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Posted: October 12, 2009


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Child Rights advocates led by SALINLAHI Alliance for Children's Concerns, today reached out to the victims of typhoon Ondoy in Marikina City, one of the worst hit by the typhoon. SALINLAHI, together with its member organization the Children’s Rehabilitation Center launched its relief and fund drive for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy, to immediately reach out the depressed residents of Sitio Olandes, where another Salinlahi member organization, the Samahan ng Maagang Pagkatuto ng mga Bata (SMPB) runs a day care for pre-school children in the area.

Earlier, the CRC conducted a rescue operation to the staff and families of SMPB whose homes were submerged in 20 feet of flood waters. The CRC office temporarily shelters 5 families (19 individuals, mostly children).

The immediate relief assistance held this afternoon (3pm, Sept. 29) was made possible through the support of Citizen Disaster Response Center (CDRC) and the Gabriela Women’s Party, which provided the relief goods. The child rights advocates reached at least 300 families, through a standard relief pack of rice and canned goods, as well as clothes. Another relief operation is schedule in the area on Thursday to reach out to another 300 families.

Donations from the De La Salle University COSCA and private companies and individuals started to pour in this afternoon. We are still accepting donations for the relief operation so that we can reach out to more affected families and communities particularly in Barangays Tagumpay (in Project 4), Bagong Silangan, Tatalon all in Quezon City, as well as other areas in Marikina City.

We are also asking for volunteers to help us in repacking relief goods, helping in the temporary evacuation center and especially in cleaning the Olandes-Batibot Learning Center. Repacking of relief goods is scheduled tomorrow (Sept 30) while the relief operation and the “Operation Linis” will be on Thursday (Oct 1).

We welcome donations in cash or in kind. We also need vehicles to pick up and drop off relief goods as well as in moving the salvageable furniture and other school materials from the day care to the CRC office for clean-up




September 26, 2009, around 10am, tropical storm “Ondoy” landed in Luzon and hit 25 provinces. Heavy rains continued to pour causing the rivers to overflow at about noon, severely flooding the surrounding urban poor communities.

One of the areas affected was Sitio Olandes, Bgy. Industrial Valley Complex in Marikina City which is located near the banks of the Marikina River. Sitio Olandes is home to about 3000 families and the Olandes Batibot Early Learning Center (OBELC), a member organization of SALINLAHI Alliance for Children’s Concerns.

As floodwaters rose up to their roofs in a matter of 3 hours, women and children were crying for help on their roofs, waiting desperately to be rescued. OBELC was submerged in flood waters causing damage to the center, including books, school supplies and other things used for their daily operations.

Our network organizations, from other urban poor communities of Quezon City and City of Manila, are also affected. In Sitio Talanay, Barangay Batasan Hills in Quezon City, the houses were washed away by the raging waters. The day care center, an extension of the Busilak Learning Center (BLC) program in Sitio Veterans, Quezon City, experienced severe damage similar to the OBELC.

The same effects of “Ondoy” were also experienced in Bgy. Tatalon, an urban poor community in Quezon City perennially flooded during storms. The houses were also washed away by the fierce flood currents. The residents, who still have their houses also stayed on the 2nd or 3rd floor or on the roofs to avoid the rising flood waters.

In Vitas, Tondo,in the City of Manila, one of the areas organized by the Samahan ng Maralitang Kababaihang Nagkakaisa (SAMAKANA) or the Association of United Urban Poor Women, the residents, especially women and children were also severely affected by “Ondoy’s” wrath.

Tropical storm “Ondoy” left serious damage on properties and even deaths in some parts of Luzon. The areas that were hit the hardest are the cities of Marikina, Quezon, Manila, Pasig and some areas of Rizal like San Mateo, Cainta, Taytay and Antipolo.

With these numbers of families affected by the storm and the floods, SALINLAHI Alliance for Children’s Concern and Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC) is trying to extend its help by providing immediate assistance like relief goods and financial support. This is necessary as efforts of the local and National government are inadequate and slow, especially with the large number of victims needing immediate assistance.

Through the help of our fellow child rights advocates and other child focused organizations, a rescue operation in Sitio Olandes, Bgy.Industrial Valley Complex, Marikina City was conducted last September 27. SALINLAHI is currently part of a Task Force overseeing immediate relief for the families of OBELC. About 4 families are temporarily housed in CRC office where they were immediately evacuated.

The victims call for:

1. Immediate assistance for basic needs like food, drinking water, clothes and shelter.
2. Donations of books, school supplies and equipment to the OBELC and BLC for their operations.

