BAYAN Canada marches with ILPS,

continues support and solidarity with the people of Gaza


Montreal, Canada


January 25, 2009




Photos courtesy of BAYAN - Canada

BAYAN Canada marches with ILPS, continues support and solidarity with the people of Gaza

Despite the shaky ceasefire that was reached earlier this week, organizers of the Montreal demonstration in support of the Palestinians in Gaza had gone ahead as planned with their march on Sunday January 25. BAYAN Canada in Montreal marched along with the International League of Peoples Struggles (ILPS Canada) contingent showing their continuing solidarity with the Palestinian people. ILPS and BAYAN Canada believes that the ceasefire does not address the root causes of the conflict in Gaza and urges the Palestinian people to continue their struggle for national and social liberation.

The organizers of the more than one thousand Montreal demonstrators demanded that the Canadian government denounce the actions of Israel and cut diplomatic ties with Israel following the example of countries like Bolivia and Venenzuela. The Quebec based organizers also call for the provincial government of Quebec to cancel its bilateral economic agreement with Israel that was signed last fall.

While supporting the demands of the organizers, BAYAN Canada also points to the Philippine Arroyo regime's continued subservience to US imperialist interest by keeping mum about the US-backed Israeli actions in Gaza, its lack of political will to uphold the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants in the Middle East and its continued implementation of its labour export policy - working madly to ensure that thousands more Filipinos leave the country to work in dangerous and unstable regions instead of creating real and sustainable jobs at home.

In the three weeks of fighting, over 1,300 Palestinians were reported killed, including an estimated 400 or more children, and up to 6,000 wounded. International aid workers and UN officials are demanding an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by the Israeli army, including the refusal to allow medical aid to reach wounded civilians and repeated attacks against UN facilities that killed dozens of civilians seeking refuge.

Photos of the January 25 demonstration in support of Gaza




Closing Statement of
The Beirut International Forum for Resistance, Anti-Imperialism Solidarity between Peoples and Alternatives

UNESCO Palace – Beirut

January 16, 17 & 18th, 2009

Upon the initiative of the Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation in Beirut and in collaboration with the National Gathering to Support the Choice of Resistance in Lebanon, the International Campaign against American and Zionist Occupation (Cairo Conference), the International Anti-Imperialist and Peoples' Solidarity Forum (Calcutta Conference - India), and the “Stop War Campaign” (London), with the participation of around 450 international and Arab bodies, in addition to social movements and figures from 66 countries, “The Beirut International Forum for Resistance, Anti-Imperialism, Solidarity between Peoples, and Alternatives” was held at the UNESCO Palace on January 16th, 17th and 18th, 2009.

This forum coincided with the terrorist and criminal attack launched by “Israel” against the Palestinians in Gaza, at a time when the whole world is facing financial, economic and political crises resulting mainly from the policies of war and hegemony. The forum aimed at reinforcing the possibility of building an alternative world based on the principles of respecting humanity as a whole and defending the vulnerable and oppressed in the world.

Rights and principles:

The Forum reinforces the importance of adopting the following rights in building the alternative world:

· The right of peoples to resistance as an inalienable principle, choice and culture, a primary condition to peoples’ freedom and the rejection of the imposed policy of the world order, are the only way to protect social achievements.

· The resistance against the occupation is an integral part of the world’s liberal and revolutionary movements’ fight against imperialism and neoliberalism, hegemony and militarization policies, and the destruction of social achievements accomplished throughout more than two-hundred years of righteous struggle.

· Reinforcing the right of peoples to sovereignty over their natural resources, to the management of their own affairs, based on the principle of solidarity between peoples and creating alternatives enabling them to face markets dictatorship and rights violating policies adopted by some international financial organizations.

· The right of peoples to food sovereignty, health and education; these rights should stay above all market considerations while democratic practices should embrace the economic axis.

· The rejection of intellectual and cultural stereotyping and the recognition of the right to intellectual and religious differences.

· Developing and disseminating the fight against neoliberal globalization, and working for a world with more solidarity and humanity which requires the rejection of the big industrial countries hegemony and building another axis between the North and the South (South America, the Islamic Arab region, Asia and Africa) in order to reach equitable political and economic relations.

Decisions and recommendations

The participants to the forum salute the Palestinian resistance and the endurance of the citizens of Gaza, condemn “Israel” for its continuous terrorism, its horrifying crimes and violations of human customs and values, and call for:

1- Imposing strict sanctions on “Israel” to include: severance of diplomatic relations, abolishing treaties and imposing an embargo to selling arms covering the whole district.

2- Calling the EU to put an end to the economic, political and cultural cooperation with “Israel” and to abolish treaties signed with it.

3- Supporting the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and the Bolivian president Morales for their decisive decisions in supporting the rights of peoples to resistance.

4- Reinstating UN resolution 3379 which considers that Zionism is a form of racism and expel “Israel” from the UN.

5- Organize an international conference to document Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity and the environment, prosecuting its leaders collectively and individually particularly for their crimes in Gaza and South Lebanon.

6- Supporting the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance in their struggle against the Zionist occupation, and the Iraqi resistance in its fight against the American occupation.

7- Following-up and activating the advisory opinion of the International Criminal Court about the Apartheid Separation Wall in the Palestinian territories.

8- Insisting on the follow-up of International Citizens' Tribunal to criminally prosecute the Israeli war criminals in European countries.

9- Creating a global parliamentary league to defend peoples’ rights to resistance, self-determination and resistance to aggression; activating and broadening existing parliamentary frameworks and calling for more members to join.

10- Creating a media network for the truth aiming at disseminating all information regarding “Israel” and its crimes, in as many languages as possible.

11- Prosecuting countries and companies selling weapons to “Israel” and bringing all their leaders to justice, in addition to countries facilitating the transfer of these weapons.

12- Launching an international campaign for the reconstruction of Gaza, lifting Gaza’s siege and freeing all prisoners.

Participants agreed on the following:

1- The rejection of international agreements and policies allowing big companies to control food markets.

2- Emphasizing on the fact that poverty and starvation are mainly a political issue that cannot be solved unless new principles are adopted in the management of natural resources based on social, cultural and religious values unaffected by the market’s considerations.

3- Reinforcing the importance of South-South equitable trade and comprehensive cooperation.

4- Establishing a global coordination framework between local authorities in order to promote development and strengthen mutual support in times of aggressions and crises.

5- Face all American and Zionist attempts to cripple the Public International Law and human rights, especially with regards to peoples’ causes and right to self-determination; protect and help resistance movements and reject their classification as terrorists.

6- Support the right of Iran to develop a peaceful nuclear program according to the international standards.

7- Reject the American policy that is based on war threats, especially against Iran, and that targets Syria and Sudan both militarily and economically.

8- Reinforcing our support to the Iraqi people in its fight against occupation and its efforts to maintain the country’s unity and freedom, and liberate all prisoners.

9- The right of the Afghani people to fight against NATO and the American occupation, and its right to freedom and self-determination.

10- Call for lifting Cuba siege and freeing the five Cubans held in American prisons; and stop targeting Venezuela and liberation movements in America.

11- Call for the biggest participation in the Durban II conference to be held in April 2009 in Geneva, and the Cairo conference to be held at the end of March 2009.

12- Participants are seeking to make the Beirut International forum a recurrent periodical event.