Elections 2010:

An initial  look into the first automated elections in the Philippines  - Part 1


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Payastas district, Quezon City


May 10, 2010    Early morning





How it went for me:


I came to vote, arriving at 8 AM at the Payatas Elementary School. My wife and I found our precinct clustered with 7 other precincts in a voting center with one PCOS machine to serve 1,000 voters from 7 AM to 6 PM, or 11 hours.


Because we are senior citizens, we did not have to join the long line. After 1 hour, by 9 AM we were done, more than half of that time spent in looking for our names in the Comelec thick file of registered voters. If Comelec did a little planning, that phase would take less than 4 minutes. In fact this is were the problem was: so many people lining up for verification.


That is why few were filling up the ballots, and fewere were feeding their vallots into the PCOS machines.


Nevertheless, we think we were lucky. Some of our friends could not find their names.




Quick Facts:


At 6 PM these are the data from 8 precincts at the Payatas elementary school:

Precinct      No. of voters           Rejected

424              783                                5
425              650                                5
426              745                                5
427              695                                5
                    679                                 3
                    439                                 3

428             659                 5
429             677               13

Total        5,327                44

Rejected: 0.83 per cent
Voters turnout: 67 per cent.

Rate per hour per precinct: 61 voters per hour. It seems the processing picked up fast from the early morning rate of about 25 voters per hour.

By this time, an hour before closing, there were very few voters. Most of the precincts had only less than 5 people voting. The teachers were already quite relaxed, and were only waiting for 7 PM when the data card will be taken out and canvassed somewhere. In the old system, more hard work starts when the manual counting is started.

On the sample 8 precincts, the PCOS machine did quite well, processing ballots at an average of 61 voters per hour, and with only about 0.83 percent  rejected due to voter error, like smudge, etc.

This is phase 1 of the AES proces and one can say, as far as the precincts at the Payatas Elementary School are concerned, that things have been all right. We do not know how it was in other parts of the country.

The next phase is the canvassing of the votes from each precinct. Let us see how that is accomplished.


xMay 10, 2010

Youth solon alarmed over possible disenfranchisement of 250,000 first-time voters

11:46am - Kabataan Partylist Rep. Raymond “Mong” Palatino expressed alarm over reports that possibly 250,000 first time voters who registered during the voter registration extension period would be disenfranchised.

Palatino said that the Kabataan headquarters and central monitoring station have so far received reports from Metro Manila, Bulacan, Baguio, Samar and Pampanga from new voters who are complaining that their names are not included in the Commission on Elections’ master lists in polling centers.

“This is what we have been bringing to the Comelec’s attention even months before and now our fears are being actualized. The Comelec has regarded them (late registrants) from the start as ‘supplement voters’ and now, despite their persistence amid all chaos marring election day, they say that local Comelec officials are not even assuring them that they could still vote,” Palatino said.

He added that some complainants also reported that they were told to ‘come back after 6:00pm if there are still ballots available for them.’

“That is absurd. Para ba silang ‘least priority’ when they have every right to vote as any other registered voter,” Palatino.

Last December, the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision granted Kabataan Partylist’s petition to extend voter registration period after the Comelec arbitrarily shortened it. The Constitution mandates that continuing registration must be held up to January 9, 2010 in accordance with the Voter’s Registration Act.

According to Comelec data, around 250,000 first-time-voters availed of the voter registration extension. ###

Office of Rep. Raymond ‘Mong’ Palatino
Temporary Office at 3rd Floor, Main Building
House of Representatives, Batasan Complex, Quezon City

Kabataan Party-list Rep. Mong Palatino
Mobile: 09085927099
Email: cong.mongpalatino@gmail.com

Gerg Anrol Cahiles, Media Officer
Mobile: 09273670948

▲ Outside the Payatas Elemetary School  where the voting centers are located  ▼


Account of a public school teacher


Sa wakas! Automated na ang Phil election. Well first timers really have expected, unexpected, queer, funny, silly, whatever....... experiences. Sa amin, 7 precincts were clustered so 873 voters were expected but only 662 voted. 3 ballots were not read because of ambiguous marks, nasobrahan ang pag shade o, nadumihan ang ballot. After 9 trials ayaw talaga.

It was generally successful but the first problem came when the voters came all at the same time early in the morning, dagsaan baga, there is only one non teaching staff who was assigned to control them, giving them numbers 1-100 lang na prepare so we had to make do with cut bond papers na sinulatan ng 101-400. Dun na nila isusulat ang name, prec. Nuum, at order number. Pila pa lang away na sila he he unahan ba kahit me number na tigas ulo talaga.

