KAWAGIB (Alliance for the Advancement of Moro Human Rights)

condemns AFP’s air and ground attack on Moro community


P:osted: November 4, 2009





Media Release

September 21, 2009


KAWAGIB condemns AFP’s disrespect to Moro people’s celebration of Eid’l Fitr; calls GMA a martial law ruler!


Cotabato City- The KAWAGIB-Alliance for the Advancement of Moro Human Rights condemns AFP’s air and ground attack to Moro community in Mt. Tumantangis Marang, Indanan, Sulu early morning on the day of Eid’l Fitr. Civilians reported around 50 bombs from rocket launcher and 100 mortars were fired at the community by elements of AFP in pursuit military operation against rebel group.


Bai Ali Indayla, Secretary General of KAWAGIB said “the military had again committed human rights violations and their action was a show of disrespect on the culture of the Moro people”. Eid’l Fitr is a valuable day where Muslims gather for a communal prayer as they end the month of Ramadhan.


KAWAGIB accused Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of lambasting rights of the Moro people for the past nine years of her administration thus calling her a Martial Ruler. “37 years after the Martial Law declaration, the Moro civilians are still under attack. Through state policies like State of Lawlessness in Basilan, Anti-terror Campaign and the continuing All-out War paved the way to cases of Illegal Arrests, Zoning of communities, Forcible Evacuations and Massacres where victims are innocent civilians, including women and children” Indayla said.


Indayla added “there is an undeclared martial law under the Arroyo regime”, citing the recent case of indiscriminate firing in Sitio Baniban, Barangay Kabuntalan, Sultan Kudarat that killed an 11-year old and Grade 5 student Halima Bansil. Her father and brother wounded and illegally arrested by the Task Force Tugis of 6th ID. They were targets of a military operation against suspected bombers. “Without investigations, soldiers just fired, arrests without warrant and acted to be the most and the only authority, this only happens when a martial law is declared”.


“We can’t tolerate the Arroyo administration and the military to continue its abuse of authority and continue violating the rights of the people. The perpetrators should be held liable and there should be indemnification of the victims. The Moro people calls to oust the number one human rights violator Gloria Macapagal Arroyo”.###



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Bai Ali Indayla



Aall photos and captions by KAWAGIB      

Military indiscriminately fired the house of  Bansil Family on July 12, 2009 killing an 11-year old and Grade 5 student Halima Bansil. (Photo by KAWAGIB)


Mohaliden Bansil, 18 years old, show his back wounded. He and his father were illegally arrested by members of Task Force Tugis under 6th ID

(Photo by KAWAGIB)

Indal Bansil, 40 yrs old, father of Halima Bansil, wounded on his left arm bullets fired at them by elements of Task Force Tugis

(Photo by KAWAGIB)