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Celebrating the Centenary

of the International Women's Day

with protest march against the US-Arroyo Regime


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March 8, 2010





It was hot,hot, hot marching from Welcome Rotonda to Mendiola at around 11:30 am. But March 8, 2010 is the centennial of the declaration of International Women's Day and GABRIELA's annual protest march took on a new meaning and new imperative. Salute to all the women and children who joined the march and the men who support the women's struggle for genuine emancipation and social transformation. Abante babae, palaban militante, Sulong Gabriela lumaban makibaka. Liza Maza para sa Senado, makabayan at makamasa!


--- UP Faculty Regent Dr. Judy Taguiwalo




Photos courtesy of UP Prof. Judy Taguiwalo
▲ Photos above courtesy of Mikas Matsuzawa ▲


08 March 2010
Emmi de Jesus, GABRIELA Vice Chairperson and Gabriela Women’s Party Second Nominee (0917-3221203)
Public Information Department (Teta thru 0917-4661522)

On March 8 International Women's Day
Thousands of women march the streets nationwide,
demanding jobs, social services and end to Arroyo's rule

Thousands of Filipino women took the day off today, not to rest, but to storm Mendiola to condemn the widespread poverty and political repression under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's government, in the militant tradition of commemorating the International Working Women's Day

Dubbed as the National Women's Day Of(f) Protest, the mobilization was participated by women workers, peasants, urban poor, professionals, religious, youth and students. Led by the militant women's group GABRIELA, they were also joined by Sen. Loren Legarda, Sen. Jamby Madrigal, Sen. Pia Cayetano, Gabriela Women's Party Representatives Liza Maza and Luzviminda Ilagan, and other personalities.

“The unity that women showed today should convey the message to Arroyo that unlike her claim, the future of Filipino women and their families is bleaker now than it was when she assumed power in 2001, and it could only start to get bright through a democratic change—change that starts by foiling any attempts that would allow Arroyo to perpetuate itself in power beyond June 30,” said Emmi de Jesus, GABRIELA vice chairperson and Gabriela Women's Partylist second nominee.

According to GABRIELA, with the widespread poverty, culture of impunity and her exercise of tyranny, Arroyo's reign in power resulted to massive violence against women. Until today, the 26 women who were among the 43 health workers illegally arrested remain in detention. There is still no justice for the Ampatuan massacre, 15 of the victims were women. Hence, on the observance of Women's Day today, the group burned an effigy of Arroyo that symbolized her government's legacy of electoral fraud, corruption, plunder, political repression, extrajudicial killings, and selling out of the nation's sovereignty.

“Earlier this month Arroyo defended her economic records, citing figures to claim that her government has improved the lives of the people. But in reality, the said “accomplishments” were never felt by the people. Worse, her administration's barefaced corruption has made the impoverished women and their families more vulnerable during times of calamities such as the current drought season and last year's storms Ondoy and Pepeng. And when women stand up to defend their rights, they are met with repression. There are already hundreds of women victims of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings under Arroyo’s de facto martial rule law” said De Jesus.

“As we observe the centenary of the International Working Women's Day, we remember women in history that valiantly defended women's rights and our nation's sovereignty. But today, we also register our strongest contempt to a woman president whose puppetry to foreign powers like the United States and their policy of privatization, liberalization and deregulation has pushed Filipino women to unprecedented crisis—that even the most basic needs like rice, sugar, utilities and fuel have become almost impossible for them to avail,” added De Jesus.

For her part, Gabriela Women's Partylist Rep. Luviminda Ilagan underscores how the upcoming national election can be an opportunity for women to advance their political participation and put forward their democratic agenda.

“Women want change. We want food on the table, jobs, social services, good governance and freedom from violence. We want information and access to reproductive health care. Our success in winning seats for two consecutive terms in the Lower House through Gabriela Women's Party, the lone partylist that represents women, show that we have the power to install leaders that will truly represent our democratic aspirations. This upcoming election, women also hold the power to deny the anti-women and anti-pople Arroyo and her allies to extend their stay in power,” said Ilagan.

