Moro groups condemn physical assault,

illegal arrest on GMA’s visit in Cotabato


Cotabato City


July 18, 2000




Photos courtesy of Suara Bangsamoro and Liga ng Kabataang Moro


July 18, 2009

Moro groups condemn physical assault, illegal arrest on GMA’s visit in Cotabato

COTABATO CITY – Two Moro groups here condemn in the strongest term the physical assault and illegal arrest of its eight members executed by local police and members of Presidential Security Group (PSG) on Friday.

Members of Suara Bangsamoro and Liga ng Kabataang Moro staged a picket rally during the visit of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo opposing Malacanang-backed Charter Change and condemning the terroristic acts continuously transpiring the city killing innocent civilians.

Michael Dumamba of Liga ng Kabataang Moro lambasted the two state security forces who meddled the peaceful picket line and randomly arrest militants for public disturbance.

“We are just exercising our right to freedom of assembly and expression. We just want to convey our strong opposition on Cha-Cha and vigilance to the persistent bombings here. This is the right time because Gloria Arroyo is coming and she will personally hear our grievances. What the PNP and PSG is doing is completely a clear violation of our civil and political rights,” Dumamba stressed.

Dumamba also doubt the real purpose of GMA’s visit here. Discussion of terrorism issues in the city, he said, is just a façade to her genuine intention to stay in power through Charter Change in disguise of proclaiming that indeed there is an election in 2010.

“She meets all governors and mayors of different provinces including the ARMM to discuss resolutions in pushing her interest through Charter Change. Arroyo is certainly did not want an election because her hungriness to forever stay in her stolen post is overwhelming. And to pursue her agenda, she wanted to silent the people who opposes it,” Dumamba added.

The groups also believe that bombings in the city, Iligan, Sulu and the rest of the country are state-sponsored and are not doings of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) elements. Suara Bangsamoro received a report that a recent incident (July 16) in Datu Piang, Maguindanao where a young boy was apprehended by authorities allegedly carrying a bomb in his bag. The boy was brought to the municipal hall for investigation and affirmed that soldiers belonging to 54th Infantry Battalion gave him P500 in exchange of planting the bomb in the evacuees’ tents.

“This is not new. Maestrecampo and Trillanes of Magdalo group already pronounced that soldiers were the ones behind to the series of bombings when bombs exploded successively in Davao Airport and Sasa Wharf. Sgt. Redoble, the whistleblower in the Hello Garci Scandal, also attested the same. He said that when he was still in the intelligence unit, they are ordered to do so. What face anymore could they show to these genuine proofs?” Dumamba said.

The Suara Bangsamoro and Liga ng Kabataang Moro reiterated its condemnation to state security agents’ physical assault in the picket line and illegal arrest while continue opposing GMA’s Charter Change and calling justice to all victims of terroristic acts in the country. #

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