In Memory of Kemberly  "Kimay" Jul Luna:

Iskolar ng Bayan and Freedom Fighter

(July 23, 1988 - December 15, 2009)


Iligan City


January 4, 2010  Updated Jan. 8, 2010




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Kemberly Jul Luna...former STAND-IIT chairperson

"Unless we take steps to address the root problems of our society, more young people will follow Kemberly’s footsteps in the days to come."

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Known for her beauty and intellect, Kimay gained a lot of friends inside the school and out and displayed a lot of talent. She was a high school valedictorian and participated in many academic and cultural events. She was, for a time, a member of MSU-IIT’s Kalimulan, a cultural dance group.

She joined LFS early in 2008 and had been an active participant in the League’s many activities, including the National Interfaith Humanitarian Mission (NIHM) of October 2008 in the face of humanitarian crises plaguing the war-stricken Moroland


Photos and captions courtesy of League of Filipino Students - Lanao



January 4, 2010

“Umaalis ang mga anak upang habulin ang kanilang mga pangarap, at malao’t madali, maraming magulang ang tumutunton sa duguang bakas ng kanilang mga anak…upang sunduin ang kanilang bangkay at iuwi ang pinakadakilang katibayan ng kanilang pagkatao.” – Lualhati Bautista

We, from the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights (STAND) in MSU-IIT, express our utmost grief and sorrow over the death of our beloved comrade Kemberly Jul Luna.

Kemberly, or “Kimay,” as she was known to her friends and comrades, was an AB English student in MSU-IIT. Known for her beauty and intellect, Kimay gained a lot of friends inside the school and out and has shown a lot of talent. She was a high school valedictorian and has participated in a lot of academic and cultural events. She was, for a time, a member of MSU-IIT’s Kalimulan, a cultural dance group.

She was also an active member of the Catholic Center Campus Ministry, where she became a leader of the Educational Committee. There, amidst the daily masses, boarding house meetings and other activities, she concluded that faith without action is dead. She always sought for ways to show that her Christian faith will not be confined to empty words and prayers, but will be brought out to the real world and be coupled by relevant action based on concrete conditions. She believed that faith should not be a lifeless dogma. She believed that just like Jesus, one must bring faith to serving the people— without thought of oneself. And just like Jesus, to die in service of the poor and oppressed.

She joined LFS early in 2008 and had been an active participant in the League’s many activities, including the National Interfaith Humanitarian Mission (NIHM) of October 2008 in the face of humanitarian crises plaguing the war-stricken Moroland. She was part of the local secretariat and headed the area preparation committee in Poona Piagapo, one of the target municipalities for the Mission. Daring as always, Kimay did not hesitate entering the war-torn village of Tagoranao to uncover the effects of indiscriminate aerial bombing and militarization in the area. She also convinced one of the victims to make a testimony openly on the events in the affected areas in Lanao.

She actively joined the “No to All-Out War” campaign and various other campaigns, including the campaign against US intervention in the country and militarization of peasant and Moro communities.

At the opening of the first semester, she was chosen as the ad hoc chairperson of STAND-IIT. From then on she brought the cry of the youth and student sector in classroom and group discussions and out to the streets in rallies where she acted as STAND-IIT’s official spokesperson.

Kemberly was a very good example to her comrades and to the people around her. She showed youthful fervor and gave her heart to everything she did inside the organization. She was once a quite heavy drinker and a late riser as an ordinary student, but when she joined the League, she showed exemplary effort to remould and do away with her old habits. She shelled herself off of all the petty-bourgeois individualism.

At the opening of the second semester, we found out that she did not enroll. Later, she asked for her resignation as STAND-IIT chairperson, saying that she would stop school and do full-time peasant organizing work with KASAMA-Bukidnon, a province-wide peasant organization. She stood firm with her decision, saying she would like to do more in service of the poor, and that she could only do that in the countryside, where the majority of the poorest people live. On January 2009, after a short Christmas visit to her family in Surigao, Kemberly went off to Bukidnon to start her community work. She promised however that she would maintain correspondence with us.

On August 2009, we received a letter from her saying that she left KASAMA-Bukidnon but did not say where she went to and that she is happy where she was at that time, and that she has learned to love the peasant masses more with each day she lives with them. Kimay also happily shared to us her experiences in the peasant communities, from helping the peasants harvest corn to teaching them to read and write and do a little arithmetic, since literacy in the area is extremely low. She was also known to the people in the community as a health worker, often called as “Ma’am Nurse.”

Kimay is a true “iskolar ng bayan,” who did not waste the people’s tax money spent for her education only for personal ambitions, but used her time, talent and intellect in service of the of the people. She traded her comfortable life of night parties and hangovers for the cold, harsh and mosquito-ridden mountains of Bukidnon because she knew that she is in the right path.

At mid-December last year, we learned that Kemberly was missing through a report from Karapatan-Bukidnon Chapter, a human rights organization. A number of LFS and STAND-IIT members went to Bukidnon to join the search. We searched for her in the camp of the 403rd Inf Bde, 4th ID, PA but the officials of the brigade prevented us from entering the camp and denied that Kemberly is in their hands. During the middle of the search however, we learned that Kemberly died in an encounter with elements of the Philippine Army in Sitio Bulacao, Brgy. Concepcion, Valencia City. She was a member of the New People’s Army (NPA).

We found Kimay’s corpse lying with a few others in the middle of the forest of Bulacao, unattended by the state forces who were bound by agreement to respect the casualties of war, combatant or not.

But Kimay died an honorable death. She died because she fought for what she believes in until the very last minute of her life. She chose the path of armed struggle, firmly believing that there is no greater form of struggle to advance the interests of the toiling masses.

The state and the military have been fictionalizing the New People’s Army’s image as a pack of delinquents, of tramps who lack a better future, but Kemberly was a good example of the many bright and talented youth who have opted to join the people’s army in the the advancement of the people’s war.

We salute Kimay for her determination. She was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice— all for the interest of the people without thinking of herself. She has proven that this rotten social system breeds unrest and many of the younger generation long for a better society that is based on social justice. This system pushes many of our youth to take up arms to achieve the national democratic goal. We believe that her death poses a challenge to all of us— that unless we make steps to address the root problems of our society, more and more young people will follow Kemberly’s footsteps in the days to come.

We also salute her parents, who were in deep pain, but calmly accepted her fate. They respected her decision to choose the path less traveled.

The League of Filipino Students and STAND-IIT vow to pursue the national democratic struggle, not just because this is precious to Kemberly, but because we believe in its relevance in answering today’s basic social problems. We stand firm, as Kimay did, that a true people’s scholar should not confine himself/herself inside the four walls of the classroom and study empty theories on the chalkboard. A true scholar uses his/her talents and intellect to serve the studentry, as well as the broad masses of the people. She never let her schooling interfere with her education.

Long live the memory of Kemberly Jul Luna! Long live the national democratic struggle!


We stand firm, as Kimay did, that a true people’s scholar should not confine himself/herself inside the four walls of the classroom and study empty theories on the chalkboard. A true scholar uses his/her talents and intellect to serve the studentry, as well as the broad masses of the people. She never let her schooling interfere with her education.

A true scholar uses his/her talents and intellect to serve the studentry, as well as the broad masses of the people

Interviewing victims of the Lanao war of 2008

Kembrly actively joined the campaign against US military aggression in Mindanao

Immersion at fisherfolk community in mantigue, camiguin island


Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

CPP pays tribute to Kimay, urges youth and students to join NPA
January 8, 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today paid revolutionary tribute to Kemberly Jul Luna, a former youth activist and Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology student leader, who was martyred last December 15 as a Red fighter of the New People's Army (NPA). She was fatally hit with a bullet that went through her chest and nape in an encounter of her NPA unit with fascist troops of the 8th IB in Barangay Concepcion, Valencia City, Bukidnon.

'Kimay,' as she was fondly called by her friends, was placed by the CPP, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the NPA in the "hall of martyrs and heroes" of the people's democratic revolution.

"The CPP, the national democratic revolutionary movement and the Filipino people salute her and her seven other NPA comrades who died as people's revolutionary heroes, and express sympathy with their families, loved ones and comrades-in-arms," said the CPP.

"We express sympathy with Kimay's family, friends and co-fighters both in the armed revolutionary movement and in the student democratic where she was earlier involved in--all of whom value her martyrdom as her highest, final contribution to the national democratic revolutionary cause, even as her early death was a great loss to all who knew and loved her."

