Video Tribute to Kimay Kemberly Jul Luna

Iskolar ng Bayan, Freedom fighter


January 14, 2010



■    In Memory of Kemberly Jul Luna       ■     Tribute to Kimay





You Tube Note:


A humble tribute to Kemberly Jul Luna, "Rosas ng Digma" a song befitting her, the life she lived, the ideals that she espoused and believed in, fought and died for. She could have had a fuller life but she died in the prime of her life.

As Rizal had said:


"On the field of battle, 'mid the frenzy of fight,
Others have given their lives, without doubt or heed;
The place matters not-cypress or laurel or lily white,
Scaffold or open plain, combat or martyrdom's plight,
T'is ever the same, to serve our home and country's need."