to the morally corrupt US-Arroyo regime:

Enough of Arroyo's Plunder!
Enough of Arroyo's Fascist Rule!
Oust GMA Now!

BAYAN - Southern Mindanao

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