Moro groups greet with protest Arroyo's Cotabato City visit


July 21, 2008




Suara Bangsamoro led a picket rally in Cotabato City today to greet with protest President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's visit to the flood-stricken Moro areas, dubious of the president's intention saying that her visit is being used to lift her sagging popularity ratings.

Different Moro groups held a lighting rally today in Cotabato City to protest President Arroyo's visit saying that her two million relief is nothing compared to the continuing misery felt by the Moro people due to the incessant hikes of oil and basic commodities.


-- From Suara Bangsamoro report


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News Release
21 July 2008

GMA visit in the ARMM and Cotabato City won't reverse Moro people's misery

Cotabato City - Moro organizations in Cotabato City will hold a picket rally in front of the office of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao today to protest President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's visit in the Moro areas.

According to Amirah Ali Lidasan, national president of Suara Bangsamoro, GMA's visit in the flood-stricken areas of Cotabato City and Shariff Kabungsuan raises more doubts for the Moro people because it was timed when the SWS survey showing her negative 38 pints was released.

"It is disheartening to learn that the Moro people are once again being used to lift President Arroyo's sagging personality ratings, when we all know that her one-day visit here will not erase the fact that under her administration the Moro people have felt the most miserable living conditions because of the high cost of prices," said Lidasan.

Lidasan added that the residents would feel more secure if the President could stop the incessant oil price hikes and rising prices of basic commodities that has added to their already difficult life because of the flood, rather than giving their community a one-day medical and relief mission.

"The communities do not need a one-shot deal of relief, rather a life-time security if the government will do something to uplift their living conditions by giving them food security, employment and salary especially for the employees and teachers of the ARMM," said Lidasan.

Lidasan also added that security for the Moro people also meant that the peace negotiations will not be railroaded and the Moro people's right to self-determination will not be compromised just so Arroyo can present a peace package.

"Given the weaknesses of the ARMM in providing good living conditions for the Moro people and limitations on their right to govern and decide as shown in the issue of issuing laws such as creating provinces, it is therefore not right to confine the peace negotiation to a constitutionally agreed autonomy. The ARMM should not be used as a substitute for the Moro people's aspiration for the right to self-determination because it is limiting and not reflective of the rights of the Moro people," said Lidasan.

Suara Bangsamoro is joined by Kawagib Moro Human Rights Organization and the youth group Liga ng Kabataang Moro in protesting GMA's visit in Shariff Kabungsuan and Cotabato City.



Moro groups in Cotabato City greeted GMA with protest today

Kawagib Moro Human Rights spokesperson Bai Ali Indayla joined the rally of Moro organizations in Cotabato City protesting President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's visit in Shariff Kabungsuan and Cotabato City saying that her organizations doubts Arroyo's sincerity in bringing peace in Mindanao with her track record of human rights violations against activists like her.

In a protest rally against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's visit in Cotabato City, Kawagib Moro Human Rights spokesperson Bai Ali Indayla accuses Arroyo as the biggest violator of Moro human rights and says that she should be held responsible for the hundreds of Moro arrested, tortured, killed and detained because of Arroyo's subservience to the US government's anti-terror policy.

Bai Ali Indayla of Kawagib Moro Human Rights said that victims of flood-stricken Shariff Kabungsuan and Cotabato City owe nothing to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo even if she allots a P2 million peso medical and food relief knowing that the president has wasted away more than P4 Billion of the country's budget for her visit to the United States.