HUMABOL federation of farmers in Bohol

bats for the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill (HB3059)

and the non-extension of the failed CARP


Tagbilaran City


June 10, 2008



Members and allies of provincial peasant organization HUMABOL staged a protest rally during the 20th year implementation of CARP






Photos and captions courtesy of HUMABOL-KMP BOHOL





News Release
June 12, 2008

HUMABOL staged an anti-CARP protest rally in Bohol

The militant provincial federation of farmers in Bohol, HUMABOL spearheaded a march-rally in Tagbilaran city to air their opposition to the planned extension of CARP. They also call for the passage of an alternative agrarian reform bill which is filed now in congress by progressive party list congressmen, House Bill no. 3059 or the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill. The protesters also cried for justice in commemoration of the death of Bayan Muna and HUMABOL leader Mario “ Mayong Mag-uuma” Auxilio, who was shot by a suspected military asset last June 15, 2007. The said activity had the theme : TINUOD NGA REPORMA SA YUTA ANG TUBAG SA KRISIS SA BUGAS UG PAGKAON! DILI KORUPSYON, MILITARISASYON, CARP EKSTENSYON ug GMA ADMINISTRATION!

The protesters had their assembly in front of the Department of Agrarian Reform office and marched towards Camp Dagohoy where a 5 minute rally was staged to demand justice for Mayong and other victims of unabated political killings in the country. Since 2001, under the Arroyo regime there are now 903 victims, of which 419 are farmers, and 193 cases of enforced disappearances

The group then went to the provincial capitol, where a part of the protesters staged a die-in, a symbolic action to dramatize the hardship of poverty because of landlessness, lack of social services, corruption, neglect, repression and militarization in the countryside.

The group made their rally at B. Inting st. Agora market wherein different speakers lambasted the Arroyo government as to:

1. its subservience to the imperialist dictates under “globalization” wherein liberalization of agriculture had resulted to rice crisis,


2. the rampant corruption

3. neglect in the sector of agriculture and social services,

4. using CARP as a milking cow for big salaried consultants, anomalous big budget for land acquisition and infrastructure

5. state terrorism against the peasantry and other progressive groups and individuals in the form of extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances and military harassments.

The group also calls for the passage of HB 3059, Justice for the political killing victims and the ouster of GMA. The rally ended at 5:00 in the afternoon.


SGD Danilo Olayvar
Secretary General

Sending the message of NO TO CARP Extension in Department of Agrarian Reform office

Rain or shine, Peasant protesters demand for social justice and genuine land reform.

In front of Camp Dagohoy, demanding JUSTICE for Mayong

In the provincial Capitol, the protesters stage a die-in, dramatizing their state of poverty and hunger under the present corrupt and fascist regime.


Peasant women being equally militant and determined to achieved genuine agrarian reform and social change.

Setting up for the rally



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