The calls in GABRIELA's protest action in Mendiola were echoed in other parts of the country as well as internationally. GABRIEL chapters also led thousands of women in rallies in the province of Davao , Baguio , Negros, Panay, General Santos, and in many parts of Southern Tagalog and Western Mindanao regions. GABRIELA chapters in Hongkong and the United States also held similar actions. ###

Public Information Department
GABRIELA National Office

(+632) 3712302




Cordillera Women’s Education Action Research Center (CWEARC)
#16 Loro St., Dizon Subdivision, Baguio City, Philippines
Tel: (63)(74)442- 5347
Email: cwearc09@gmail. com

Reference: Vernie Yocogan-Diano
Executive Director

On the occasion of the 100 years of March 8 as International Working Women’s Day, CWEARC (Cordillera Women’s Action Research Center) a suppport institution for indigenous women’s organizations in the Cordillera region hails the indigenous women and toiling women in the region and all over the world in living up the history of March 8 as a day of action for toiling women to improve on their status in society and advance the rights of women in all fields.

On the festive week of Panagbenga (Baguio Flower Festival), CWEARC supported indigenous women’s organizations’ s advocacy on food, traditional knowledge and rights through a booth acquired from the secretariat of the Session Road in Bloom. From March 1 to 7, CWEARC and Innabuyog’s booth at the Session Road in Bloom displayed and sold women’s products composed of handicrafts and food items. The added value is putting on display images and actions of indigenous women’s organizations on their defense of food resources and traditional knowledge. As a build-up for the 100th years of March 8, the history was also printed and shared to the public including publications of CWEARC on indigenous women in the Cordillera. This makes the booth unique from all other booths which were purely market.

“Through this festive event that we are also able to share to the public the Women’s Agenda on Good Governance to get public input. The Women’s Agenda will be further substantiated in a Cordillera Women’s Summit that we will hold on March 8”, presented by Vernie Yocogan-Diano, executive director of CWEARC.

The Women’s Summit will be held at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Baguio City Hall at 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM which is expected to gather over a hundred women delegates from different provinces of the Cordillera and from Baguio City.

The women’s agenda embodies the aspiration of Cordillera women and our vision of good governance. These are food security and environment sustainability, regular jobs and economic opportunity for women, sufficient social services for women, protection of women from all forms of violence including the respect of rights of the lesbian, gays, bi-suexual and trans-gendered and justice for victims of human rights violations especially women victims.

“The Women’s Agenda will serve as our frame of critieria in choosing candidates and political parties who will be wooing the votes of women in the upcoming May, 10 elections”, pointed out by Diano.

A solidarity march will follow after the Summit to bring the Women’s Agenda on Good Governance to the wider public and celebrate the 100 years of struggles for women’s empowerment. ###

Innabuyog (alliance of indigenous women's organizations in the Cordillera, Philippines)
#16 Loro St., Dizon Subdivision
Baguio City 2600, Philippines
innabuyog@gmail. com

GABRIELA National Alliance of Women in the Philipppines
Address: 35 Scout Delgado Street Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City 1103 Philippines
Telefax: (632) 3744423, (632) 3712302



News Release
06 March 2010
Reference: Sheila Ferrer, third nominee of Gabriela Women's Party and Vice-Chairperson of GABRIELA
Contact No.: 09266446402

GABRIELA, AMIHAN slam Arroyo's inaction towards
El Niño

Women farmers and urban poor women joined forces today as they braved the heat and marched to Mendiola to condemn Arroyo government's lack of action in addressing the severe effects of El Niño.

“The so-called P1.7 billion calamity fund released by the government failed to reach the people especially the poor peasant. Given the president's infamous corruption record we fear that our farmers and the rest of the marginalized sectors who truly need the said calamity fund would never benefit from,” expressed Sheila Ferrer, third nominee of Gabriela Women’s Party and chairperson of GABRIELA NCR.

Ka Lita Mariano, spokesperson of AMIHAN National Federation of Peasant Women, lamented that farmers all over the country are now losing their crops due to extreme drought and non-irrigation of rice fields.

Mariano asked, “Where is the 1.7 billion-peso emergency fund? The government's promise of irrigation, fertilizers and seeds are all lies. At such an early stage the state has failed to protect the people from the effect of El Nino.”

Mariano added that women are stakeholders on the issue of El Nino given that 70% of the labor force in the rice and corn agricultural production in the Philippines are women.

“El Niño will further cause massive hunger. In 2009 alone, Social Weather Survey data shows that 26.4 million Filipino households suffer from hunger. Given the role of the women in the family as the ones who ensure that there is food on the table daily, this crisis burdens them the most.

The Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration is neither prepared nor equipped to protect the people from the effects of natural disasters as we have seen in the case of Ondoy and Pepeng last year,” Ferrer stressed. And again, during disasters the burden of looking after the condition of the entire family falls on the woman. Amidst rubbles, the woman has to be the tower of strength, forced to set aside her own predicaments.

