Relatives and friends celebrate the birthday of Luisa,

Desaparecido for more than a year




August 10, 2008



Tamara, daughter of Luisa, prepares to cut the birthday cake

Relatives and friends attend the birthday celebration and continue to search for the birthday celebrant


Photos courtesy of Karapatan


On her birthday


From Edgar Posa

. . . well , what can i say ? ... i don't know where to begin with , but nonetheless ... let me ponder upon a story that LOLA "LIL" used to read when i was NICOLE's age ... it was about the little red hen with her farm friends the cat , the dog , & the cow ...

one day while walking the little red hen found a sack full of grain of seeds asked her friends who will plow the fields ? not i said the cat , not i said the dog & not i said the cow .... very well then , i will said the little red hen ....after days of plowing the field & ready to be planted the little red hen agaian ask her friends
who will plant the seeds ? ... not i said the cat , not i said the dog , & not i said the cow

very well then i will said the little red hen ..... a week after the seed started to grow & needs water .. then again the little red hen ask her friends who will the plants ? not i said the cat , not i said the dog , not i said the cow ... very well then i will said the little red hen make thew long story short .... the wheat was harvested , milled , turned into flour & made into bread . . . .

moral of the story is " getting the job done " .... UNTIL THE DAY OF HER ABDUCTION YOUR NANAY WAS TRYING , DOING & GETTING THE JOB DONE ..... which goes to show that ... the struggle doestn't stops there .... the job isn't done yet ......

a TREE lives, a TREE dies ... the FOREST stays forever !! to GING ... wherever you maybe , whatever "they" may have done to you ......the POSA clan will be missing you so much , especially on this day .... MORE POWER !!
WE LOVE YOU !! ............................MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmwahugz!

From Gabriela

Ang Gabriela Women's Party ay nagpupugay kay Luisa Posa Dominado. Ang
53 taon ng kanyang buhay na ating ginugunita ngayon ay puspos sa
paglilingkod sa sambayanan at sa mamamayan.

Walang pag-iimbot niyang ibinigay ang kanyang kakayahan, lakas at
talino sa pakikibaka. Kung kapiling natin siya ngayon, tiyak na mas
marami pang taon ng paglilingkod sa bayan ang kanyang iaalay.

Sa ating paggunita kay Luisa at sa kanyang mga naging ambag, sana'y
higit tayong makakuha ng lakas para ipagpatuloy ang laban ni Luisa at
Nilo at ng marami pang desaparecidos, para sa hustisya. Magpahanggang
sa kasalukuyan, laluna sa pagpapatupad ng Oplan Bantay Laya ng
rehimeng US-Arroyo, ang mga kababaihan at ating mga pamilya ay patuloy
na dinadahas at pinagkakaitan ng mga batayang karapatan. Ang ating
pagpupunyagi sa paggigiit ng ating mga karapatan at pakikibaka para sa
tunay na kalayaan, demokrasya at kapayapaan.

Sa iyo, Luisa, ganap kang maituturing na Gabriela ng iyong panahon.
Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo. Tuloy ang laban!

Rep. Liza Largoza Maza
Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan
Cristina Palabay, Secretary General

Armie Almero of CRREED
Atty. Janne Baterna of ILAC
Forge Pelaez of SELDA
Leeboy Garachico of Karapatan Lucia Capadocia of PAMANGGAS
    Lucy of Gabriela

Tamara Michelle Posa Dominado,

 daughter of Luisa

◄   Louie Posa, spokesperson of Save Luisa

and Nilo Movement



Rudy Lagoc of ILAC   ►       



Dear Nanay,


On August 10, youíll be 53 already. I really wish youíll be there when we celebrate it. Iíve missed you so much, everyday and always. And I guess everyone else has, too.


Itís been hard not having you around. Manang has been a pain in the ass as always but sheís trying.


Iíve been living in a dorm for the past 2 months now. Itís been stressful and depressing living there. Some of my high school classmates are staying there too. I get home sick every now and then because I donít like that place. I donít know why.


You know this one time; I really got sick because I cried for almost the whole night. Crying makes me weak, I guess. You see, that night, my classmate got home sick and she cried because she missed her mom. And I guess thatís what triggered my fits of crying. You see, I wonít easily admit it and I sometimes forget it, but deep down inside, I miss you so much. Iíve missed you since the day you never came back. I try my best not to talk about you because just a mere memory could bring me on the verge of tears.




I remembered when I first cried in the dorm. We were having our group dynamics and were talking about our lives and problems. When it came to be my turn, I thought I could handle it and they urged me to let out because they said it would lessen the pain, so I talked about you and my life, but it only managed to make me cry and make my head ache for the whole night. Sometimes I wonder if the pain will ever go away.


The last time I cried it was during the first time I went to a cheering practice for the Elektrons. It was my first time to be in the workshop and I had to do it alone because I was late. I guess they werenít that hard on me like they were on the others. I just had to act three times. It was a nightmare because I couldnít keep myself from smiling. But on the last scene they turned out the lights. Then they told me to act like a mother begging for food and money to feed her child. I didnít know what to do so I knelt and acted but I still kept on smiling. And I guess they wanted to piss me off to stop me from smiling so they threw bad comments at me. They were all talking at the same time and I donít know how I heard this question, but I heard it loud and clear over the other comments. Someone said, ďWhereís your mom?Ē and thinking that it was just gonna be a part of my acting I replied, ďSheís deadÖĒ and it took sometime for me to take in those words. I said a whole lot more but then I stopped mid-sentence. The whole weight of what I said bore down on me. It felt like the darkness was squeezing me, seeping into every bit of my humanity, waiting for me to fall off the brink, and then, I cried. And I guess the people around me didnít understand why I cried. They donít know. I guess they thought they were a bit rough on me so they were a lot nicer to me after that incident. And somehow it made me laugh a bit. Some of my friends were there to comfort me, too. I wouldnít have stopped crying if they werenít there.


And you know what, nay? Remember when I said that I got sick? My friends took care of me that day and I got a lot better in no time. And being around people takes my mind off the sadness. I guess thatís why Iím a bit monophobic now. I get depressed when Iím alone.


What Iím trying to say is, on your birthday, or any other day, nay, you donít need to worry about me, about us. All you need to do is to worry about yourself and take care, wherever you are. Because I (us, those who you care for) am surrounded by people who care and will help in any way they can. They can make me laugh until my tummy hurts and theyíre also crazy just like me.


And as I finish this letter addressed supposedly to you, but will never reach you, I guess, I would like to write these lyrics from a song I heard.


ďIíve lost any chance for me to say,

To say that I miss you,

Say that I love you,

Will someone please tell me Iím OK?...Ē


- by Tamara


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