Migrante-Al Khobar holds press conference vs Con-Ass and Cha-cha


June 10, 2009





ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel's Balitang Middle East aired on 12 June 2009 the press conference of Migrante Al Khobar on its opposition of the Con Ass and Charter Change. The TV Channel has thousands of subscribers in the MIddle East.


John Leonard, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator, congratulated the officers and members of Migrante-Al Khobar for the succesful press conference held during their General Assembly last week despite the fact that their chapter was just recently formed and the members have to attend to their demanding regular work...


The Migrante-Reiyadh chapter also held its own press conference against the Con-Ass which will be later aired by The Filipino Channel.


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Migrante Khobar press conference on Con-Ass  

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