"Her martyrdom is extolled as well by the peasant masses whom she intimately lived with and served as a Red fighter and medic of the NPA until her last day," added the CPP. "Her life of tireless work and selfless sacrifice for the downtrodden will forever be etched in the hearts of those she loved, worked and died for."

"Her death has inspired a number of revolutionary poems and essays written about her, her revolutionary commitment and her struggles. It inspires even more students, young people and urban intellectuals to follow her example in serving the people to the fullest of her capacity, going to the countryside where the people's war rages, and waging the highest form of revolutionary struggle."



"Kimay is a revolutionary model who should be emulated by the youth and students and all of those longing for an end to the grave sufferings of the Filipino people," said the CPP. "When Kimay joined the NPA, she brought with her a profound grasp of the need to wage armed revolution to help realize the patriotic, democratic and progressive aspirations which she shares in common with hundreds of thousands of youth and student activists and other fighters for the cause."

"We enjoin the Filipino students and youth to follow the example of Kimay and tens of thousands of others who have turned their backs against selfish ambitions and have embraced the common dream of the Filipino people for national and social liberation," the CPP added.

The CPP looks forward to a geometric growth in the recruitment of Party members and NPA fighters from the ranks of students, youth and more cadres and activists from the urban areas as well as from the countryside in the coming years.

"The central leadership of the CPP has issued directives and instructions to intensify recruitment among the youth and students and young workers in order to keep up with the rapid expansion of revolutionary armed struggle in the countryside and help in the further expansion and strengthening of the NPA and its guerrilla fronts and revolutionary bases."

"Party members and activists are poised to step up recruitment in university campuses, factories, worker and urban poor communities in Metro Manila and other urban centers as well as in the rural areas," said the CPP.

"Let us pay tribute to Kimay by amplifying the call for student, youth and other activists to join the New People's Army. As the people's revolution gears for greater advances, there is a growing need for more youth and students and activists from the other sectors to sign up as Red fighters, combine with the peasants and workers and contribute to carrying out the tasks of people's war with unprecedented vitality."

Marco Valbuena
Media Officer
Cellphone Numbers: 09156596802 :: 09282242061



◄ Daring as always, Kimay did not hesitate entering the war-torn village of Tago-Ranao to uncover the effects of indiscriminate aerial bombing and militarization in the area

Quote for the day, Jan. 5, 2010


"Unless we take steps to address the root problems of our society, more young people will follow Kemberly’s footsteps in the days to come"

-- From a tribute of the League of Filipino Students (Lanao) to Kemberly Jul Luna who died in Decmber 2009 in Bukidnon

The list is long. It includes the names of patriotic young men and women who had realized that things are not what they ought to be and acted with much passion and dedication to change them -- Bambi, Beng, Blondie, MaeMae, Cris, Ambo, Farly and the disappeared Karen and Sherlyn, to name only a few. They will live forever in the hearts of the people they served wholeheartedly and entirely.

She showed youthful fervor and gave her heart to everything she did inside the organization  ►



Today We Deaden the Fascist Alarm Bells
A Tribute to Kemberley "Kimay" Jul Luna
League of Filipino Students

Today the enemies of the people are sounding their fascist alarm – the death of our comrade is the first logical step towards the impending demise of the national democratic revolution.

But the revolution has persevered and remained resilient despite the rotten dictatorship’s attacks. In fact it has spread to different parts of the country from a small group of youth, workers, peasants and women revolutionaries since its historic re-establishment.

The revolution is now capable of launching different kinds of revolutionary attacks against the defenders of the semi-feudal, semi-colonial system, from protest movements in urban centers to revolutionary warfare in the countryside by the people’s army under the absolute leadership of the vanguard party.

It has also been able to implement its national democratic program in areas where it wields political power. These programs include the decreasing of usurious transactions against poor peasants, even to the extent of outright confiscation and redistribution of vast tracts of lands to the landless of our people.

In the next five years, the revolution is setting its sights towards inching closer to absolute victory by advancing the phase of revolutionary struggle towards that of a strategic stalemate, in which the revolutionary forces shall now be able to confront fully the military firepower of reactionary forces not only in the countryside but in the urban centers as well.

The protracted revolution is right on its track, and no amount of falsehoods nor fascist attacks by protectors of the rotten system can reverse the historic inevitability of the people’s ultimate triumph.


It is this revolution that Kimay fully embraced, and she shall be honored alongside all our heroes and martyrs, all of whom fully understood their historic role in the liberation our people not only from the ravages of imperialism but also towards the establishment of a society and world where the oppression and exploitation of humans by humans shall be ended.

Kimay waged revolution at its highest, finest form – as a revolutionary guerilla in the embrace of landless peasants and exploited people. As with all guerilla fronts, she had been staunchly resisting and defending our people from fascist advances in protecting foreign and landed interests in the heartlands of Mindanao. It is in this defense that she had been felled by fascist bullets.

The fascists are now parading Kimay as a dire warning to all youth and students from embracing the
path of armed revolution, even legal militant struggle through mass organizations such as ours.

But the story of our revolution is replete with instances where we have never been shackled by the threat of terror nor death, because we know with utmost conviction the justness of our cause and the inevitable historical result of our struggle.

The fascists have been mistaken all along. The death of a comrade is not the first step towards the demise of the national democratic revolution. In truth, history has shown the reverse – it hastens the demise of a rotting ruling system by inspiring more men and women to embrace the revolutionary cause.

Today a grateful student movement and people shall deaden the alarm bells of fascist hordes by honoring you, Kemberley "Kimay" Jul Luna, for advancing the national democratic revolution in its highest form.

As you yourself have followed the revolutionary tradition of Edgar Jopson, Emmanuel Lacaba, Lorena Barros, student leaders and revolutionaries all – we are certain that thousands more shall stand in line to continue your work and deliver the final death blow to the enemies of our long oppressed and exploited people.


She brought the cry of the youth and student sector in classroom and group discussions and out to the streets in picket rallies where she acted as STAND-IIT_s official spokesperson

Unless we take steps to address the root problems of our society, more and more young people will follow Kemberly’s footsteps in the days to come


She traded her comfortable life of night parties and hangovers for the cold, harsh and mosquito-ridden mountains of Bukidnon because she knew that she is in the right path



Selfless Blood

by Charles Raiñer Marquez

“The blood spilled of a martyred hero will only lead to the sprouting of more freedom fighters.”

It was in the second half of 2008 when I first met Kem. It was a day when I decided to visit the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan headquarters in Iligan City to meet fellow activists after a long slumber from any activist work. It was Kem who opened a gate and I clearly remember that she was hesitant to let me in for she never knew who I was at that time. I just put up a smile with her gesture because I knew it was just a normal reaction for any person much more for an activist whose life will always be threatened by state forces, to be on guard on people whom they don’t know. Nevertheless, I continued to introduce myself, and I guess it helped her deciding to let me in when she saw Rei, my girlfriend, with me. Rei and Kem had time together since they both belong to ABEO, a student organization of AB English students.

As days gone by, I learned that she was the adhoc chairperson of STAND-IIT, the political party which I proudly became one of the founding members way back in late 1998. Students’ Alliance for the Advancement of the Democratic Rights and Welfare was founded way back then to genuinely address the clamours and struggles of the students in MSU-IIT when KASAMA had been plagued with young traditional politicians. It was created to arouse, organize, and mobilize the broadest number of, not only MSU-IIT students, but also the oppressed masses in the region. STAND-IIT was created in line with the very basic principles why KASAMA had been established by League of Filipino Students’ members during the 1980s, and to make the story short, STAND-IIT won the KASAMA elections overwhelmingly in 2000. Unfortunately, in 2003 due to some organizational predicaments and powerful maneuvering of the reactionary forces within MSU-IIT, STAND-IIT wasn’t able to participate in the KASAMA elections. For several years, alumni and activists tried to gain back KASAMA for it has been clearly became the breeding ground of traditional politicians who tried to make KASAMA as a springboard for their selfish interests to become mainstream politicians.

Kem was one of the brave souls who took the difficult task in continuing to rebuild STAND-IIT, and she took it during the time where alumni assistance was virtually absent. It was the time where Kem worked against all resistance and ridicule from all fronts, especially the petty-bourgeois population in the campus. Kem, together with other activists, were constantly ridiculed and criticized for the principles and the struggle they embraced. Yet Kem was steadfast in patiently arousing students on the things to be done to address the basic problems in the Philippine society, and slowly but surely, she was able to keep STAND-IIT grow.

