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BAYAN - Bohol leads protest against the Con Ass and Cha Cha


Provincial Capitol


June 10, 2009



BAYAN led the protest against HR 1109 in front of the provincial capitol

Boholanos Against Con-Ass (BACONA) chairperson Msgr. Feliciano Nalzaro Jr. at the rally


Photos courtesy of BAYAN - BOHOL


Samahan ng Nagtataguyod ng Agham at Teknolohiya para sa Sambayanan
26 Matulungin St., Brgy. Central, Quezon City www.agham.org

June 10, 2009
Scientists, Engineers Join Anti-Con-Ass Mobilizations in Ayala
Natural Resources, Public Utilities Up For Sale If Cha-Cha Pushes Through

Reference: Dr. Giovanni Tapang, 09286974804
gtapang@gmail.com, agham.national@gmail.com

Scientists and engineers under the activist group AGHAM (Samahan ng
Nagtataguyod ng Agham at Teknolohiya para sa Sambayanan) joins in the
protest action in Makati today. Together with the Defend Patrimony!
Alliance, environmentalist and indigenous peoples groups, they held a
short pre-rally program at the Ninoy Aquino monument at 12 noon
protesting the sale of our natural resources and public utilities
under the proposed constitutional revision in the House of

“The proposed revisions in the House range from the deletion of the
ownership cap on public utilities to providing for greater economic
power and access to aliens and foreign corporations”, said Dr.
Giovanni Tapang, chairperson of AGHAM.

“With the House Resolution 1109, these revisions can be written in our
constitution together with the possible term extensions of those in
power today. This would lead to the rape of our environment as well as
ever increasing prices for utilities”, warned Dr. Tapang.

AGHAM noted that the existing laws that deregulate public industries
will be part of the law of the land. The Electric Power Industry
Reform Act, the MWSS privatization, 1995 Water Crisis Act, Downstream
Oil Deregulation Act, Air Liberalization Law and the 1995 Public
Telecommunications Act are examples of specific laws for investment
liberalization and privatization of utilities.

“These laws that deregulated these utilities are the reason why we are
paying so much for electricity, water, communication and fuel. With
the cha-cha, we expect further opening up of these utilities, a larger
dependence on foreign investments, and granting foreign monopolies
control over strategic sectors of the economy. Nothing will be left
for us Filipinos,” lamented Dr. Tapang.

“This cha-cha is a forward surge of costs for us and a backward step
to our economic independence,” noted Dr. Tapang.
AGHAM further notes that the charter change proposals would turn over
and the Filipino people’s economic sovereignty and national patrimony
to foreigners. The scientists group said that the provisions
allowing foreigners 100% ownership of mining, land and other natural
resources would be detrimental to our economy and livelihood.

“They will be taking away our resources and leaving us with their mine
tailings, environmental disasters and economic problems”, Dr. Tapang
notes of foreign companies.

“We believe that a government that serious in developing our economy
and desirous to ensure the welfare of the people should be providing
the necessary infrastructure and services for them. It must therefore
ensure that public utilities are part of the basic industries it
should be building. The nationalization of public utilities should be
done with the building of local industries for domestic production.
This cannot be done by a government that sells our national patrimony,
allows foreign control of vital utilities, and is uninterested in
genuine industrial development such as the current one in Malacanang”,
summarized Dr. Tapang.###