AMIHAN also slammed the government's proposed solution of importation of rice to buffer the impact of drought on rice production. The organization said the government should now focus on providing the farmers immediate relief as acquisition of motorized water-pumps, pipes and tubes, tractors, hand tractors, farm tools and carabaos; fertilizers and seeds.

In the commemoration of the centennial of the International Women’s Day, thousands of peasant women will join the women's militant march to Mendiola to assert their specific demand for immediate emergency measures that will genuinely address the impact of El Niño on Filipino farmers and the rest of the nation. #

Public Information Department
GABRIELA National Office
(+632) 3712302




Baliktanaw at Pagsulong:

Ang Hamon sa Kilusang Kababaihan sa Pagpapatalsik sa Reynang Ketong!

Malugod at taas-kamaong nakikiisa ang mga artista ng bayan at manggagawang pangkultura ng Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP) sa pagbubunyi ng Marso 8 bilang pandaigdigang araw ng kabaihan at tanda ng naging sama-samang pagkilos ng mga kababaihang anakpawis sa Copenhagen, Denmark isang daang taon na ang nakararaan!

Isandaang taon ng paglaban sa di-pantay na pagtingin. Isandaang taon ng paggiit ng karapatan. Isandaang taon ng pagsupil sa karahasan. Ito ang mayamang kasaysayan ng kilusang kababaihan sa buong mundo. Sa Pilipinas, malaki ang naging gampanin ng mga kababaihan mula sa pagpapalaya ng bayan mula sa kolonyal na dayuhan hanggang sa patuloy na pagsupil sa karahasan at paggiit ng mga karapatang maglalatag ng pundasyon para sa mas maalwas na buhay para mamayang Pilipino.

Sa daloy ng kasaysayan ng kilusang kababaihan, lagi at lagi na kaakibat ng militanteng aksyon ang pakikilahok ng mga babaeng artista ng bayan at manggagawang pangkultura sa paggawa ng mga obrang matalas sa pagsusuri ng di-pantay na pagtingin at pagtrato sa kababaihan sa isang macho-pyudal na sistema sa isang banda, at mga obrang nagtatampok kalakasan at kagalingan ng mga kababaihan, sa kabilang banda. Ang mga obrang nagmula sa mga kamay ng mga babaeng artista ng bayan, ng mga Gregoria De Jesus at Lorena Barros, ay hindi lamang patalim na nakatulong sa pagputol ng panlipunang pagsasamantala, kung hindi balon ding pinaghuhugutan ng lakas ng mga kabarong nagpapatuloy ng kanilang adhikain, sa laragan man ng mapagpalayang kilusan o ng sining.

Sa kasalukuyan, nahaharap tayo sa isa sa pinaka-mahirap na pasubok sa ating kilusang kababaihan. Isang babaeng sukdulan ang pagkagahaman sa kapangyarihan ang pangunahing dahilan ng lalo pang pagdausdos ng kalunus-lunos na kalagayan ng ating bansa. Ayon sa mga pananaliksik. 24% o 26 milyong Pilipino ang nakakaranas ng kagutuman habang 30 milyon naman ang masasabing wala o kulang ng trabaho. Dumarami na rin ang antas ng mga mamamayang hindi na nakakapag-aral at hindi nabibigyan ng sapat na antensyon sa kalusugan. Sa pagdanas ng duhaging kalagayan ng bansa, ang mga babae ay nakakaranas ng doble-tripleng paghihirap. Mahigit sa kalahati ng 8 milyong naitalang migranteng Pilipino ay babae. Nawalay sa pamilya at karaniwan pang nakakaranas ng karahasan sa ibang bansa. Habang paakyat ng paakyat ang numero ng mga babaeng nagiging biktima ng karahasan. Itinatayang isang babae kada oras ang nagiging biktima ng karahasan. Ang Rehimeng Arroyo ang epitomiya ng nauukok na haligi ng isang balasubas na sistema. Siya ang ketong na nangangamoy na sa baho ngunit ayaw pa ring bumaba sa puwesto.

Kaya’t panahon na upang magbuklod-buklod muli tayong mga kababaihan kasama ang mamamayang Pilipino. Kunin ang aral ng ating mayamang kasaysayan sa pagkilos at paggigiit ng karapatan. Hugutin ang lakas mula sa mga karanasan at obra ng ating mga bayani at artista ng bayan. Upang palisin ang pagre-Reyna ng pinaka-garapal at halang ang bitukang babae sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Wakasan ang rehimeng Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, at maging lalong mapagbantay tayo sa panunumbalik niya at ng kaniyang mga alipores sa mga darating na panahon.