Seeing Kem’s dedication, it made me already realize that she will eventually move to higher level of service to people. As the year 2009 came, seldom had I seen her around, and there was a time when she said that she’ll go home and will not enrol anymore. I knew from that very moment, that she was in the path of becoming a freedom fighter – an NPA. I just smiled, and at that moment, I was very proud of her.

I knew from that very moment that she will be part among the league of selfless heroes who are shaping a better future. A just and better future where education will be afforded to even among the poorest of the poor, that workers will receive just compensation, that women will be given the opportunities they deserve, that peasants will own lands which they can freely toil, and a peaceful and truly independent sovereignty without the dictate of the imperialists.

It is quite sad though that she wasn’t able to live through more victories in the New Democratic Revolution that we are fighting for, yet Kem’s sacrifice will always be a great contribution in the triumph for breaking the chains by the present slavery of imperialism.

The enemy will be using Kem’s death a stern warning to all youth and students who will be embracing and waging war against oppression and injustices, yet little the fascists have known that the blood of Kem they spilled will only enrage more people and bigger waves of offensives will thwart the very social order of fascism they protect will be forthcoming. More youth will realize that it is the path which Kem’s had chosen is the right and only way to change and correct the society’s ill that plague us. The enemy just made a great mistake.

Kem will always be in the ranks of selfless martyred revolutionaries Edgar Jopson, Emmanuel Lacaba, Lorena Barros, and no less than the KASAMA’s founder, Marcel Roxas. Kem’s life will never go into waste, for she sowed genuine compassion and selflessness by sacrificing no less than her life in making the society a better place to live in - for us, for our children, for our grandchildren, and for the next generations to come.

Our highest clenched-fist and RED SALUTE to our COMRADE KEM!

Dr. Charles Raiñer C. Marquez
Former KASAMA Vice President for External Affairs, 1998-1999
Founding Member, STAND-IIT
Former Member, League of Filipino Students 1998-2000


She actively joined the anti-All Out War campaign and various other campaigns, including the campaign against US intervention in the country and militarization of peasant and Moro communities.

She exemplified a typical _iskolar ng bayan,_ who did not waste the people;s tax money spent for her education only for personal interests


Poems in memory of Kemberly "Kimay" Jul Luna



by Jeps

Lulubog ang araw…
Kasabay ng paghinto ng tibok ng puso
Ngunit ito’y sisikat…
Kasabay ng di-mapigilang pagsulong ng sambayanan

Susubukan ng mga kaaway na ipanatili ang gabi…
Ngunit ang dilim na taglay nito
magbibigay pa ng liwanag sa mahihimbing ang tulog

Ang mga nakakatakot nilang mga ngiti
Sa tuwing isa sa atin ay mamamaalam
Kapalit nito ay libu-libong mandirigma
Dala ang lakas ng taumbayan

at kung ang tagumpay
ay matatagpuan sa pagharap sa sukdulang kahirapan at kamatayan…
bawat isa sa amin ay handa
papatunayan ito ng panahon!!!




by Pia Montalban

Nang mailathala ang kwento
ng iyong kabayanihan. Di malirip na
kilabot ang naglakbay sa aking kalamnan.
Naghatid ito ng dagitab
sa puso kong nananamlay.
Naghatid ng panibagong lagablab
sa ningas kong aandap andap.

Gusto kong maiyak. Nangalit
ang aking ngipin sa dalit.
Napakuyom ang mga kamao, naitaas
ng marahan, na hindi namamalayan.
Awtomatiko ang tugon. May kung
anong lubid ang sa iyo at sa akin
ay nagdudugtong.

Ngunit pang-ilan ka na ba?
Hindi ka nagiisa, at hindi ikaw ang una,
ngunit tiyak hinding-hindi ding magiging huli--
hanggat ang lipunang ito'y nahahati sa uri.
Hanggat ang tunggalian ay di pa napapawi. Hanggat
may buhay na inuutang, may dugong ibinubuwis,

Ang mga kabataang, iskolar
na nagaaral ng lipunan sa kagustuhang
baguhin ito. Ang mga kabataang,
hindi kinayang bumili ng inilalakong
edukasyon, kaya lumabas ng apat na sulok
ng silid aralan. At pinagtapos
ng pambansa demokratikong paaralan.

Ang mga babaeng, ang alindog at ganda'y
hindi kahinaan. Pagka't may katapangan
sa pagtangan, ng landas na huhubog
sa pangarap na lipunan. Ang mga babaeng,
hindi nagpadikta sa lipunang nagtatakda
na ang kusina't bahay ang tangi nilang kaya,
bagkus nagtangan ng armas, para sa masa.

Ang mga magsasaka, manggagawa,
at iba pa. Ay haharap sa kanilang natatanging
misyong mapagpalaya. Ang buong mamamayan,
ang masang api at pinagsasamantalahan.
Titindig, babalikwas. Pagkat sa lipunang
ang karapatan ay iginigiit at hindi iginagawad,
walang ibang tamang landas.

Kundi ang tumungo sa kabundukan,
at pabahain ang lansangan.

Isang iskolar ng Bayan, kabataan at babae,
si Kemberly Jul Luna, ay namatay na tangan tangan
ang pambansa at demokratikong pakikibaka.

Ang kanyang buhay, at kamatayan, ay mananatiling
inspirasyon at gasolinang magpapaandar
sa pagpapatuloy ng paglalakbay at pakikibaka
tungo sa isang lipunan na wala nang pagsasamantala
ng tao sa tao.





Richard Ducat ng LFS - UM Chapter

Isang mandirigma ang nawala
Isang Kasama ang pumanaw
Isang kaibigan ang lumisan
Isang anak ang namatay

Ngunit isa syang tunay na mandirigma
Isang mandirigma na handang maglingkod
Isang mandirigma na handang lumaban
Isang mandirigma na handang ialay ang buhay



Richard Ducat

Ang aking maiksing tula ay alay ko sa kapwa kong kasamahan.

about an hour ago · Repo





(Alay kay Kemberly Jul Luna at sa mga Martir ng Bayan)
Ni John Torres

Mahal ko ang bayan kaya ako ay nag-aarmas,
Ideyolohiya ang gabay sa tinatahak na landas,
Punglo’y kalasag sa gobyernong nandadahas,
Dudurugin ang sistemang kanlungan ng ahas.

Dugo ay ipipinta sa mga pahina ng kasaysayan,
Sariling buhay ay i-aalay sa altar ng himagsikan,
Sa mapang-api’y iwawasiwas karit ni kamatayan,
Nagngingitngit na bulka’y bubuga ng Kalayaan!

Pag-ibig ang nag-udyok sa pagyakap sa banahaw,
Masa ang inspirasyon kaya braso ay humahataw,
Didiligin ng dugo ang lupang sa hustisya ay uhaw,
Rebolusyon ang sasalba sa lipunang nakalupasay.

Hinurno ng pag-ibig ang puso ng mga mandirigma,
Bundok ay aakyatin para sa sambayanang sinisinta,
Langit ay abot kamay sa piling ng masang umaalsa,
Sinapupunan ng digma’y luluwal ganap na paglaya!

Demokrasya’y hungkag sa masang nilalapastangan,
Kung pamahalaa’y salarin kasalanan bang lumaban?
Langgam nga’y nagsisikhay pagsikmura’y kumalam,
Ang bayan pa kaya ang hindi magnasa ng Kalayaan?




by Jelay Palaboy

When the news reached us
The comrade tried to keep his voice even
Though a string of doubt and worry must
Have left our heartbeats suspended
Firmer were the strings of hope cast
Into the dead-still limbo

When the next news reached us
it came in voices hushed
Bleaker and bleaker came the verity
And the likelihood of ever seeing her alive again
And the once steadfast strings of hope
have but frayed apace
Seconds, minutes, hours that pass
All but made breathing a laborious task

when at last
In between gritted teeth
And cupfulls of tears
Another news of her came to us
Dead was she And we asked how
Found bathed in blood
Dried by both wind and sand
Face swarmed by glutton maggots
Made her almost unidentifiable
“Could she have been defiled?”
A grim ‘maybe’ was all we could muster
For a thousand and more thoughts in our heads run wild.

For though most have thought it wonted
As normal an occurrence as drinking water, as stroll in the park
As much as most have anticipated the macabre
Nothing would ever prepare you for a reality so stark
Or an agony as deep and lasting

But her very loss challenges
Prevailing frames of thinking
The comforts the familiar bring
and all the structures that posit
That she is just another casualty
A new addition to the old statistics
Oh, such a shame to think that
In our lifetime, most of us will never even get close
to what she unreluctantly gave up in her life of 21 years

a daughter,
friend, and
Is not and will never be
just another number


Such a shame to us
It will humble us.#



by Danny Fabella

Sa iyong pag-alis
Ika'y maiiwan sa aming puso at isip
Ang iyong kataga ay aming panata
Bibigkasin hanggang laya!

