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From 60 to 102 doctors:

Monday protest rally against UP administration's undemocratic governance


UP-PGH, Manila


April 5, 2010




This April 5 morning’s protest action was highlighted by the symbolic signing by PGH doctors of their intent to file leave of absence: 102 doctors have so far signed and the setting up of a cordon as a symbol of the intent of the doctors and staff to continue with the protest until justice is served and Dr. Jose Gonzales is recognized as the rightful Director of PGH


Photos courtesy of Dr. Judy Taguiwalo and Dr. Iggy Agbayani

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From the Facebook posting of UP Faculty Regent Dr. Judy Taguiwalo


The PGH Administration, after constantly repeating that the Monday protests against the removal of Dr. Jose Gonzales as the duly appointed Director of PGH by UP PGH doctors, nurses and other staff members of the hospital and supported by UP faculty, staff, students and alumni were done by just a “small band of prote...sters”, issued two memos and one order all signed by Dr. Enrique Domingo.

March 29 Memo: Suspension of traditional PGH flag raising ceremony, usually done at around 7:30 or 8 am, Monday morning followed by a short program. Now the flag raising is done at 6:00 am by the UP Manila Security Office comprised mainly of private security guards!

March 31, Memo: “Strike by Government Employees” . The memo is supposed to “remind” everyone in PGH of prohibition related to collective actions including demonstration, mass leaves, walkouts which will result in temporary stoppage or disruption of public service”

And on March 30, 2010 marked “Urgent”: Router Slip from Rolando Enrique Domingo to Engr. Jimenez ordering the cutting off of water and electricity at the office currently occupied by Dr. Jose Gonzales. Dr. Domingo wrote in long hand: “Since there will be no admin work after Wed due to holy week holidays please turn off water and electricity at the Director’s Office.”

As of this morning, the electricity and water in the Director’s Office currently occupied by Dr. Gonzales have not been turned on!

In spite of the memos and the clear harassment of Dr. Gonzales, the Monday habit at PGH this morning was once again attended by doctors, students, staff, faculty and alumni.

This morning’s action was highlighted by the symbolic signing by PGH doctors of their intent to file leave of absence: 102 doctors have so far signed and the setting up of a cordon as a symbol of the intent of the doctors and staff to continue with the protest until justice is served and Dr. Jose Gonzales is recognized as the rightful Director of PGH.

Ibalik ang Tama. Assert democratic governance in the university. Tuloy ang laban.




From Facebook account of Dr. Iggy Agbayani


Dr. Francisco Duque of CSC warns 100 Heroic PGH Doctors some are even "WOC"

"The Civil Service Commission (CSC) headed by Chairman Francisco T. Duque III warned on Sunday government employees taking part in mass leaves shall be meted with administrative sanctions.

Duque made the warning after learning about the planned mass leave of medical doctors and personnel of the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) in Manila in protest to the replacement of PGH Director Jose Gonzales.

He also appealed to the protesting group to respect the rule of law and to wait for the decision of the court on the case.
The CSC leadership came out with a strong reminder that those who will participate in mass leaves and other prohibited concerted mass actions shall be held administratively liable for the offense of Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service, punishable with six months and one day to one year suspension and such other penalties as may be warranted under the circumstances."

My response:

I think the CSC or Dr. Francisco Duque do not realize that about half of those doctors joining the mass are actually working for PGH without compensation and the other half are grossly underpaid and overworked professors. That’s right “no salary” and most of them have been doing it for years. Many PGH doctors fondly call each other “WOC” as in with out compensation. The other point is the fact that most of the doctors are still serving their in patients and still attend to their emergency or critically ill patients despite their leave. If the Dr. Duque punishes these doctors then they have only succeeded in taking away free service offered by these heroic 100 doctors of PGH and at best create living martyrs.



Stop Blaming Student Regent Charri Banez. It is President Roman and Regent Sarmiento's Fault

In my opinion this whole UP-PGH Directorship Crisis should be blamed on Sarmiento and Roman instead of the picking on SR Charri Banez. This is why. The SR already admitted she was not enrolled on Dec 18. They had already protested this technicality and after deliberation the BOR still allowed her to vote. Up to that point everything was fine. When the count came out and Dr. Alfiler lost, guess who were crying foul on the very same issue they had discussed before the vote? This is called a breakdown of estoppel. Let's say a bottle of water is sold for 10 pesos but you only have 5 pesos. You haggle and I agree to sell it to you for 5 pesos. I take your 5 pesos and hand you the water. You then drink the water. Guess what? I will now complain that you paid only 5 pesos for a 10 peso bottled water and even charge you for stealing my 10 peso bottle of water. it is possible that Justice Sarmiento had a short term memory lapse and this is not uncommon for anyone his age. But it was Roman who took advantage of it. Now with this precedent, no decision or appointment can ever be safe. We can always agree on one thing now but then reopen a decision discussed on the same merits and revote on it any time we want or when the numbers have turned in our favor. No one can now say that he has the safety of tenure. This is why the courts have to come in and they should rule in favor of the one who bought a 10 peso bottled water for only 5