Pahayag ng Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP) para sa Pandaigdigang Araw ng Kababaihan
Marso 8, 2010




2 March 2010
Reference: Emmi de Jesus, WRIT Convenor and GABRIELA Vice-Chairperson
Sr. Ailyn Binco, Religious of the Good Shepherd, WRIT Convenor

Women resist impunity and tyranny,
issue writ of eviction to Arroyo

Women Resist Impunity and Tyranny or WRIT, a recently formed alliance of women against impunity and tyranny of the Arroyo administration, gathered this morning at Mendiola to issue a symbolic writ of eviction to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“Any woman who yearns for freedom and respects human rights cannot just stand back and allow Mrs. Arroyo to cling to power. At this point, the first step in addressing the disquieting situation of human rights in the country and to deliver justice to numerous victims of human rights violations is for the Filipino people to ensure that Arroyo immediately vacates Malacanang and to frustrate any of her schemes to further hold on to power,” said Emmi de Jesus, WRIT convenor and GABRIELA vice-chairperson.

WRIT convenors and members delivered a writ of eviction addressed to Arroyo and padlocked the gates of a makeshift Malacanang Palace to symbolize their demand for Arroyo to step down from power and immediately “return possession of [her] usurped authority to the Filipino people.”

In their Unity Statement, WRIT convenors and members conveyed their immense disapproval of “the disquieting situation of human rights in the country, which has already claimed the lives of an unprecedented number of our fellow Filipinos since the Marcos regime through extrajudicial killing, enforced disappearance, summary execution, displacement, torture, harassment, and illegal arrest and detention. We also register our utmost indignation at the sexual abuse suffered by our fellow women who have fallen victims to torture and political persecution.”

WRIT specifically cited the November 23 Ampatuan massacre that killed 58, of whom 23 are women, as well as the illegal arrest, detention and torture of 43 health workers, of whom 26 are women, in Morong, Rizal, as recent cases of grave human rights violations spawned by the culture of impunity under Arroyo’s tyrannical leadership.

WRIT, an alliance of women lawyers, academicians, health workers, artists, church people, and youth was launched on February 23 in Quezon City. Its convenors include former senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani, Gabriela Women’s Party (GWP) Reps. Liza Maza and Luz Ilagan, Sr. Ailyn Binco of the Religious of the Good Shepherd, UP Faculty Regent Dr. Judy Taguiwalo, Miriam College Women and Gender Institute Executive Director Prof. Aurora Javate-De Dios, GABRIELA Vice-Chairperson Emmi de Jesus, lawyers Evalyn Ursua and Clara Rita Padilla, and visual artists Nikki Luna and Kiri Dalena.

In the commemoration of the International Women’s Day on March 8, the convenors and members of WRIT will join thousands of women to underscore their call for an end to political repression under the Arroyo administration.###

Public Information Department
GABRIELA National Office
(+632) 3712302




News Release
03 March 2010
Emmi de Jesus, GABRIELA Vice Chairperson/Gabriela Women's Party Nominee
371-2302 / 0917-322-1203

PGMA: #1 Homewrecker - GABRIELA

Members of GABRIELA, a national alliance of women's organizations, tagged President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the “number one homewrecker” as they trooped to Mendiola Bridge today to strongly condemn the administration's gross failure to provide the people even the most basic of social services like housing.

According to the group, the current administration only allocated a measly P3.5 billion for the fiscal year 2010 to supposedly cover the need for 3.7 million housing units; 500, 000 of which is for the National Capital Region alone.

“By simply doing a quick math with the given figure, it is very clear that Arroyo is not serious about providing every Filipino household a roof above their heads. What kind of shelter could be made out of such allocation?” said Emmi de Jesus, second nominee of Gabriela Women’s Party and Vice-Chairperson of GABRIELA.

The group also lamented that relocation sites of demolished communities have been totally neglected by the government. “It is bad enough that the government treats housing projects for the poor as business rather than service but it is even more deplorable how maintenance of these housing projects are totally neglected by the government. Families living in relocation sites constantly live in danger,” added de Jesus.

Most of the women protesters came from relocation sites in Manila and Quezon City . They complained that their residences have become dilapidated due to government's neglect. Residents of Katuparan Housing Project in Vitas, Tondo said their tenement buildings are considered extremely unsafe but the National Housing Authority (NHA) continues to ignore their demand for rehabilitation.