Sa iyong pagpanaw sa mundong ibabaw
Mabubuhay ka nang walang-hanggan
Kailanpaman, ang iyong halimbawa
Kailanpaman, ay kahanga-hanga
Kailanpaman, ang iyong katapatan
Kailanpaman, di mapapantayan
Bayaning huwaran ng sambayanan!






by Lorkan

Higit sa lahat iyong napatunayan,
Kung pano mabuhay ng tama.
Kinalimutan ang sarili para sa isang dalisay na tungkulin,
Ang pagsilbihan ang bayang inalipusta.

Hindi inalintana ang pagod at pighati.
Pagkat nahanap ang kanlungan sa piling ng masang api
Dugo ang naging puhunan,
Para isulong ang inaasam na kalayaan.

Ang ala-ala mo’y maisasapuso.
Higit kanino man, sa masang pinagsilbihan.
Tanging mithi mo’y hindi mapag-iiwanan.
Ito’y magpapatuloy hanggang sa katapusan.

Pra sa isang matalik na kaibigan,
Mabuting anak ng bayan,


Larawan ng isang matapang at mapangahas na rebolusyonaryo,
Maraming maraming salamat…
Isang mapulang pamamaalam,





[Alay kay Kasamang Kemberley Jul Luna]

Salagitsit ng sinindihang mitsa
Isinabog ang binhi ng damay
pakikisama’t pagmamalasakit

Biyaya ng mandirigmang Kwan Yin
Luwalhati ng pulang talang umiigting

Bulong anasan
langitngit lagitik alatiit
hanggang umabot sa pinagpalang pagdating—

O aming Paralumang kaakbay,
bumabangon sa matris ng gubat
handog ang mainit na yapos--

--E. SAN JUAN, Jr.







kemberly jul luna (1989-2009)

it’s winter in the park
skies are gray
brown leaves have fallen
far and wide

i think of someone gone
and remember when these leaves were green
strong, full of life
mocking the wind

now the trees are bare
their wet branches showing the hidden pain
alone on the bench
i’ve grown older watching the rain


kimay was a iskolar ng bayan, student activist, and freedom fighter. she died for her beliefs with a bullet piercing her breast during an encounter with the military in bukidnon last month.

she was no gabriela silang. she was no teresa magbanua. she was no lorena barros. she was no maria theresa dayrit. but she was equal to any one, in her heart, in her spirit, and in her love for the poor and the oppressed.

the league of filipino students will give her a tribute in iligan city today. for information about this event, please click here.



voice of kimay

by Ice

nag ingkod ingkod ta sa duyang dili ma bugto
nag himamatay ta bahin sa katilingban
taas ang imong panglantaw sa katawhang nag lisod
ug maisog ka nga kab-uton ang kadaugan niini

usa ka gabii naghimamat mo ni renato
mensahi mo sa iyaha:
" walay pulos ang utok kung dili kini
gamiton para sa mga taong gipang daug-daug.
daghan ang naglisod,
daghan ang nangamatay nga walay hustisya"

ang atong tingog ang ipalanog
aron madunggan singit sa kabus!
kanus-a pa nato kini buhaton?
busa hagit ni kimay sa kabatan-onan
lihok ug ipalanog ang tingog aron madunggan
singgit sa kabus!





"Paglaya, Kimay"
ni Severino Hermoso

ang ganda ay inuukit tunay
ng puspusang pakikibaka
at ang ganda ay dahil sa iyo digma
niyakap at pinaglingkuran ng isang 'kimay'
at ng maraming iba pang nakakuyom ang mga kamay
at ang layon ay paglaya na wagas at tunay

ikaw paglaya
ang dahilan

kung bakit may tulad niyang anak na dakila
sa katauhan ng maraming ka kimay
ang 'di nag atubili o natakot
na magbuwis ng buhay

iuukit ka namin sa mga nayon at bayan
doon sa kanayunan na pinagkaitan nang pangarap na katarungan
iuukit ka namin gamit ang aming baril at bala!
iuukit ka namin sa aming dugo pawis at luha!

-pinilas na bahagi sa tulang "paglaya, kimay" ni severino hermoso




Pinili mo...
by Joan Zaragosa

Pinili mo ang kumampi sa mga dinadaig-daig
Pinili mo ang kumatig sa mga inaapakan ng daigdig
Pinili mo ang huwag pumasok sa silid-aralan
dahil mas pinili mong Bayan ang iyong maging paaralan
Pinili mo ang makipamuhay kasama ang mga tagalikha
nitong yaman ng bansa, ngunit may mga gutom na sikmura
Pinili mong magsuri, makisangkot, makialam, makibaka
Pinili mong umibig saan ka man dalhin nang pinasok na digma
Pinili mo ang kalimutan ang sarili para mas tunay itong matagpuan
Pinili mong tumula, umawit, sumayaw, sa alimpuyo ng sigwa
Pinili mong magsalita kahit takutin ka pa na putulin ang iyong dila
Pinili mong magtaas ng kamao, at bumalikwas, kahit tila
muog na pader, mas matayog at mas malakas ang iyong binabangga
Pinili mo ng walang pagaalintana
Pinili mo ng kahit napakaraming babala
Pinili mo ang lumabas sa kalsada
Pinili mong maging bahagi ng mas malawak na masa

Pinili mo ang maging aktibista

At pinili nila ang maging pasista
Pinili nilang harangin ang karapatan mong magsalita
Pinili nilang gamitan ka ng dahas kahit ika'y nagdadalita na
Pinili nilang maging sunod-sunurang papet ng burukrata kapitalista
Pinili nilang kumampi sa gahamang si Sam, sakim na imperyalista
Pinili nilang palukain ka, kahit wala ka namang ibang ginagawa
kundi ang ipaglaban ang karapatan ng mga walang boses, at aba
Pinili nilang ibubo ang dugo mo sa lupang inagaw lamang nila
Pinili nilang manindak, pinili nilang mandukot,
Pinili nilang pumatay.

Pero di natatakot ang iyong hanay
Walang sindak ang mga balanggay

Pipili kang muli,
Sa kanilang panunupil, pasismo't pandarahas, pipili kang muli.

Pinili mo ang daang binuksan ng sigwa
Pinili mo ang hinihingi nilang digma

Pinili mo ang maging pulang mandirigma.


"Sa Inyong Pagkahulog":

In memory of KEMBERLY JUL LUNA and other patriotic martyrs
by Angela Colmenares

May ulap ang mga mata
Nang kayo’y lumisan…
Nakatanaw pa rin ang mga kasama
Sa daang inyong binagtas…

Iginala ko ang aking paningin
At namalas ko ang ilang mga dahong
Marahang bumabagsak sa lupa,
mga ibong nananatiling panatag
Sa mapagkupkop na bisig ng kalikasan,
At mga patak ng ulan
na animo’y diyamante
kapag sinasaniban ng gintong silahis ng araw…

Ah, mga patak ng ulan na katumbas
ng mga patak ng ating pagpapakasakit
-pinakikinang ng mga silahis
ng dakilang prinsipyong gumagabay-
na didilig sa lupang tigang…

Mga munting patak ng pagpapakasakit
na dadaloy sa mga kabundukan
upang lumikha ng bukal
patungo sa mga ilog ng pagsulong…
Mga patak na magpupundar ng lakas
upang limikha ng mga daluyong
patungo sa karagatan ng kaganapan…

Mga kasama, hindi kayo hihimlay sa kawalan…
Kayo ay mga dahong nahulog
na magsisilbing pataba sa lupang
dinidiligan ng ating pagpapakasakit…
Upang ang mga ilog ay patuloy na sumulong…
Upang ang kagubatan ay patuloy na yumabong…
Upang ang mga puno’y patuloy na kumupkop ng mga ibon…

At upang ang bawat patak ay maghatid-buhay sa bawat nilalang
na aba, napapagal, naghihikahos, nagugutom…
Na pinapatay ng mga lintik!