Then, the 4 teachers assigned sa table to verify their identity, let them sign etc. were bburdened by the almost useless book of voter na luma na, makapal pa, mabigat at kahirap buklatin kasi nga di naman nau update at naaayos. Naku buti na lang naisipan ng chairman wag na lang gamitin kasi pampatagal. Yung PCVL ad EDCVL, mga computerized listings from comelec na lang ang ginamit pinapirmahan at pinalagyan ng thumbmak.

Ayun after that smooth na po. Ako ang taga lagay ng ink at saka taga assist sa voters na i feed nila ang ballots nila. "Sarap ng buhay ko , ayaw nila sa pcos e so ako na lang he he di nila alam madali lang work ko, namantsahan lang hands ko ok lang maganda naman blending ng pink nailpolish at violet ink. o di ba?

So far, konting pagiging systematic lang tapos ang problema.Para sa kin tagumpay.....tinatawanan ako ng anak ko kasi diary na ito di ordinary comment ....anyway have a nice day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


Di pa pala tapos, kahit nauna na ang ibang clusters kasi mabilis ang transmission nila, they have to wait for the other 10 clusters na natagalan magtrnsmit kasi nagkatraffic na parang new year at pasko tagal magsend ng messages di ba?..anyway, kwentuhan na lang muna, naglinis ng room, natulog, nagpasyal muna etc.

Finally at 2 am sabay sabay isinakay sa dump trucks ang mga ballot boxes na itsurang basurahan he he. buti na lang na disinfect naman ang dump trucks at saka pininturahann naman ng yellow, national color ata o dito lang sa QC?.

ok naman, 22 teachers lang ang nasa yellow cabs pero ako sa unahan ng dump truck sumakay siempre mas relaxed dun me maayos na sandalan, nasa taas pa. Sa city hall naman, mabilis tinanggap ng comelec ang mga paraphernalia tapos pinakain pa kami ng almuchow sulit naman pagod, kulang na lang body massage at spa pero ung iba natulog ba naman sa kahit saan dun nagmistulang camping at picnic ground ang QC hall. ang saya saya reunion ng mga ulirang guro. kwentuhan to the max, tawanan, asaran etc.

wat time ako nakauwi? 5 am nasa haus na ako at di pa natutulog, e2 nagsusulat ng experiences. eto na tapos na talaga ang kwento ko. no extension daw sabi ni Anne pero kagabi nag extend kami ng 1 hour kasi na delay ang ibang pcos machine as usual late ang inbang Pinoy. at ilang pcos machines. Ang susunod na kabanata? sa TV at radyo na lang...... asar na ba kayo sa pagbasa? Hope you also enjoyed kahit konti lang. thanks for patiently reading.


    ▲ Looking for one's precinct and clutered voting center  ▲



Secretariat: c/o Bahay Daluyan, D. Tuazon St. Quezon City

Tel.No: 510-0734; Mobile: 0919-5965789 # 0921-5575989
E-Mail Address: nationalclergydiscernment2009@gmail.com

Text Box: Convenors Msgr. Manuel G. Gabriel Fr. Jose P. Dizon Fr. Mario H. Agunod Fr. Paul Medina, O.Carm Fr. Jesus M. Malit, SSS Fr. Wilfredo Dulay, MJ Br. Armin Luistro, FSC Fr. Amado Picardal, CSsR Msgr. Elmer Abacahin Msgr. Rey Monsanto Secretariat Solidarity Philippines “Jubilee Year of the Clergy” 07 May 2010

We, the convenors of the National Clergy Discernment Group (NCDG), enjoin the citizenry to exercise prayerful vigilance in the light of developments surrounding the forthcoming national elections.

At this late stage, the Commission on Elections has not convinced the electorate of its capability to conduct the first automated election process. The large scale malfunctioning of the PICOS machines plus the inadequate preparation and training of their operators, together with numerous other technical glitches, contribute to the growing public anxiety. There is no way the patently corrupt and unpopular Arroyo Administration can guarantee clean and peaceful elections. Pre-election violence is escalating by the day and the fear of a possible failure of elections is mounting.

Notwithstanding the perception that the elections will not bring about the general social transformation the country needs, it is important, if not decisive, that citizens continue to exercise the right to choose their leaders through the electoral process. Responsible participation in the elections can only strengthen our hope that the fight against poverty and oppression will continue. The practice of universal suffrage is vital to our democratic way of life.

