BAYAN - Panay leads various groups


in marking the Mendiola Massacre of 1987


Plazoleta Gay, Iloilo City .

January 22, 2009





The multi-sectoral protest commemorated the 22nd anniversary of the Mendiola Massacre. Members of Paghugpong sang Mangunguma sa Panay kag Guimaras (PAMANGGAS) recalled the historic event which happened in 1987, vobisng to continue the struggle of the farmers for land.

The picket also strongly condemned the US-backed Israeli invasion of Gaza which has resulted in the loss of lives of hundreds of civilians. Despite the recently declared temporary ceasefire by the Israeli government, war of aggression will continue in the days to come because of the absence of unconditional declaration of ceasefire. BAYAN believes that the war on Gaza is instigated by the US policy of war on terror.

-  EDGAR PELAYO, Secretary-General, BAYAN - Palnay



Photos courtesy of BAYAN - Panay