Mga kasama, tulad ng mga ibon
na panatag sa mga puno,
sumalig at magtiwala sa masa
saan man tayo magtungo,
anuman ang ating mga tungkulin…

Kasama ang malawak na mamamayan,
patuloy tayong magsisikhay
sa gitna ng mga hampas ng hangin
at mga patak ng ulan…




Tulokibong Aguy-oy nga Misakmit

Kanimo Kemberly Jul Luna
Candice Salazar

gibugto mo ang imong
pusod nga nagbugkos
sa mapanaliporon nga banwag
sa sabakan aron
mahimo kang bug-os,
apan lagsik ang imong mga
lakang nga
gisakmit sa aguy-oy
sa mga sunanoy
ug sa kaaghop sa
nagpasad nga mga bala

lunhaw pa dihang
gihagbas ang mga dahon
aron himuong sugnod
sa nag-alintabong pakigbisog

natukbil ang tanlag
sa salingkapaw nga panaghoy
sa kamatuoran.
mahikap ba nato ang dayag niyang dagway
samtang init pa ang atong ginhawaan?

wa ko ikaw igkita
sa panahon sa akong
pakigbangi ug kagahob.
unta, wa ako nag-inusara
nga nakighagit
sa kahulogan sa paghimugso
sa kasi-ot sa mga agik-ik
ug bus-ok nga kasubo.

kumusta ka kaha karon
sa bugnaw ug mangiob
nga sabakan?




Natagpuan mo ang tahanan sa gitna ng gubat,
sa lilim ng mga punong nagtatayugan.
Natagpuan mo ang kalinga sa malamig na batis
at init ng pagmamahal sa malamyang sikat ng araw.
Natagpuan mo ang pag-ibig sa piling ng masa
at ang kalayaan sa pamamagitan ng pakikibaka!

Ikaw na inapi ng marahas na sistema, tagos hanggang kaluluwa.
Inagawan ng tahanan, kalinga, pag-ibig at kalayaan
Ipinagtaboy ngunit nanindigan, natutong makibaka!
Kasama, nakalulungkot mang isipin na ika’y nawawala,
Naiwan mong tahanan sa gitna ng gubat ay patuloy na mag-aalab
Pagmumulan ng mainit na kalinga’t pag-ibig na mapagpalaya
Para sa masang natatanging dahilan ng katapangan
at matibay ng paninindigan.


Kem, isa kang katibayan na sa pakikibaka, walang pinipiling kasarian, edad o katayuan ng buhay. Ang pakikibaka ay isang wagas na hangarin ng bawat inaapi’t naaapi na lumaya sa umiiral na mapang-aping sistema. Na isa itong pakikibakang kumikilala’t kinikilala lamang ang masa bilang natatanging pinagmulan ng lakas ng bawat mandirigma.


Ang tangi kong maalalang kataga mula sa iyo ay: I found my home here - sa piling ng masa; sa piling ng mga mandirigmang mapagpalaya.
Maaaring magkita pa tayo, maaaring hindi na rin. Gayunpaman, ang tahanang iyong natagpuan at naiwan ay mananatili sa puso at isip ng bawat isa na iyong napaglingkuran; na siya nang magpapatuloy sa pagpapanday ng lipunang pinapangarap ng karamiha’t pinag-aalayan ng iyong buhay.


Saludo ako sa iyo Kem!
Mapulang pagpupugay para sa isang kabataan, isang babae at isang mandirigma ng bayan!

*Nilikha noong Disyembre 18, 2009 ng missing pa lang ang status ni Kem.



Lakbay Laya
ni Zeradz

Binibining niyapos ang kaalaman
Itinakdang mananangol ng naaapi
No’y walang humpay sa Pakikibaka
Upang ang tunay na kalayaan
ay makamtan

Minahal ang Bayan
No’y malugod na ibinahagi
Ang gintong Kaalaman
Sa mga taong Sawi ng kahirapan
at di pa naranasang humawak ng Panitik

Makabayang tunay
At di’ natinag ang kalooban
Sa Mithing makamtan
ang kalayaan

Siya’y Batang Pilipino,
Nagmahal ng lupang Sinilangan,
Namulat sa Karahasan
At maling Pamamahala

Ngayo’y Tiningala at Pinugay
Sa ipinamalas na pagmamahal sa Bayan
Di’ ma nasilayan ang mithiin at pangarap
Sa Baya’y mananatiling buhay ang Ala’ala

Siya Si Kimay
May-angking Talino,
Nagmalasakit sa Kapwa,
At ipinagtanggol ang karapatan
ng bawat Piipino
Ihemplo ng Kabataang Pilipino!


News articles


Philippine Daily Inquirer articles:

■  A life of passion for poor remembered


A life of passion for poor remembered
By Jeffrey M. Tupas
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:28:00 01/07/2010

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Although she did well in school, her life revolved around late-night parties, drowning in alcohol and music, and waking up with a nasty hangover the next day. Not for long, however.

Kemberly Jul Luna, 21, traded the comforts of her bon vivant lifestyle with the wretchedness of the lives of the poor in the hinterlands of Bukidnon.
Read more


■   Brainy beauty joins NPA, dies in Bukidnon, Jan. 8, 2009


Brainy beauty joins NPA, dies in Bukidnon
By Jeffrey M. Tupas
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:44:00 01/08/2010

MANILA, Philippines—Hers was a campus life spent mostly at late night parties and drinking sprees, waking up the next day with a nasty hangover. Still, she got good grades. Read more






LFS-UM salutes our co-league Kemberly Jul Luna


January 04, 2010

The book of a real student is the society where one belongs, the teacher are the people, the paper is one's freedom, the pen is one's right to speak, and the test is the will to demonstrate. 

-Kemberly Jul Luna (1989-2009)

We, the League of Filipino Students - University of Manila, express our grief for the loss of our colleague Kemberly Jul Luna of Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology. She died in the middle of a conflict in Valencia City, Bukidnon in the-middle of December.

Kemberly or "Kimay" as she was fondly called was a spokesperson of Students Alliance for the Advancement Democratic Rights (STAND) - MSU - IIT, She was the Sec. Gen of LFS - MSU - IIT which she joined in 2008. She was an active participant in LFS Humanntarian Mission, including the National Interfaith Humanitarian Mission (NIHM) of October 2008 in the face of humanitarian crises plaguing the war-stricken Moroland. She was part of the local secretariat and headed the area preparation committee in Poona Piagapo, one of the target municipalities for the Mission.


Daring as always, Kimay did not hesitate entering the war-torn village of Tagoranao to uncover the effects of indiscriminate aerial bombing and militarization in the area. She also convinced one of the victims to make a testimony openly on the events in the affected areas in Lanao.

She actively joined the “No to All-Out War” campaign and various other campaigns, including the campaign against US intervention in the country and militarization of peasant and Moro communities.

At the opening of the first semester, she was chosen as the ad hoc chairperson of STAND-IIT. From then on she brought the cry of the youth and student sector in classroom and group discussions and out to the streets in rallies where she acted as STAND-IIT’s official spokesperson.

Kemberly was a very good example to her comrades and to the people around her. She showed youthful fervor and gave her heart to everything she did inside the organization. She was once quite a heavy drinker and a late riser as an ordinary student, but when she joined the League, she showed exemplary effort to remould herself and do away with her old habits. She shelled herself off of all the petty-bourgeois individualism.

With her beauty, brain and talent that showed to the people for our struggle and determination to fight for the people's rights no matter that she risked her life.

I am also a friend of "Kimay" in my personal friendster. i sent her a message that said: "i wish you could come here in Manila and we meet, sometime'. She replied "OK". That was the last simple massage that i received last year before she left. And i was shocked to learn  that "Kimay" passed away. 

Kimay like Rachele Mae Palang of Ateneo de Davao, Cris Hugo, Farley Alcantara and all the student-activists who risked their lives to do their duty to SERVE THE PEOPLE.

To her friends, comrades and colleagues, most heartfelt condolences.


A raised fist to "KIMAY"
Richard Ducat
Chair. (09-10)
League of Filipino Students - UM Chapter





Pablo Crooks

mabuhay ka kemberly!

Today at 3:52pm


Pia Montalban

pagpupugay kay kimay, hindi ko man siya nakilala ng personal...

Today at 3:53pm


Ako Ay Gabriela


Today at 4:44pm


Maria Isabel Juarez Macasieb

and now I'm starting to worry for my big sister pero sige lang, like Kimay's parents, I will support my Ate's fight... Ang kanyang laban ay para sa bayan, para sa amin din naman...

Rest in peace, Kemberly Jul. :((

Today at 4:57pm


Seramie Ramo Daug

i Salute you kimay!!!