As Christians and members of the Church we must strive to frustrate electoral fraud and any attempt to deprive the people of its right to better social and economic opportunities that will bring about significant and lasting changes in our society. It is necessary that all concerned citizens, open-minded sectors of civil society, together with patriotic members of the armed forces to unite and upset the efforts of unscrupulous members of the present regime to prolong the people’s agony by installing a holdover government headed by the shameless Macapagal-Arroyo. A military take-over has no place in a democracy and must likewise be rejected by all means.

The struggle for a political and social transformation that will benefit the majority of the population, especially the marginalized and excluded, must proceed and continue beyond the May 2010 elections. Let us work to strengthen our democratic system and the institutions that will guarantee real social justice, universal peace and the well-being of every citizen. Let us unite to protect and defend the sovereign will of the Filipino people against malevolent foreign interventions.

We call on the Church to exercise its prophetic role in society to help instill hope and courage in the heart of every Filipino. We call on our religious leaders to take their place alongside God’s people in their march towards true freedom and in their fight for a better future. May God help us and bless our land, so beautiful yet so beleaguered.

mgg_signaturaIn behalf of the convenors,

Msgr. Manuel Gabriel (Signed) Fr. Wilfredo Dulay,MJ


▲  Checking if one's name is in the list  ▼

9 May 2010

KMU to turn unions, federations into pollwatch machineries

Despite reports that PCOS machines tests for tomorrow’s elections are going well, labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno today said it will turn its unions and federations into machineries for guarding against election fraud.

KMU said it will mobilize around 50,000 workers nationwide which it trained as poll watchers. Its six major national federations will serve as coordinating centers for reports on electoral fraud and harassment.

“We cannot let our guard down just because PCOS tests on the eve of the elections are said to be going fine. We will be in the precincts on May 10, guarding the workers’ and people’s votes,” said Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson.

“We will be on special lookout for the votes of Anakpawis Partylist, senatoriables Liza Maza and Satur Ocampo – pro-worker and pro-people candidates who have been targets of partisan campaign by the Arroyo government,” added Labog.

The labor leader noted that units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines have campaigned against progressive partylists and candidates, linking them to the underground communist movement.
Labog also said the findings of labor groups in precincts will make clear what should be done after the elections.

“If there’s disenfranchisement, fraud and other irregularities so massive so as to discredit the election’s results, we will not hesitate to launch various forms of protests. If we see moves by the present regime to prolong itself in power, we will thwart these with our collective action,” Labog concluded.

Reference: Elmer "Bong" Labog, KMU chairperson, 0908-163-6597 / 0919-416-3451

 ▼The long lines, and sometimes one finds out that it was the wrong line ▼

8 May 2010

A call for vigilance and action against Arroyo’s machinations to stay in power

Technical glitches which hounded the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines in tests that were administered to these are part of a long series of problems that have occurred in the process of holding the first-ever automated elections in the country. By itself, but especially when seen together with the other problems that have occurred earlier, this failure seriously undermines the credibility of the May 10 elections.

The regime of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the Commission on Elections, and Smartmatic-TIM should be held responsible for this series of problems. A president who is widely believed to be a cheater, a government agency whose former official is the infamous Virgilio Garcillano, and a shady foreign corporation that is only too eager to take on the automation of the country’s elections – they have stubbornly pushed through with their plan for automating the elections, ignoring a deluge of warnings and proposals from various cause-oriented groups.

Information Technology experts say that while these problems have enormous negative consequences for the elections, their technical causes are nonetheless mind-bogglingly simple so as to go unforeseen or undetected. People can’t help but think that these problems were wilfully created and planted so as to sabotage the elections and play into Mrs. Arroyo’s schemes to stay in power.

As the people’s vigilance and disgust over the problems of the elections rise, soldiers are being deployed in Metro Manila by the truckloads, further bolstering people’s belief that something awful is cooking. As of this writing, 2,300 soldiers have already been deployed to the National Capital Region and reports say three batallions are soon to follow. People have seen enough of “peaceful and orderly elections” under soldiers’ watch to know what this deployment means.

We are calling on the Filipino workers and people to be vigilant and be ready to thwart any move to derail or sabotage the elections as well as any move to prolong Mrs. Arroyo’s hold on power. Let us go to our precincts on May 10, not just to vote but to also guard our votes and the whole electoral process.

Let us be on guard for the following:

(1) Massive disenfranchisement of voters. Usual forms: absence from voters’ list, abrupt unannounced precinct changes, harassment by police and military forces. New forms: machine problems, insufficient technical knowledge among election officials, brownouts, and delay in operating PCOS machines.

