Gabriela, Bayan, KMP protest rally on World Food Day

during Maskara celebration


Bacolod City


October 16, 2008




Photos courtesy of Bayan Negros


News Release
16 October 2008

Reference: Emmi de Jesus, Secretary General, 371-2302 / 0917-3221203


As the international community celebrates World Food Day, poor
Filipinos commemorate today as World Foodless Day.

The militant women's group GABRIELA said that with the financial
crisis, hunger especially among women and children will intensify. The
group said that prior to the financial crash, based on the report
released by the Asian Development Bank, 23 million Filipinos are
already living below the new poverty line in Asia-Pacific of $1.35 a
day (P61.50). The group added that in 2006, poor Filipino families
earning P89 per day spend only P53 per day for food (or P18 per meal).

"It has always been the case that women and children suffer more in
times of worsening economic crisis," said GABRIELA Secreteray General Emmi de Jesus.

"There is none to blame for the current global financial crisis but
the insatiable greed of financial institutions in imperialist
countries for never-ending superprofit. But its failure will wreak
havoc on the lives of of poor peoples all over the world especially
women and children," said de Jesus.

The women's group said that the claim of the Philippine government
that the local economy can withstand the global financial crisis is
pure propaganda.

"It is impossible for a country like the Philippines, whose economy is
extremely dependent on the United States, to be impervious to the
financial crash in the United States. No Arroyo program will be able
to help buffer the Filipinos from the dire cosequences of the world
financial crisis," said de Jesus.

"In the face of intensfying hunger, women as producers and as mothers
must elevate the fight against poverty and hunger from the daily need
to survive to militant action holding accountable the powers-that- be
who are responsible for poverty and hunger. We, women, must advance
our participation in the people's struggles against imperialist
control and plunder of the world's food and resources," de Jesus
concluded. ###