Today at 4:57pm


Amirah Ali Lidasan

Salamat sa lahat ng naging tulong at inambag mong siniing at kalinga sa mga kapatid nating bangsamoro

Today at 5:08pm


Dondon Nakar

napakasakit malaman talaga sa tuwina na my mga kasama atu na nabubuwal sa pkikipaglaban para sa ating pinaniniwalaan, hindi naman tayu bumabalikwas dahil trip lng natin ginagawa natin dahil my cause tayu mga kasama which is love for our people, masakit na mabasa ito, lalo na nadito pa ang kanyang larawan, kamuka nga siya ng Ate ko eh, namumugto ang mga luha ko pra sa iyo Kasamang Kimay pro hindi ito papatak dahil alam ko at alam mo din my tamang panahon at kasaysayan ang hahatol pra umagos ang nagbabagang asero na lalagot sa tanikala ng punglo, ang mga aming pighati ang magpapatuloy at ang sulo na iyong binitiwan ay aming tatanganan upang bagtasin ang landas ng karimlan patungong kaliwanagan.

babaunin namin ang iyong ngiti
at ang mga kwento ng puso at paghihimagsik
at hindi man tayu mulang magkita... See More
kasama mo kami na aawit ng paglayo
hanggang sa muli sa iyo kasama
hanggang sa muli sa pakikibaka
ang mga hakbang natin ay magka-ugnay
at wla tayung ibang hangad kundi " tagumpay"
kya paalam sa iyo kasama
di ko malilimot ang araw na ito
isang kabanata sa buhay mga sandaling makulay

Today at 5:52pm


Ako Ay Gabriela

salamat sa lahat ng inyong mga papugay mga kasama. Tiyak kong masaya si Kemay sa kanyang naging buhay kapiling ang masa. Ang kanyang naiambag sa pambansa-demokratiko nating pakikibaka ay sing-alab ng apoy na binubuhay ng lahat ng mga martir sa bayan. Mabuhi ka Kemberly! mabuhi ang lahat ng mga kasamang nag-alay ng buhay para sa bayan!

Ang iyong kabataan ay sadyang dinukot ng masalimoot na lipunan ngunit sa iyong paglisan kami ay nabigyan ng panibagong buhay!

Mahal ka namin Kemay, habambuhay!

Today at 6:16pm


Pia Montalban

hindi namatay ng tuluyan si kimay... mabubuhay siya sa bawat isa sa ating magpapatuloy ng pambansa demokratikong pakikibaka.

Today at 6:37pm


Kase Enoc Agusan

ang dugo ng mga martir na kasama ang magpapaalab pang lalo sa ating pakikibaka
hindi natatapos sa pagkawala ng isa, dalawa o ng ilan pa ang paglaban sa pagsasamantala
hanggat hindi malaya, pagyayamanin natin ang lupa... See More
hanggang sa tagumpay!
buhay tayo kahit mamatay
sa puso ng sambayanan
sa mga kasama...

Today at 7:04pm


Angelo Madarang

mabuhay ka! KA KIMAY!
sa pagbibigay mo ng iyong buhay para sa mga masang lumalaban...


Today at 7:05pm


Today at 7:24pm






Lfs Um

Mula sa LFS - University of Manila Chapter isang taus-pusong TAAS KAMAONG PAGPUPUGAY SA 'yo

Today at 7:26pm


Maria Kalayaan Lorena

Sa lahat ng naghahangad ng pagbabago sa lipunang pilipino, isang pagpugay sayo kasamang Ka Kimay. Onwards with Philippine Revolution

Today at 7:58pm


Jovencio Aguilar

ilan pa bang tulad ni kimay ang kailangang magbuwis upang magising ang taong bayan at ang mga dayukdok na nakaluklok sa kapangyarihan? kailan matatamo ang layon ng mga tulad ni kimay kailan...kailan ...kailan?

Today at 8:06pm


Dino Visitacion

si kimay diay?????...wa ko'y masulti ba..gawas lang ani...
you would always stay in our hearts kimay...dili masayang ang imong nasugdan, ang imong sakripisyo...

Today at 8:32pm


April Argen Pat Marzon

Ang pinaglalaban at paninindigan ng ating mahal na si Ka Kimay at ang kanyang pagiging martir upang makamtan lamang ang hinahangad na tunay na kalayaan ay isang huwarang patunay na hanggang sa kahuli-hulihang hininga ng kanyang buhay, di sya nagpagapi at patuloy na lumaban.... Taas-kamao!

Today at 9:54pm


Nestor Emilio

MABUHAY KA KA KIMAY!!!!! at maraming salamat sa pagbibigay mo ng iyong buhay para sa sambayanan!!!! isa kang inspirasyon sa aming mga kabataan na patuloy na lumalaban!!!!

Today at 9:56pm


April Argen Pat Marzon

Ka Kimay never did close her eyes...

Her death is of great nobility... She saw the injustices, oppression, ordeals and the like among the grieving nation and its people suffering in the river of Calvary... She never did lose hope and even pushed through her advocacy to fight for what is right, claim what is duly right for us and that we need to struggle for our liberation and democracy...

Up to her last breath, she never did rest in serving the People! Mabuhay ka KA Kimay!

Today at 10:01pm


Halle C. CKña

"marami pang dapat imulat kasama, lipuna'y puno ng problema... Sa paghinto ng tibok ng puso mo, kami ang magpapatuloy..."
I salute you Kimay!

Today at 10:24pm


John Torres

Ka Kimay, kaisa mo kami sa pakikibaka. Ang kamatayan mo'y singbigat ng Bundok Apo! Isa kang tunay na bayani sa Masang nagnanais ng tunay na demokrasya at kaalyaan!

Today at 10:51pm


Liberato Magbanua

PAG PUPUGAY KA KIMAY!!! Bayani ng masang Pilipino!!! bayani ng Digmang Bayan!!!

11 hours ago


Roy V. Aragon

lalaging buhay at mabubuhay sa alaala at sa hiraya ang napaslang ngunit hindi namamatay na pakikibaka at pakikipagtunggali.

10 hours ago


Karla Andrea Ipong

mananatili ka palagi sa aming mga puso... long live!

7 hours ago


Hassan Ozzi Bobonga

sagisag ng isang bayaning tunay.. :(

about an hour ago


Jaja Necosia

Isa Kang Tunay na BAYANI! tatapusin namin ang iyong LABAN! mabuhay ka KIMAY! ^_^

9 minutes ago


Yves Lawrence Nibungco

Pagpupugay sa iyo Ka Kemberly! Ikaw ay isang inspirasyon at ehemplo para sa aming mga migranteng kabataan sa Estados Unidos. Mula sa Anakbayan New York/New Jersey isang mainit at taos-pusong pagpupugay kasama! Tuloy ang laban!

Today at 1:00pm


Richard Ducat

Kimay, nasaan ka ma, isa kang tunay na bayani para sa amin. ikaw ang aming inspirasyon dahil sa yong tunay na pagllilingkod sa samabayanan kahit buhay mo ang kapalit. Mula sa LFS - UNiversity of Manila Chapter, ISANG TAAS KAMAONG PAGPUPUGAY SA'YO. Tuloy ang LABAN

Today at 2:20pm


KabataanPartylist Manila

Saludo ako sa iyo Kasama!!! mas lalo mong pinapaalab ang loob namin!!!!

Today at 2:43pm


Denver Gilles Escalera

Nilisan mo man itong daigdig, yong laban ay patuloy na ipagtatagumpay..
salamat sa iyong malaking kontibusyon para sa PAMBANSANG DEMOKRASYA...ako ay nagpupugay sa iyong kadakilaan na di matatwaran...


Today at 5:57pm


Ash Lagon


11 hours ago


2 hours ago


Perlita Pring

Saludo ako sa'yo kemberly!!saan ka mn naroroon Mabuhay ka! , naniniwala ako na magiging tunay na ehemplo ka sa mga kabataan!

10 hours ago


Arturo M. Pangilinan

Like the true revolutionaries before them, their deaths are as heavy as a mountain.

36 minutes ago


Kím Íl Süñg Astig nga! My highest salute!

IN MEMORY OF KEMBERLY JUL LUNA: ISKOLAR NG BAYAN, FREEDOM FIGHTER January 4, 2010 “Umaalis ang mga anak upang habulin ang kanilang mga pangarap, at malao’t madali, maraming magulang ang tumutunton sa duguang ...

Today at 8:29pm · · · Share

Tonyo Cruz

Mabuhay ang mga kabataang makabayan!

2 hours ago · Report


Richard Ducat


about an hour ago · Report


Laorence Castillo

the resonance of the fascists alarm will surely fade out, but Kimay's words of hope and struggle will forever linger in the peoples' hearts.