(2) Brownouts throughout the day insofar as these could also cause technical problems with the election machines.

(3) Election machine failure of various kinds. Includes: system crash due to immense data, PCOS machines having problems with jammed ballots, failure of PCOS machines to print initialization reports.

(4) Unusual mass-up of police and military in voting precints and local Comelec offices to sow terror.

(5) Comelec’s declaration of failure of elections, which will pave way for Arroyo’s stay in power.

(6) Various moves by Mrs. Arroyo to discredit the elections, sow terror among the people, and prolong her hold on power.

We call on the Filipino workers and people to be alert for turns of events that will necessitate our collective and militant action. If Mrs. Arroyo pushes through with her scheme to sabotage the elections and remain at the helm of power, she will be leaving the Filipino workers and people with no other choice than to do a “People Power” again to thwart her efforts and oust her from power.

Reference: Elmer "Bong" Labog, KMU chairperson, 0908-163-6597 / 0919-416-3451

 ▼Verifying one's name in the Comelec records. If found, you are given a ballot. If not found, you complain but there is nothing much the teacher can do ▼
 ▼At last, filling up your ballot ▼



PRESS RELEASE Reference Person:
May 10, 2010 Tin Macabetcha (09291342394)
BAYAN-ST Sec. General

Poll watchdog condemn intensified harassment against militant groups on eve of election day;
Four militants, brgy. official beaten, arrested by Makati PNP

On the eve of election day, Southern Tagalog regional poll-watchdog Kontra Daya, Kontra Karahasan received reports of election-related violence against militant groups in the region.

In Los Baños, Laguna, at around 12:30 mn, 3 members of Kabataan Partylist, a member of Bayan Muna Partylist and Barangay Human Rights Officer Virgilio Tandang were arrested and physically injured by alleged Makati police officers while in a mass-action of residents against the alleged vote-buying and flying-voter scheme of a mayoral candidate.

According to residents, the Los Baños mayoral candidate, Ton Genuino, allegedly sent 33 Greenstar Transit busload full of people from Makati that would serve as his flying voters. Incidents of vote-buying in the evening of May 9 were also observed. Shots were fired in the area of Trace College were around a thousand people clustered to protest the incident.

Four militants were dragged and beaten by the police who claimed that they were holding an illegal assembly. The police who were heavily armed with M-16 and M-14 rifles had no name plates while their mobile vehicles were found to have no plate numbers. The four who were violently arrested by the PNP were Kabataan Regional Coordinator John Paulo Bautista, Kabataan Regional Staff Leo XL Fuentes and Vincent Baracao and Bayan Muna Regional Staff Miguel Portea. Fuentes, handcuffed, was dragged by the police mobile. He and Tandang, also handcuffed, were brought to the police municipal station.

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Southern Tagalog, convenor of Kontra Daya, Kontra Karahasan condemned the use of violence by the police. According to Tin Macabetcha, Secretary General of BAYAN-ST “It is becoming evident that the police are being used for electoral fraud and violence by powerful politicians. It is questionable why members of the Makati police are deployed in Los Baños, Laguna.” The militants have staged a condemnation rally in front of the municipal police station to release the illegally detained individuals.

Meanwhile, in Roxas town, Oriental Mindoro, a pastor was harassed by military elements for being involved with the partylist group Katribu. According to Reverend Hermie Allera, coordinator of the militant indigenous group around 3 trucks of military men in full battle-gear pulled over to their location. One military officer approached Allera and accused him of being a member of the New People’s Army.

Military elements in full battle gear were also sighted at the Makabayan Coalition People’s Center at Perez Park, Lucena City after a solidarity night was held with the People’s International Observers’ Mission, an internationally based poll watchdog.

“We fear that more electoral violence may occur in the next hours of election day. The culture of state terrorism of the Arroyo regime is again felt by the people yearning for genuine change,” Macabetcha said. Simultaneous with the opening of election day, the militants will stage an indignation rally condemning the electoral violence. #

For more details contact Roge @ 09272421508


 ▼Feeding into the PCOS machine ▼


PAGBABAGO statement during the joint press con with Integrated Bar of the Philippines Davao and other groups (including Kontra Daya, Davao City Chamber of Commerce, Inc., LENTE, Catholic Lawyers Guild, Bayan Muna, and Danny Dayanghirang for Liberal Party)

May 7, 2010

Endangered polls, endangered democracy: DEFEND the sanctity of our votes!