The protest is part of the week-long women's protest action leading to March 8 International Working Women' Day where thousands of women are expected to join the militant action to be lead by GABRIELA.

“On March 8, Filipino women who had enough of Macapagal-Arroyo's anti-women and anti-people rule will gather to signify our intent to end Gloria's rule,” said de Jesus.#

Public Information Department
GABRIELA National Office
(+632) 3712302



"GMA behind attacks on rights of progressives" - GWP

Press Release Posted on February 8th, 2010.
For Reference:
Shiela Ferrer, GABRIELA NCR Chair and Gabriela Women's Party Nominee

Gabriela Women's Party is enraged at the heightening political repression and harassment in the country at the eve of the start of official campaign period for the May elections. The group said that the current administration under President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in undoubtedly behind the recent arrests and harassment of leaders and members of legitimate organizations.Last Saturday, 43 health workers, 26 of whom are women, were illegally arrested in Morong, Rizal and continues to be detained and denied their civil rights for visitation and legal counsel.

Earlier, Ira Pamat, executive director of Women's Development Center (WDC) based in Tagbilaran, Bohol was threatened and harassed when the 2nd SF Battalion maliciously reported in a local newspaper that Pamar is a part of a certain District White Area Committee (DWAC), supposedly a structure of the underground CPP-NPA.

The military cited intelligence report that it has “monitored the meeting of the Women’s Development Center in the afternoon of Jan. 9, at Sitio Taytay, in Brgy. Montesuerte, Carmen”. The meeting they referred to was actually a voters education on the automated election system being conducted by WDC.

“Pamat and WDC, like the health workers arrested in Tanay, render direct services to the people which the Arroyo government completely fail to deliver. It is simply enraging that they should be subjected to such violations,” said Shiela Ferrer, GABRIELA NCR chairperson and Gabriela Women's Party nominee.

GWP noted that prior to the 2007 elections, Liezl Cunado, a staff of WDC and member of GABRIELA, was brutally killed at the height of extra-judicial killings linked to the current administration's Oplan Bantay Laya counter-insurgency campaign.

“We see here a grand design by the state with the help of the AFP to harass into silence the progressive organizations, especially members of party lists critical to the Arroyo administration,” said Ferrer.

Ferrer added that leaders and members of local chapters of GABRIELA and Gabriela Women's Party in NCR are also being harassed by soldiers deployed in communities under the Civil Military Operations of the AFP.

“Our leaders and members suffer, like Ira, are being harassed in their own commuties as well,” said Ferrer.

“This renewed and intensified political repression and harassments is nothing new but we believe this time, the attacks against the people's rights will be more severe Arroyo grows more desperate to cling to power. These moves are the government's rapacious way of sending thinly veiled threat to the people not to support progressive groups which the administration considers a major threat to Arroyo's clear plan to remain in power beyond June 30.”

In the first day of the campaign period today, Gabriela Women's Party launched Purple Change, a women's campaign for livelihood, social justice and change. ““We will not be daunted. We will advance our legitimate and valid cause to address the interests and welfare of women and the people whether in the streets or in the parliament,” concluded Ferrer.

GABRIELA and GWP is set to hold a protest action against political harassment at the Department of National Defense tomorrow. #


News Release
1 March 2010
Referenec: Emmi de Jesus, GABRIELA Vice Chairperson & Gabriela Women's Party Nominee

On the first day of Women's Month

On March 8, 2010, thousands of women all over the country will take the day off from work, including household chores, to take to the streets and protest the continuing crisis that burdens women and their families.

“The worsening economic and political crisis under the Macapagal-Arroyo government is burdening women and families more than ever and spurring more women to join militant actions to demand for their rights and welfare,” said Emmi de Jesus, GABRIELA vice chairperson and Gabriela Women's Party nominee.

The women's group cited a survey done by Center for Women's Resources (CWR) where almost 47% of respondents said mostly affected by cost-cutting measures of families is their meals – either eating one or twice a day or buying cheaper less nutritious food. On the same survey, 77.61% of women respondents said that they take on additional jobs such as vending food and other merchandise (28.36%) or doing odd jobs such as laundry service or sub-contracting work (18.9%) to augment the family's inadequate income.

“Yet Macapagal-Arroyo knows no shame. Despite the clear distrust in her of the Filipino people, she's adamant in staying in power. Such desperation and avarice for power compels her to commit every and any devious deed. Macapagal-Arroyo's impunity and tyranny rivals the Marcos dictatorship. ,” said De Jesus.

