Survivors of Ondoy's flood tell their stories


Barangay Bagong Silangan, Quezon City


Posted: Nov. 1, 2009



This 40-feet or so Dita tree saved the lives of 36 members of 7 families

▼  Survivors tell their stories and thank the dita tree  ▼
◄  The 2nd floor of a house that saved 40 chilren
▼  Rebuild home? or, Relocate home?  If relocate, where? ▼

We were told that before Ondoy the area was congested like any other urban poor area.


Now, only the relatively sturdy homes survived. And the area looks spacious with wide, open spaces -- all because the homes had been swept away by rampaging and swirling flood waters.




▼  One can now walk without weaing a pair of lrubber boots because the land has somehow dried up  ▼
◄ Drying up notebooks