Relief goods and materials may be dropped off in CRC office, #90 J. Bugallon, Barangay Bagumbuhay, Project 4, Quezon City. You can contact us at (+632) 913-9244 or 439-1053 and look for Malou or Sarah. For financial donations, you can deposit at:

Account name: Children’s Rehabilitation Center
Bank name: Bank of the Philippine Island – Kamias-Anonas Branch
Account number: SA 3323-2050-85
Please notify us of your deposit for your official receipt.
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September 28, 2009



For Reference Ms. Sophia Garduce, spokesperson (0928-5089104)
10 October 2009

To avert future disasters

With the recent events unfolding in the Philippines, particularly the onslaught of catastrophic typhoons “Ondoy” (Ketsana) and Pepeng (Parma) devastating whole communities, child rights advocates join the call for a total log ban and the immediate junking of the Philippine Mining Act of 1995.

Sophia Garduce, spokesperson of SALINLAHI Alliance for Children’s Concerns, noted that “typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng victimized hundreds of thousands of children within a span of 15 days, a situation that could have very well been prevented if we had a government that cares both for its people and the environment.”

The group said that it is erroneous and misleading to put the blame solely on the urban settlers for the floods that submerged many parts of Luzon. “The Arroyo administration needs to go beyond saying “sorry” for not implementing a comprehensive plan on solid waste management and for not allocating resources for an adequate housing program. Moreover, it has guiltlessly opened up the natural resources of the country to massive abuse by big foreign corporations who denuded our forest reserves through highly mechanized loggings, put big numbers of communities at risk of sudden flooding by spill offs of mega-dams, and almost depleted our mineral resources through open pit mining. Saying sorry a million times over will not bring back the lives of children who died in the aftermath of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng,” said Garduce.

Likewise, Salinlahi also criticized the “Balik Probinsya” solution of the Arroyo government for the urban settlers who are displaced by the flood. “This solution is based on the premise that the people are safer in the provinces compared with their current settlements. The same disaster is now happening in the provinces, particularly in Northern Luzon precisely because the problem of depleted and rampant abuse of natural resources remains unaddressed,” Garduce said

“We Call on the congress to immediately repeal the Mining Act of 1995 and to pass a total log ban on highly commercialized and mechanized logging,’’ Garduce said. The group also calls on the congress to immediately abandon CHA-CHA as it is synonymous with opening up Philippine resources to 100% percent foreign ownership and further ravaging of natural resources. “Let us stand up for our children’s future and prevent a continuing disaster that is the Arroyo administration’s anti-people and anti-environment policies,” ended Garduce. ####

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Reference: Ms. Sophia Garduce, spokesperson (0928-5089104)
September 30, 2009

Separating Children from Parents in the Face of Impending Disaster is Equally Disastrous

“Secretary Gilberto Teodoro seems more concerned with his “pogi” points than preventing another disaster where children are most vulnerable,” this is the strong reaction of child rights advocates led by SALINLAHI Alliance for Children’s Concerns, in his recent directive regarding the forced evacuation of minors in the face of another typhoon (international name “Parma”).

“The destruction wrought by typhoon Ondoy is not a new phenomenon in the Philippines. We witnessed the thousands of lives affected by Milenyo, Rosing and Reming, many of whom come from very poor families with little or no resources at all to cope effectively and quickly in the face of such calamities. The government and its disaster arm, the NDCC, know that the Philippines is in the typhoon belt, yet it is always caught flat-footed every time!” said Ms. Sophia Garduce, spokesperson of SALINLAHI. She added that the policy of pre-emptive evacuation and stand-by rescue operation should be implemented long before a typhoon hits land.

Garduce also criticized the idea of forcibly evacuating minors “who cannot legally decide for themselves.” “This directive by Teodoro is downright stupid and contravenes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which affirms that a child’s place is with his or her parents. Taking children away from their parents in times of crisis is as Neanderthal as the response to unaccompanied and separated children during World War II. In fact, if Teodoro might want to take a few minutes of his time to do research, this situation of children being separated from their parents was the impetus for the Declaration on the Rights of the Child.

According to Garduce, children feel most secure when they are within the comforting arms of their parents, particularly their mothers. “To separate them from their parents in the face of disaster is equally traumatic as the disaster experience itself. It is also impractical as young children need to be cared for by an adequate number of trained personnel.”

She also pointed out that this directive implicitly puts the blame for the death toll among children on the parents. “The Arroyo government cannot escape accountability by implying that the parents of the children were to blame for the deaths. The fact is that the government has no disaster preparedness program and that the government rescue operations were slow and inadequate to say the least. These children could have been alive and probably helping their parents clean up their mud-soaked houses today had the government been prepared for this eventuality,” Garduce added. ###

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