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Aquinas University, Legazpi CityI


November 15, 2008   Updated February 25, 2011







News Release
November 17, 2008
Reference: Prof. Joel Batanes, Board of Trustees President, PANGATAMAN-Bikol

Climate change perspective from the grass roots aired
Launching of PANGATAMAN-Bikol a resounding success

The strong rains brought about by Tropical Depression “Tonyo” was not able to deter the participants to the unprecedented “People’s Forum on Climate Change” that was organized by PANGATAMAN-Bikol ((Bicol Center for Environmental Protection) last Saturday. Hundreds of peasants, fisher folk, workers, urban poor, women, youth and students, professionals and church people from as far as Sorsogon, Masbate, Camarines Sur and far flung areas of Albay came to the forum held at the Daragang Magayon Hall in Aquinas University of Legazpi.

According to Prof. Joel Batanes, Board of Trustees President, PANGATAMAN-Bikol, “It is really overwhelming that this many people came. It is also heart warming to note that many of them braved the rain just to participate in the forum. It goes to show that Bikolanos are environmentally conscious and just need the proper venue to air their views and share their insights particularly on climate change,”

“The effects of climate change aired by the sectors range from the mundane like the increase of their electric bills because of hotter days, to the life altering ones like droughts, super-typhoons, landslides, fish kills and lower harvests . Some of the professionals even joked that they almost did not make to the forum because of climate change, saying that Tonyo is just a tropical depression but it has very strong rain and wind,”

Meanwhile Engr. Virgilio S.. Perdigon Jr, external vice-president, PANGATAMAN-Bikol, and the one who gave the main input on the forum said, “What is needed now is to collate and systematize the valuable insights shared to us by the participants and for everyone to convert it into action. Now that would be our next project.”

Bishop Lucilo Quiambao also gave an input regarding the biodiversity of marine life in Bicol as well as the diocese’s environmental campaign.# # #



PANGATAMAN-BIKOL was established on April 14, 2008 by leaders of people's organizations, institutions, other  environmental groups and individuals to institutionalize the efforts and give more  focused activities to environmental campaigns.

Programs and Services of PANGATAMAN-BIKOL

■  Envikronmental education and trianing program
■  information and research studies program
■  Environmental management and development program
■  Environmental advocacy and networking rpogram


The issues on the Palanog cement factory in Camalig, Albay, the persistent mining  operation in Camarines Norte and the $130M Solid Waste Injection Project by the  geothermal plant in Tiwi mobilized different sectors in the Bicol Region to participate and  become active in environmental protection and conservation campaigns.

But it was Rapu-Rapu mining which awakened the consciousness of the Bicolanos.

Several regional and provincial organizations like Forum for Ecological Concerns, Save Rapu-Rapu Alliance (SARA), AKLAS in Sorsogon, and Anti-Lafayette Mining Alliance  (ALMA) called for the closure of the mining company.

Different actgivites were conducted to further broaden the campaign.

Out of these continuing environmental problems in the region PANGATAMAN-BIKOL was organized.


Most Rev. Lucilo  B. Quiambao, DD

Auxiliary Bishop of Legazpi


Ms. Beverly Q. Ala

Executive Director, PANGATAMAN-BIKOL

Prof. Joel Batanes
Vice-President, Research, Extension Development Program of Camarines Sur State
Agricultural College and the President of the Board of Trustees ng PANGATAMAN-
HON. Raul "Rolly" Rosal
Legazpi City Councilor and Environmental Committee Chair ng Sangguniang Panlungsod
Raffy, Vice-Rector of Aquinas University of Legazpi

 A lecture on Climate Change by Engr. Virgilio Perdigon, Jr.

 External Vice President ng Board of Trustees ng PANGATAMAN-BIKOL.

Secretary General,  Aquinas University, Legazpi City


A copy of the excellent 304-slide power point presentation entitled, Climate Change and the Bicol Environment, is posted here with permission from the author. Engr. Virgilio Perdigon, Jr, former Dean of the Aquinas University College of Engineering and now the university's Secretary General..


An English version will be posted soon.


Download: Pagbabago nin Klima asin kan Kalibutan kan Bikol Nob. 15, 2008.ppt


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Lubi-lubi: A Bicol favorite





Sone facts about Lubi-lubi


Scientific identification: Ficus pseudopalma Blanco Family Moraceae

Local name & other common names:niyog-niyogan, Palm-like fig (English)


Part(s) used: Leaves






Nutrient  Composition/100g (edible portion)


                             Plant: Raw       Plant: Boiled

Energy, Kcal                42               19

Protein, g                       3.9              3.4

Fat, g                             0.7              0.6

Carbohydrate, g              5.1              0

Calcium, mg               167              158

Iron, mg                         1.2              1.0

Retinol, μg                       -                -

Beta-carotene, μg     4 670            4 615

Vitamin A, RE-μg        778              769

Vitamin A, RAE-μg      389              385

Riboflavin, mg                 0.29             0.28

Niacin, mg                     1.1              1.1

Ascorbic acid, mg        42.0             32.0




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