38 minutes ago · Report


Dondon Nakar

nakaka-iyak naman mga kasama,

7 hours ago · Report


Mac Serrano

kasama tuloy ang laban

5 hours ago · Report


Richard Ducat

Ang aking maiksing tula ay alay ko sa kapwa kong kasamahan.

about an hour ago · Repo







Iligan City

August 18,, 2008




Press Release Reference: Kemberly Jul Luna – 09203612464
July 18, 2008



These were some of the appeals that the League of Filipino Students – MSU-IIT Chapter demanded on the day of the worst flare-up of fighting between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Government's armed forces since the postponement of the signing of the MOA on Ancestral Domain two weeks ago.

"We call on the MILF and the AFP to end all hostilities and to get back to the negotiating table," said Fervil Von Tripoli, Chairperson of the LFS-IIT. Tripoli also added that "peace cannot be achieved through bloodshed and intensified hostilities." The latest count of the number of casualties when MILF insurgents raided the towns of Kolambugan and Kauswagan was 41, and ten more are held hostages.

"We strongly believe that the real reason why Arroyo and her minions has been pushing for the creation of a Bangsamoro Juridical Entity, which she touts as the solution to the peace problem in Mindanao, is to generate substantial grounds for the Government to endorse Charter-Change so they can eliminate the provision on the term limit of the presidency," Urbano further stressed out.

The group also announced their further plans vis-à-vis the GRP-MILF peace negotiations and Arroyo's Cha-Cha, which includes a protest action on August 21, the National Day of Protest on Charter-Change.

Kemberly in August 2008

Relief Mission to the evacuees displaced by AFP-MILF military operations

August 27, 2009


LFS-Lanao joins relief mission


The League of Filipino Students (LFS) in Lanao joined the Relief Mission sponsored by the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP) and the Archdiocesan Health Apostolate (AHA) on August 27, 2008 to the displaced of the AFP-MILF armed confrontations in Lanao del Norte. Food items were given out to more than 300 families of evacuees cramped-up in the evacuation centers of Samburon Central School, Samburon, Linammon, Lanao del Norte. LFS-Lanao contributed much man-power to the packing and the delivery of the relief goods.


Active in the “NO TO ALL-OUT WAR IN MINDANAO” campaign, LFS-Lanao will be joining the National Interfaith Mercy Mission in Lanao del Norte on the last week of September this year sponsored by the Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao, Sisters Association in Mindanao (SAMIN), National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP), Moro Christian People’s Alliance (MCPA), Karapatan and many other organizations in the country. The Mercy Mission will be having the relief and fact finding mission components.


We encourage our members nationwide to help us solicit donations from friends and allies for the Mercy Mission. You may send these to:


League of Filipino Students (LFS)-Lanao
0023 Jamille St., San Miguel, Iligan City
Mobile 0920-361-2464


Preparing the relief goods
October 2008 - after relief operations

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Young martyrs and disappeared:

Some of the patriotic young men and women who, like Kimay, served the people wholeheartedly and entirely


Rachelle Mae Palang,  22 years old

Pagsisiyam (Poem by E. San Juan, Jr.)

Cris Hugo, 20 years old Farly Alcantara, 22 years old

Erika "Blondie" Salang, 20 yers old

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Riemon "Ambo" Guran, 21 years old

Karen  and Sherlyn (disappeared)

Eksenand Tahimik by Jess Santiago



Lunan ng bus, lubhang nakakapagod at naging mahaba ang biyahe para kay Molly habang binabagtas ang daan patungo sa Brgy. Patalunan sa Lupi, Camarines Sur kung saan kukunin ang katawan ni Erika. Katabing bayan iyon ng Ragay, lugar na pinangyarihan ng engkwentro.

Ayon sa balita, ika-29 ng Marso, parehong araw ng pagpanaw ng kanyang ama labing apat na taon na ang nakalilipas nang salakayin ng 31st Infantry Batallion sa pamumuno ni 1st Lt. Marshall Tumanga ang kampo nina Erika. Namatay siya, kasama ang tatlo pang iba. Magdadalawampu’t isang taon sana siya sa kanyang kaarawan sa Mayo 8, 2006.
Apat na kabaong na gawa sa kahoy ang nakahilera sa municipal hall. Suot ni Ika ang isang kulay rosas na bestida na halatang hindi kanya. Hindi na kinailangang magpaabot ng pakikiramay ang mga tao doon. Ayon kay Molly, “Parang nangusap sa akin ang kanilang mga mata. Alam ko, sinasabi nila, “kilala namin ang anak mo””.

Sa taon ng sentenaryo ng Unibersidad at pagsasabuhay ng diwang radikal nito, nagsisilbing patunay si Erika na hindi lamang kapusukan ng isip at damdamin ang nag-uudyok sa mga kabataan at estudyante upang iwan ang kanilang mga silid-aralan at magtungo sa kanayunan.
Patunay siyang hindi usapin ang edad sa kahandaan at kapasyahang lumabas sa silid-aralan, magsilbing mag-aaral ng lipunan at lumaban para sa tunay na kalayaan.

Iniluluwal ang mga bayaning katulad ni Erika ng matinding pakikihamok sa buhay, ng pakikipagtunggali sa mga rebolusyon sa loob at labas ng sarili, at higit sa lahat, ng pagmamahal—sa kapwa at sa bayan.



The gift of Erika
April 16, 2006
By Ramon J. Farolan

A WEEK before Palm Sunday, we attended a retreat organized by the Holy Name Society of the Mt. Carmel Parish. The retreat was held at Caleruega, the beautiful complex of cottages and facilities set up by the Dominican Order in Nasugbu, Batangas. Its lovely chapel on the hill has long been the favorite for wedding ceremonies, and the quiet serenity of its surroundings make it an ideal site for retreats and recollections.

Our retreat facilitator was Fr. Thaddeus (Ted) Valencia of the Congregation of St. Basil (OSB). In 1979, he became the first Filipino priest to be ordained in Canada. He spent much of his time in missionary work in the American continent. Two years ago, he came home for good. And he is now with the Good Shepherd Cathedral in Fairview, Quezon City.

Father Ted's topic was the Matthew version of the beatitudes:

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn,
or they will be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the land.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for
righteousness, for they will be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are they who are persecuted
for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you
and utter all kinds of evil against you because of Me.

Rejoice and be glad for your reward will be great in heaven.

As we were going through each of the Beatitudes, I found myself constantly reminded of a young girl who recently passed away under difficult circumstances.

Erika was the daughter of middle-class parents. As a kid, she was more of a spoiled brat, always fighting, kicking and screaming in order to get her way. She had chubby cheeks, a cute smile and was a happy individual, but overbearing when she got into one of her selfish moods.

At the age of 7, she lost her Dad and a short while after, she began to change. Her tantrums became less frequent and she made a lot of friends in school. She blossomed physically as well and her smile became lovelier and infectious. People were attracted to her and she reciprocated with great affection.

Erika also developed a great sense of humor and when asked why the turnabout in her personality, she replied that at a certain point, she had paused to ask herself why she didn't have that many friends and why she tended to turn people off. She examined herself and identified the traits which needed discarding and she made an effort at replacing them with positive values. It was a kind of awareness so rare in such a young individual-a maturity exceeding that of older people.

Erika became concerned over the welfare of others, visiting families of friends who were in need. One day, she brought home a classmate, a boy half her size. She told her Mom that he was being physically abused by his father and she planned to bring the case to the barangay captain later. Over the years, Erika would bring home various classmates simply because they needed her help.

There is a saying: "If you are young and you are not a revolutionary, you don't have a heart. If you are old and you are still a revolutionary, you don't have brains."

At age 15, in only her third year in high school, Erika knew what she wanted to do. Like many young people around the country who have witnessed first-hand the sufferings of people and the injustices and inequalities of the system, she joined the movement, believing that she could help change the world.

She gave up the simple pleasures of window-shopping in an air-conditioned mall, of seeing a movie once in a while, of going with friends to some beach resort, of enjoying the company of relatives in family gatherings. She exchanged all these for rubber sandals, open skies and field mice for dinner every now and then. She didn't hate anyone. She simply believed fervently in a better world. While many of us expressed similar thoughts, Erika lived her belief. There can only be one explanation-nothing is more powerful than the idealism of youth.

