GABNet of the Mariposa Alliance On the 6th Year of the Invasion of Iraq:
Violence against nations / Violence against women


Washington D.C.


Posted: April 4, 20009


BONUS TRACKS: GabNET LA'S 6th annual political fashion show






GABNet of the Mariposa Alliance was present at all three major anti-war rallies called by the ANSWER Coalition. The biggest assembly was in Washington D.C. where 10,000 marched past the PENTAGON and the headquarters of major war profiteers like Halliburton's Kellogg, Root and Brown Corporation. Several tense moments transpired when Pentagon and State police tried to block the delivery of mock caskets to the war profiteers' headquarters.

One casket was draped with the Philippine flag, to represent those killed by U.S. troops in the island of Mindanao, as well as those killed by U.S. imperialism's puppet government in the Philippines headed by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Four thousand U.S. troops are in the Philippines, ostensibly for the annual joint military exercises with the Philippine Armed Forces but actually to engage in the suppression of the Moro sovereignty movement, as well as the progressive movement in the archipelago.

-- from GabNet statement


Photos courtesy of GABNet of The Mariposa Alliance


March 16, 2009
Jollene Levid, GABNet Secretary-General
GABNet of The Mariposa Alliance
Tel: 323-356-4748

GABNet of the Mariposa Alliance On the 6th Year of the Invasion of Iraq

GABNet of the Mariposa Alliance marched in protest even before the bombs fell in 2002. We opposed the war then; we condemn it even more so now. War is a concentrated form of the violence that class society has inflicted and continues to inflict upon women, especially working women, since the beginning of historic time.

Because we women comprise the majority population in any country in the world, any unleashing of violence against a nation, against a people, against a civilization, impacts us exponentially. Because women the world over are the least enabled to deal with and/or protect themselves against violence, especially in situations of armed conflict, the collateral damage of war are women and children. And because women are the most dehumanized and marginalized the world over, war that dehumanizes the subjugated thrust women even deeper into a more intensified and more brutal dehumanization,

Thus, loss of public space, loss of rights, rape, trafficking and prostitution become womenís mode of existence in the wake of war.

We have seen the truth of this, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from the Philippines to Palestine.

Abeer in Iraq and Nicole in the Philippines were raped in the practice of war. The women of Gaza were blown apart by Israeli bombings. The women of Afghanistan continue to be subject to the most abysmal of cruelties in the hands of the warlord coalition on which the Karzai government is based.

Indeed, militarism and the oppression and exploitation of women were the twin Original Sins contributory to the rise of slave ownership, property and the institutionalization of class. U.S.-led imperialist globalization continues the course of this fetid river of oppression and exploitation of women -- the majority of the human population.

We who reside in the U.S. must begin the dismantling of the whole system of hierarchical oppression and exploitation. With small steps, such as opposing this war, we can help shape a future where the very idea of marginalizing women and other population segments would be anathema. Let us demand an immediate end to US-inflicted and US-supported wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Palestine and other parts of the world. Let us demand a re-orientation of government policies toward ensuring just, humane and democratic societies, beginning with the U.S. society. And finally, let us take cognizance of our duty to the world by demanding that all agreements between the US and other countries contain specific provisions for the protection of local women and their communities, as well as provisions against sexual violence, trafficking and prostitution.

As we transition into an era of profound social transformations, let women shout out loud their collective demands, lest the same hierarchy of oppression and exploitation re-births itself in a different guise.

Work for the liberation of women from the violence of war, invasion and occupation. Work for the liberation of women toward equality, justice and democratic rights. Work for the dawn of true liberation for humanity!

US troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Philippines!
Return Palestinian Lands!
End the Bush wars of occupation, macho-dominance and subjugation!
End the neo-conís dream of an untrammeled imperialist control of the world!
Lay down the New Womenís Agenda!
Onward to womenís liberation and the liberation of humanity! --###

Jollene Levid
"It seemed faint-hearted meekly to yield...before the battle started."

 - Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (1648/51-1695)


GABNet Los Angeles on stage, addressing the anti-war of 4,000
GABNet Bay Area marching with 4,000 protesters in San Francisco
GABNet in Washington DC with 10,000 protesters.






March 14, 2009
Amanda Martin, GABNet LA Coordinator
Tel: 510-502-6522


On Saturday, March 14th, Gabriela Network Los Angeles of the Mariposa Alliance hosted its 6th annual political fashion show, "A Mile in Her Shoes: Honoring Women Defenders." The show was held in Eagle Rock at the Eagle Rock Plaza Mall making this event a historical one for GABNet, as Eagle Rock has its roots in being a hub of the Filipino-American population. Over 300 people from women, youth and labor organizations, non-profits, high schools, college campuses, and families from Los Angeles to San Diego were in attendance, they supported the show as it highlighted the lives of women who fought and continue to fight for women's and human rights. The event called all women to organize in the face of our global economic crisis and intensive repression.

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The fashion show itself literally depicted the lives of women defenders around the world in keeping with this year's theme, "A Mile in Her Shoes." Sixteen artists and organizations including Khmer Girls in Action, ANSWER-LA, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, Asian Pacific Labor Alliance, Kabataan maka-Bayan, and others showed their solidarity with GABNet with very loud political statements. "We wanted to do something creative but also show that it's not easy to live a life of justice, defending the oppressed, and fighting for genuine liberation. We thought- what better way to do that than to have this year's focus be on the shoes that women defenders have to fill?" said Amanda Martin, GABNet LA Coordinator.

Women, organizations, and issues were highlighted in the show. Especially stirring were tributes created to the iconic women defenders of history like political prisoner Marilyn Buck, the martyred Mirabal Sisters of the Dominican Republic, and artist Frida Kahlo. A high school student, attending the show stated, "The boots that depicted Assata Shakur were my favorite. With everything that is negative in the media, itís good to see some strong role models."

Attendees were captivated by special performances from GABNet Chair-Elect DJ Kuttin Kandi who sang with O-Love from the Heart, members of Kamalayan Kollektive of San Diego who danced "Ka Singkil", and hip hop artist Bambu with his socially conscious emceeing skills. The program closed with the singing of "Bread and Roses," and a poem highlighting GABNet's 20 years of activism.

"GABNet is about pushing the envelope and making people take notice of what is happening to women around the world. 2009 is the year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and we are setting forward a new women's agenda. It's time." said outgoing Chair, Dr. Annalisa Enrile. 30 additional artists from all over the country sent custom designed tennis shoes which were part of a silent auction to benefit GABNet. Another highlight of the event was the mini bazaar which took place on the second level of the plaza after the fashion show. Community artists and vendors such as DC/Marvel Comic Artist Tony De Zuniga, Filipina-American artist Loralei Bingamon,, and Beatrock Clothing were featured. This event is part of GABNet's ongoing celebration of International Working Womenís Day. A full list of events and photos are available. ###

Photos attached.
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