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The PUP protest rallies against the proposed almost 2,000% tuition fee increase of 2010

and the UP Diliman Commune of Feb. 1-9, 1971


March 28, 2010



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Protest rally at PUP Sta. Mesa against proposed 2000% tuition fee increase

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The Diliman Commune

UP Campus

Feb. 1 - 9, 1971


     ◄The car of the professor who shot and killed a student was burned and went up in smoke

  This reactionary math professor fired his shotgun at students and killed one. The car was burned later.
The Diliman Commune Fact-Finding Report

UP President Salvador Lopez created a  committee to investigate the Feb 1-9 events. Here are the first few pages of that 40 plus pages of full report with attached supporting documents.


◄  Familiar names in the list interviewed by the fact finding committee are those of Rey Claro Casambre (Physics student), Carol Pagaduan (pre-med student and councilor of the AS Council) and June Pagaduan, Secretary of the UP Student Council,  Boni Ilagan was in the Diliman Commune Directorate but he was not interviewed (or declined to be interviewed?)


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