For the next six years, Erika would share hardships and deprivations with others like her who believed in the same ideals and had a common vision for society. Wherever she went, she spent her time and efforts for the poor people of the community around her. In those six years, she was home only a few times, but seeing her so unbelievably happy, one would never guess how hard life must have been for her. Perhaps, she was a good actress. Her sense of commitment to the cause never faltered.

Last month, a few weeks short of her 21st birthday and on the same day her father died 14 years ago, Erika returned to the Lord.

There is no reason to grieve for Erika. She is back with her Dad and all her friends and relatives who left ahead of her. She doesn't need our prayers. She is, without doubt, in a place where all people who have toiled in the service of their fellowmen are enjoying eternal rest. It is we, the living, who need her intercessions.

This is not a time for regrets or sorrow or petitions. It is a time for thanksgiving and gratitude for the gift of Erika.

A Happy Easter to all!

©2006 all rights reserved



Erika Salang, Martir ng Kabataan
Ni Silay Lumbera

Molly said she could not forget how some villagers, without uttering a word, seemed to tell her: "We knew your daughter."
-Inquirer, May 14 2006

Maraming alaalang maaaring pagpilian si Molly, ina ni Erika tungkol sa kanyang anak. Ngunit isang piling alaala ang maituturing na bukod-tangi. Alaala iyong nakasilid sa kanyang gunita: kung paanong sa murang edad na sampung taong gulang ay ipinamalas ni Erika ang kakayahang mapagpasyang magpanibagong hubog, umunawa, makabatid at makisalo sa pighati ng kanyang kapwa.

Sa edad na sampung taong gulang, tatlong taon makalipas ang pagpanaw ng ama ay nagpasya si Erika na baguhin ang sarili. Batid niyang kinaiinisan siya noon ng mga kaklase at kaibigan dahil sa kanyang spoiled na pag-uugali. Sa naging pagbabagong iyon sa sarili, kinagiliwan siya ng mga kakilala. Hindi nagtagal, itinuring siyang isa sa mga pinakapopular na bata sa kanyang klase.

Makalipas ang ilang panahon, umuwi noon si Erika sa kanilang bahay kasama ang isang kaibigan. Seryoso at bakas ang pag-aalala sa mukha ni Erika. Ikinuwento raw sa kanya nito ang pananakit ng ama na agad namang ninais ni Erika na isumbong sa kanilang barangay, ayon sa kanyang ina.

Sa pagpasok ni Erika o Ika bilang isang new student sa hayskul ng UP Integrated School o UPIS ay mabilis siyang naging usap-usapan sa mga umpukan ng mga estudyante. Stand out ang kanyang tisay features—brown eyes, maputi, matangos na ilong, malapad na mukhang puno ng mga nunal. Matangkad din siya at malaki ang bulas—dahilan kung bakit madalas siyang napagkakamalang exchange student o hindi kaya’y foreigner.

Ikalawang taon namin sa hayskul at madaling napukaw noon ang kanyang interes sa ANAKBAYAN na kakatatag pa lamang sa gitna ng mainit ng kampanya para sa pagpapatalsik kay Estrada. Huling kwarto ng taong 1999 nang marekluta si Ika sa gabi ng parangal ng kanyang hipag—si Myra “Mayang” Algarme, isang pulang mandirigma na nasawi sa isang engkwentro sa Zamboanga. Masasabing ang gabing iyon ang nagbukas sa isipan at nagpabago sa buhay niya—ang pagkaunawa sa gawain ng kanyang hipag, ang mga kinaharap nitong sakripisyo, maging ang mga pangarap nito na nagbigay daan upang maglingkod bilang pulang mandirigma sa kanayunan.

Mula noon ay naging isang aktibo at namumunong kasapi si Ika sa pag-oorganisa, paglulunsad ng mga pag-aaral at diskusyon tungkol sa mga isyu at usaping pampulitika at maging sa mga kilos protesta sa loob at labas ng UPIS.

Kilos protesta laban sa Visiting Forces Agreement o VFA ang kanyang kauna-unahang dinaluhang mobilisasyon at sinundan pa iyon ng marami pang iba. SONA noong taong 2000, isa si Erika sa mga namuno at naggiit sa administrasyon ng UPIS at mga gwardya nito na palabasin ang mga estudyante na nagnanais lumahok sa pagkilos. Matapang niyang pinilit buksan ang mga gate para makapuslit ang mga estudyante palabas.


Sa loob ng mga taong iyon ay nagsilbi si Erika bilang kasapi ng Highschool Committee ng Pambansang Opisina ng ANAKBAYAN. Masipag siya at higit na masikhay sa mga gawain. Isa siya sa mga tinitingala at kinagigiliwang lider estudyante ng mga bagong miyembro—“agit” pero sensitibo, “gnd” (grim and determined) pero malambing. Mahilig siyang makipagtuksuhan tungkol sa mga buhay pag-ibig ng mga kasama hanggang sa pakikipagharutan o pakikipaghabulan habang naglalakad papuntang Vinzon’s para sa dadaluhang mga pulong.

Sa panahong iyon, maituturing nang buhay ni Erika ang pagkilos. Hindi nagtagal at nagpasya siyang pumunta sa Camarines Sur para sa isang dalawang linggong exposure trip noong Mayo 2001. Nang matapos ito, pormal na dineklara ni Erika ang kanyang kagusutuhang magfulltime bilang isang gerilya. Sa puntong iyon, sa edad na labing anim na taong gulang, siya ang pinakauna sa aming henerasyon ng mga aktibista sa hayskul na magpasyang magfulltime sa kanayunan.

Sa pag-alis ni Erika at sa kanyang kapasyahang magsilbi bilang isang fulltime na kasapi ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan, hindi nawala ang mga kontradiksyon—paungunahin sa kanyang pamilya. Bagamat relatibong demokratiko ang naging pagpapalaki sa kanya ng ina, hindi pa rin naging madali para dito na tanggapin ang naging desisyon ng anak.

Gabi ng pag-alis ni Erika, buo ang loob niya na hindi magpapigil sa ina. Sinamahan siya ng isang kasama na naghintay sa labas ng kanilang gate. Mula sa kanyang pwesto, dinig ng kasama ang naging pagtatalo ng mag-ina. Sa isang punto, narinig niya ang binitawang mga salita ni Erika: “Hindi ako nagpapaalam sa inyo, sinasabi ko lang na aalis ako”.Noong panahong ding iyo’y batid ni Molly, ina ni Erika, na wala na siyang magagawa pa upang mapigilan ang anak. Sinubukan niyang ipahabol sa kasambahay si Erika ngunit nagmamadali itong lumabas ng gate, sumakay sa naghihintay na tricycle, ngumiti sa kanya at kumaway habang mabilis na humarurot papalayo ang sinasakyan.

Hindi pa noon batid ng ina ang bigat ng pag-alis ni Erika. Sa mga susunod na panahon magmula nang magpasyang magfulltime doon si Erika ay miminsan lamang ito makadalaw.

Miminsan at mabilis lamang ang mga pagdalaw. Karaniwan, ilang araw o linggo lamang siyang mamamalagi rito at mababalitaan ko na lamang na narito siya sa Maynila kapag paalis na siya o hindi kaya’y matitiyempuhan ko siyang nasa rali. Kung minsa’y nilalagpasan ko siya, hindi alam na siya pala iyon. Magugulat na lamang ako sa pagtawag niya sa akin, pagkatapos ay mainit na babatiin at mahigpit na yayakapin.

Minsa’y bumaba siya hindi para dumalaw kung hindi para ipagamot ang paa. Nasugatan daw ito habang tumutulong siya sa pagkakaingin ng mga magsasaka doon. Sa kanyang pagkakakuwento, hindi mababakas sa kanya ang pangingirot ng paa o ‘di kaya’y ang sakit na nararamdaman sa tuwing inilalakad niya nito. Magiliw pa rin siyang nakikipagkuwentuhan, nakikipagkamustahan at nakikipagbiruan.

Katapusan ng Abril o simula ng Mayo nang kinailangan niyang bumaba sa Maynila dahil sa mahigpit na pinapatupad na bagong patakaran noon: kinakailangang nasa edad disi otso pataas ang mga kasapi ng Hukbo. Bumaba si Erika at naghintay ng ilang araw para sa kanyang ika-18 na kaarawan noong Mayo 8, 2003. Makalipas ang isang araw, agad din siyang bumalik sa trabaho.

Ika-30 ng Marso, 2006, nang matanggap ng kanyang ina ang masamang balita. “Alam kong mangyayari ito. Hindi ko nga lang inakala na magiging ganito kaaga,” pagtatapat ni Molly noong parangal.