At the United Methodist Central Church in Manila:

Prayer gathering, floral offering and candlelighting

for peace in Palestine


January 18, 2009








Rev. Homer Refuerzo leads the United Methodist congretation at the Central Church in Manila for a prayer gathering, floral offering and candlelighting for peace in Palestine.







Sixty years have the Palestinians spent
away from Palestine,
herded into the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
as the Jews were
in the ghettos of Nazi-occupied Europe.
For sixty years they have been fleeing
from massacres against them,
which are not unlike the pogroms of the Holocaust.

With their homeland being chewed up almost daily,
the Palestinians are getting dispersed
throughout the world,
as the Jews were after Rome's pillage of Judea.
And recently they have been walled in
from what is now Israel --
suffering the same fate that the Jews did
when the Romans built Colonia Aelia Capitolina.



your soldiers today are the Romans and Nazis of old.
Listen to the wails of the women and men in Palestine
whose homes were reduced to rubble,
whose sons and daughters and brothers and sisters
were slaughtered like pigs --
these are the same cries
that burst forth from the mouths of your people
as Jerusalem's ruins were being buried
under Aelia Capitolina,
as their loved ones were being gassed to death
in the concentration camps.
the oppressors of your people
are still alive --
daily uprooting and murdering the Palestinians.




SCM Philippines statement on Israel attacks on Gaza

We in the Student Christian Movement of the Philippines vehemently condemn the recent episode of Israel's atrocities in Gaza, a part of the occupied territories. We condemn the continuous indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian installations like schools, houses, temples and other public domain creating massive abuses and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Israel has to stop its massacre of Gaza and flagrant violations of International laws committed with impunity in the name of "security" and self defense. Over 1,025 Palestinians have been reportedly killed, and half of them civilians including almost 300 children and youth.

The onslaught brought by the unabated rolling tanks, airstrikes and land artillery shelling by the Israel Defense Force indiscriminately directed against the Gaza people, is a blatant display of arrogance and might of the Zionist Israel state against the Palestinian people it has long-subjugated.

We join the international clamor for the immediate pull-out of Israeli forces out of Gaza and stop its attacks, as we join the demand that the United States stop its blanket support which has emboldened the Israel state in its oppression and military control of the Palestine. The US funnels to the Zionist Israel a hefty US$ 6 billion aid yearly, taken from its taxpayers' money in order to safeguard its control of oil and other gas resources in the Middle-East. It has bolstered Israel's defiance to the calls of the international community to end the occupation in Palestine. In effect, US is blocking just resolutions via a UN-mediated just resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We join the international community in the growing call to press charges for the crimes against humanity committed by the Zionist state of Israel.

In whatever way the Israel Zionist state portrays itself as a meek lamb, in this instance attacked by the wolf, it can not bury the truth that the Israeli state has been forcefully built at the expense of blood and oppression of the Palestinians.

Until the oppressive clutches of Israel and its superpower supporters are maintained in Palestine, there can never be a just-peace in this part of the world.

Stop the US-backed Israel attacks on Gaza!

Free Palestine, End the Israel Occupation of Palestine!


Solidarity to the Heroic people of Palestine!

Statement released during the Rally in front of the US Embassy in Manila on January 16, 2009