Picket rally in Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

to express solidarity with the participants

in the Makati Interfaith prayer rally



February 29, 2008



◄ 10 reasons why GMA must go

▼  NDFP peace negotiators Luis Jalandoni and Coni Ledesma join migrant Filipinos in calling for Arroyo's ouster.

Despite the stormy and very cold winter weather in Amsterdam, dozens of Filipinos joined a protest at the center of Protesters hold a picket for the ouster of the corrupt, morally-bankrupt, and fascist Gloria Arroyo regime.

Many of those present at the protest also supported the hearings of the Permanent People's Tribunal Second Session on the Philippines which tried and found guilty the Bush and Arroyo governments for war crimes against the Filipino people. The first anniversary of that PPT Second Session will be commemorated March 22-25.

Echoing their compatriots in the Philippines, the protesters chanted, "Rain, rain, go away, pati na rin si GMA!"


Photos courtesy of MIGRANTE - Europe


Press Statement

1 March 2008




By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Chairperson, International League of Peoples' Struggle


I congratulate the  people and the broad united front of patriotic, progressive and ecumenical forces for their resounding  success in massing 75,000 rallyists in the inter-faith rally at  Ayala Makati yesterday, despite the scare tactics and obstructions carried out by the Arroyo regime in a futile attempt to reduce attendance.


The fake president and her retinue of bureaucratic sycophants and military bully boys  should be able to read the handwriting on the wall. They have been weighed and grievously found wanting. Their days are numbered. Their doom is in the horizon.


The next objective of the broad united front and the broad mass movement is to assemble at least 100,000 people at the focal point in the national capital region or even 500,000 people at the Rizal Park.  The level of 100,000 to 500,000 protest rallyists is bound to ignite the withdrawal of support from the regime by the bureaucracy and the military.


The size of the gigantic rally can be anticipated on the basis of  prior success in  holding widespread buildup rallies  in communities, workplaces, farms, schools and other places in Metro Manila and the provinces.  The groundswell of such buildup rallies  will render   impotent  the pro-Arroyo military and police officers.


 The tactics of mass mobilization used in the First Quarter Storm of 1970 and in the ouster of presidents in 1986 and 2001 are applicable to a large extent.  There are advantages to avail in the public detestation of the crimes of the Arroyo regime,  the accumulation of rich experience in mass  ►



mobilization, the higher development of mass organizations, unprecedented cooperation in the broad united front and the availability of old and new technology for efficient communications. ###


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Press Statement

3 March 2008





By Luis Jalandoni

Chairperson, Negotiating Panel

National Democratic Front of the Philippines


Gregorio Honasan is reported to have made personal attacks against Prof. Jose Maria Sison in interviews with the Philippine Daily Inquirer and DZBB by accusing him of having issued orders from an airconditioned home in The Netherlands for the Filipino people to rise up against the Arroyo regime and by demanding that Prof. Sison should return home to lead the protest mass actions.


Honasan’s attack against Prof. Sison is totally baseless. It is a matter of public knowledge that the inter-faith rally of last Friday was generated by a broad united front of ecumenical forces, including religious and secular patriotic and progressive forces, especially the youth. These forces achieved a high level of united purpose by consensual agreement or under a roundtable type of leadership.


They agreed and acted to mobilize the tens of thousands of demonstrators not because of some orders from anyone from abroad but because they were acutely conscious of giving way to the people's outrage over such grievous crimes of the Arroyo regime as massive corruption and plunder, gross human rights violations and servility to foreign interests.


We in the National Democratic Front of the Philippines believe that the broad united front of legal forces and the broad masses of the Filipino people are determined to continue launching protest mass actions until the Arroyo regime is ousted or becomes incapable of choosing in 2010 a successor to protect the bureaucratic loot of the Arroyo clique and shield it from criminal prosecution.


Having been a rabid anti-communist military officer, Honasan should know better than to demand the return of Prof. Sison to the Philippines under the current circumstances. He should be aware of the gross and systematic violations of human rights, including the extrajudicial killing and forced disappearances of NDFP consultants Prudencio Calubid, Leo Velasco and others.  Moreover, it is the NDFP Negotiating Panel that has requested Prof. Sison to stay in The Netherlands for the purpose of peace negotiations upon the change of regime on the GRP side.


Until some months before the May 2007 elections, Honasan decked himself out as oppositionist to the Arroyo regime.  Suddenly for strange reasons, he was received by Ms. Arroyo in Malacanang  and he ran  as an “independent” senatorial candidate with the blessings of the Arroyo regime. Since the time that he flipped to the Arroyo camp, Honasan has always found ways of defending the fake president and attacking her opponents. ###


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Singing (protest songs) in the rain

Migrante members swap stories about the situation back home



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