Electoral watchdogs including groups of Filipino IT experts, have earlier pointed out the endangered status of the upcoming elections after assessing the preparations of the Comelec as well as the readiness of the people to the first ever automated elections in the country.

We raise the alarm after the Comelec chose using a technology that was never tried in the actual environment of the country, as stated in the law. The Filipino IT community was not even consulted when choosing the type of technology that will be used for the automated elections.

We are alarmed after knowing that the Comelec has taken shortcuts in its preparation when it did not include the review of the source code – one of the vital parts of the technology. And we take notice of the consistent delays on the Comelec schedules from the delivery of the machines to the training of the Board of Election inspectors.

Unfortunately, the Comelec insisted that they could keep up with their schedule and that the public need not worry over the “minor glitches” in the election preparations.

Mock elections stepped up our worries when PCOS machines malfunctioned and transmission of vote results got delayed. Again, our worries intensified when Comelec dismissed complaints of malfunctioning of PCOS machines in Hong Kong’s overseas absentee voting saying it was merely a result of a “combination of cold and humidity”

But the Comelec, insisted that they are 90% ready for the automated elections.

Just recently 76,000 compact flash cards which are known as the heart of the counting machines were recalled after producing “weird results”.

The recent political developments continue to feed apprehensions that President Arroyo has no intention to go down after her term expires on June 30. The appointment of Gen. Bangit as AFP Chief of Staff and Malacañang’s insistence to choose the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court despite strong opposition from the legal community and the public at large are clear signs of manuevers for a failure of elections.

Now, with only three days to go before the elections, we seem to hang on the edge of our seat with what could happen after the horrors of the election preparation continue. If the Comelec remains to live in fantasy, our people’s movement for change are as ever awake and vigilant to guard the conduct and even the results of the elections.

It is clear by now that we could not rely on the Comelec. Our best safeguard today is to remain vigilant and prepare for poll failure. Pagbabago! will work with all groups interested to prevent the Arroyo administration from prolonging its stay by derailing the elections.

Oppose Oplan RAFAEL (Operation Plan to Retain Arroyo through Failure of elections)!

Defend the sanctity of our votes! Defend our democracy!

For reference:
Sr. Diane Cabasagan - 0920-952-3604
Bishop Constante Claro - 082-2971269


 ▼Inking your forefigner ▼

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

NPA has no interest in PCOS machines--CPP

May 8, 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today declared that the New People's Army (NPA) has not been targetting PCOS (Precint Count Optical Scan) machines in its tactical offensives against the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). However, the CPP advised the Commission on Elections (Comelec) not to use the AFP to transport these and other election paraphernalia so as to prevent these from being inadvertently affected in NPA tactical offensives.

The CPP issued the statement in reaction to claims by the AFP that recent ambuscades launched by the NPA in Mindoro, Masbate and Catanduanes had the objective of seizing PCOS machines being transported by military units. In all these incidents, the NPA units did not seize any of the machines. "It was only incidental that the military units ambushed by concerned NPA units were transporting the said PCOS machines. The ambushes were carried out in accordance with prevailing rules of war."

"The revolutionary forces do not have an objective of sabotaging the conduct of the May 10 elections through the use of force or by any means" said the CPP. "As it is turning out, the revolutionary forces do not even need to do anything for the reactionary elections to fail or become utterly incredulous, as is now being portended by the series of anomalies and glitches that are now coming out of the rotten woodwork of the government election body and its automation contractor."

"However, as the reactionary elections proceed, the revolutionary movement will continue to enforce policies to ensure the peaceful conduct of election-related activities in revolutionary areas and protect the rights of the people," said the CPP. "The revolutionary political authorities will continue to exercise its powers to prevent coercive electioneering and other acts of violence against the people."

The CPP pointed out that "revolutionary forces in the countryside have been able to achieve a large measure of success in enforcing the policies of the People's Democratic Government concerning the conduct of the reactionary elections within its territory."

"In the past several weeks, NPA units were able to confiscate at least 50 firearms from private armed escorts, as well as police and military escorts of warlord-politicos who have violated the policies of revolutionary authorities, such as the prohibition of carrying arms and taking along armed escorts in areas covered by the authority of the people's revolutionary government," added the CPP. "Through these actions, the NPA succeeded in reducing outbreaks of electoral violence which are often perpetrated by these warlord-politicos."

Marco Valbuena
Media Officer
Cellphone Numbers: 09156596802 :: 09282242061

Campaign handbills: forbidden inside the compound but tolerated

Looking for name in the Comelec list - part 1


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Ballot rejected by PCOS machine


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Interview with a teacher assisting in the election day


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