KMP-Cebu and BAYAN-Central Visays

mark the 22nd anniversary of the Mendiola Massacre


Cebu City


January 22, 2009



The KMP - Cebu, BAYAN - Central Visayas and progressive partylists held a street protest in Cebu to commemorate 22nd year of Mendiola Massacre. The rallyists went to the Department of Energy - VII to condemn off-shore mining in Cebu Strait particularly, in Sibonga and Argao, Cebu. After which, the progressive groups went to the Department of Agrarian Reform - VII to demand genuine agrarian reform, to junk CARP extension and to immediately pass the House Bill 3059 or (Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill). The militants also demanded justice to the victims of Mendiola Massacre and to stop militarization and political persecution.

-- Jaime Paglinawan
   Vice President for the Visayas
   BAYAN - Central Visayas



Photos courtesy of BAYAN - Central Visayas