The women's group said that aside from women's economic woes caused by the Arroyo government's pro-globalization policies, their week-long protest actions will also include demands for justice for women and children victims of the government's repressive measures including the Ampatuan Massacre, where 15 of the victims were women and the case of 43 healthworkers illegally arrested and detained, 26 of whom are women.

The group said more so this March, being the month of women, they will highlight their political power to demand genuine change. Various militant groups, in solidarity with GABRIELA and the Filipino women, will hold women's actions from March 1 to March 7. The week-long protest will culminate on March 8 with a nationwide women's action calling for an end to the Macapagal-Arroyo government and any machinations to remain in power.

“Change starts with putting an end to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's reign of evil. She and her cohorts must be punished and jailed for the crimes they committed against the women and the people.”#

GABRIELA Philippines
35 Sct. Delgado St, Brgy. Laging Handa
Quezon City, 1103 Philippines
TeleFax: (632) 374 44 23

GABRIELA is a grassroots-based alliance of more than 200 women's organizations, institutions, desks and programs in the Philippines. We seek to wage a struggle for the liberation of women and the rest of our people.




IBOTO SA SENADO! LIZA MAZA ng Gabriela. Matapang, Makamasa.
Press Release Posted on February 9th, 2010.

Iboto sa Senado!

Si Liza Maza ang makabagong Gabriela ng ating panahon— para sa babae, para sa masa, para sa bayan!

Matapang, masipag, masigasig, mapanlikha at tuluy-tuloy na ipinaglalaban ni Liza ang karapatan at interes ng mga kababaihan at ng mamamayan. Sa mahigit 30 taon niyang pagiging aktibista,nilabanan niya ang pang-aabuso, pambubugbog, rape, at iba pang anyo ng karahasan at di pantay na pagturing sa kababaihan.

Hindi nabibili at hindi umaatras sa anumang laban para sa kababaihan, para sa masa at para sa Inang Bayan. Tapat at malinis siyang naglilingkod bilang progresibong Kongresista ng Gabriela Women's Party ng siyam na taon.

Si Liza Largoza-Maza ay tubong San Pablo, Laguna. Nagtapos ng BS Business Economics sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas at naging guro ng Economics sa St. Scholastica’s College. Tulad ng ibang ina, mahusay na nagagampanan ni Liza ang kanyang tungkulin bilang mambabatas at mapagmahal na ina sa dalawang anak na lalaki.


1. Isinulong niya ang karapatan at interes ng mga kababaihan at mga bata, manggagawa’t empleyado sa pamahalaan, magsasaka, OFWs, maralitang taga-lungsod, kabataan, katutubo at mga Moro, at ng mga bakla at lesbyana.
2. Matapang na lumaban sa korupsyon, karahasan at panggigipit ng gobyerno ni Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
3. Awtor ng mga sumusunod na batas:
* Anti-Violence in Women and Children Act (RA9262)
* Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 (RA 9344)
* Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act (RA9208)
* Magna Carta of Women (RA 9710)
* Rent Control Act of 2009 (RA 9653)



* Overseas Absentee Voting Act (R9189)
* Public Attorney’s Office Act (RA9406)
* Philippine Nursing Act (RA 9173)
* Anti-Torture Law (RA 9745)
4. Nagtamo ng mga sumusunod na pagkilala at parangal:
* Nakalista siya sa World’s Who’s Who of Women
* Naging tagapagsalita sa mahigit 35 bansa at sa United Nations
* Gawad Pagkilala at Parangal Para sa mga Kababaihan sa Kongreso (2001)-

Outstanding Woman in Public Service Award (2005) mula sa National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW)


M - Makabayang ekonomiya: Pagsusulong ng tunay na reporma sa lupa at maunlad na agrikultura; pambansang industriyalisasyon; insentibo sa negosyanteng Pinoy; pagbasura sa Automatic Debt Appropriation; mataas na badyet sa batayang serbisyo.

A – Abot-kayang bilihin at serbisyo: Pagkain at gamot; serbisyong pangkalusugan; edukasyon; pabahay.

S – Sahod na nakabubuhay at seguridad sa trabaho: Itaas ang sahod ng manggagawa; pagregularisa ng mga kontraktwal; karampatang benepisyo; proteksyon sa pondo ng GSIS at SSS members.

A – Aksyon para sa karapatan at kagalingan ng mga kababaihan: Proteksyon laban sa karahasan, pang-aabuso at diskriminasyon; pagpapaunlad ng kabuhayan; pantay at makabuluhang representasyon at partisipasyon sa gobyerno.


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