PUBLIC ADVICE: PGH Doctors on Mass LOA offer FREE services in their Private Clinics

PGH Doctors who have signified their intention to file a mass leave of absence from PGH will be offering free clinics to displaced PGH patients during their leave. Please help us inform public patients who may be affected by our mass leave at PGH to consider visiting their doctor in their respective private clinics instead. Most doctors will be on LOA by April 6, 2010. We will be posting the private clinic offering help for our charity patients very soon.

The Department of Health through the assistance of Secretary Espie Cabral has also extended their assistance to help admit and maybe transfer patients for admission that may be affected by the LOA.

We reiterate that despite our LOA we will continue to care for our patients already in hospital and those that will require emergency or urgent care. Our doctors who are already on leave still continue to go to work and still provide care at the patients in PGH.

As of 8am March 31, 2010, the following is the growing list of doctors who have signified their intention to join the mass LOA in protest of the oppressive ouster of Dr. Jose Gonzales as PGH Director.

1. Manuel Agulto – Former Chairman of Ophthalmology
2. Marge Lat-Luna
3. Joey Lapena
4. Randy Abdullah
5. Eric Legaspi
6. JJ Cruz
7. Jonas del Rosario – TOYM for Medicine
8. Eric Talens
9. Butch Felizar – Department of Anesthesia Chairman
10. Gerardo Legaspi
11. Jojo Jocson
12. Randy Nicolas
13. Venancio Garduce
14. Mario Geronilla – Department of Orthopedics Chairman
15. CJ Gloria
16. Pio Villacorta
17. Jubert Benedicto
18. Abundio Balgos
19. Mariel Nicolas
20. Arnel De jesus
21. Abe Marinduque
22. Dennis Serrano
23. Ted Herbosa
24. Leo Cubillan
25. Delen Dela Paz
26. Herbie Uy
27. Alvin Marcelo
28. Atoy Manalo
29. Rene Tuazon – Former Chairman of ENT Department
30. Leah Tantoco
31. Edison Ty
32. Ricky Salonga
33. Bebol Paterno
34. Malloi Calaquian
35. Butching Paterno
36. Felix Lukban
37. Pablo Lazatin III
38. Jimmy Tan
39. Aileen Cubillan
40. Portia Marcelo
41. Adrian Manapat
42. June Lopez
43. Telly How -Hidalgo
44. Ben Vista
45. Gene Abes – Former Chairman of ENT Department
46. OlymPia Malanyaon
47. Carlos Chua – Department of Neurology Chairman
48. Eris Llanes
49. Charlotte Chiong
50. Gary Mercado
51. Peter Bernardo
52. Jun Kaw
53. Ting Leynes
54. Agnes Mejia – Department of Medicine Chairperson
55. Grace Herbosa
56. Joan Ocubillo
57. Eduardo Bautista
58. Benjie Dela Paz
59. Lara Alentajan-Aleta
60. Cynthia Dominguez
61. Eugene Reyes
62. Daniel Dela Paz
63. Ester Santos Bitanga
64. Tom Bautista
65. Raul Jara
66. Eileen Manalo
67. Gisel Catalan
68. Grace Catalan
69. Darby Santiago
70. Ester Penserga
71. Lourdes Blanco Capito – Dept. OB Gyne Chairperson
72. Venancio Gloria
73. Joselito Jamir
74. Jose Bautista
75. Bill Veloso
76. Florencio Lucero
77. Leonila Dans
78. Tony Dans
79. Mary Ann Lim-Abrahan
80. Leonor Cabral-Lim
81. Cynthia Dominguez
82. Nina Alejo Ramirez
83. Jess Marin
84. Madonna Calderon Domingo
85. Cecile Maramba-Lazarte
86. Rey Jaime Tan
87. Iris Thiele Isip-Tan
88. Cynthia Leynes
89. Brian Cabral
90. Lyn Panganiban
91. Lia Palileo
92. Joy Novero


As of April 5, 2010, total is 102.













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