Hong Kong rally:

OFWs demand recall of abusive PH labor attache


November 7, 2010


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An Album (of 7 songs)  and a song the G20s don't want to hear






Photos courtesy of United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK)


Press Release
07 November 2010

For reference:   Eman Villanueva
                         Secretary General, Tel. No.: 97585935

To prevent more victims of arrogance and irresponsibility
HK OFWs rally for labatt’s recall

“Each day that Romulo Salud remains in his position is an insult to Agnes Tenorio and an injustice to all OFWs who have experienced rudeness from and neglect by Philippine officials abroad. No OFW should again be made victim of his arrogance and irresponsibility.”

This was declared today by Eman Villanueva, secretary general of the United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK) as hundreds of OFWs trooped to the Philippine Consulate General’s grounds today in the first major protest action to demand the recall of Labor Attaché Romulo Salud.

“Almost two weeks since the transgression of Salud has been exposed and still there’s no word as to how DoLE’s promised investigation is going. While Salud remains in office, he remains unaccountable to what he did and to his arrogant concept service to OFWs. We demand results and actions and DoLE owes them to Tenorio and to all OFWs who have been mistreated by officials foresworn to provide us service,” Villanueva remarked.

According to Villanueva, there has been no report yet from Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz as to the status of their investigation. He also relayed that the department is yet to make an effort to reach out to Tenorio.

“For such an urgent and important concern, the action of the DoLE is sluggish. Thousands have signed for Salud’s recall and even more have expressed discontent on how officials abroad conduct themselves when they deal with OFWs. We call on the DoLE to not let us OFWs wait any longer,” he remarked.

Villanueva said that the protest action was also meant to remind Consul General Claro Cristobal of his statement way before that misconduct of consulate staff and officials will not be permitted.

“Is it because that Salud is one of the top officials that no statement or action is forthcoming from the PCG-HK? If the hope is to just let this issue die a natural death, it will never happen,” he remarked.

Villanueva also urged the Office of the President to act on the said matter as they promised when the recording of Salud berating Tenorio was made public.

“Tomorrow, Gabriela Women’s Party shall file a resolution in the Congress to call for an inquiry. We also sent letters to several senators and Vice President Jejomar Binay about this matter. We urge President Noynoy Aquino himself to listen to the demand of OFWs: we want Salud out of Hong Kong for he does not deserve his office,” he stated.

Villanueva said that they will continue soliciting signatures from fellow OFWs and conducting actions until Salud is recalled and improvements in the service delivery of the government to OFWs are made.

“It is too dangerous to have Salud remain as labor attaché to Hong Kong where OFWs face labor problems every day. With a labor official contemptuous to OFWs and our rights, aggrieved migrant workers have no chance whatsoever of receiving rightful assistance that we need,” he concluded.#

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Solon to HK labor attaché: Resign

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October 27, 2010

Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano today asked Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz and Philippine Consul General Claro Cristobal to act accordingly on the unbecoming behavior of Labor Attache Romulo Salud who verbally berated Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Agnes Tenorio who sought assistance from the Philippine consulate in Hongkong over the illegal termination of her contract by her employer.

Instead of informing Tenorio, a first time OFW, of her rights as a worker, Salud scolded the distraught OFW, regarded her as ‘distrustful’ and advised her to just go home to the Philippines. He said Salud sounded ‘arrogant, indifferent and aloof.’

The Anakpwis solon asked DOLE and OWWA to further probe on the incident.

Mariano said the actions and views of Salud clearly do not promote protection of OFWs. “Mr. Salud’s attitude is inappropriate and totally unacceptable. This kind of judgment by a labor attaché who is duty-bound to protect and uphold the rights of Filipino workers abroad is alarming, especially with the increasing number of distressed OFWs in top destinations.”

The conversation was recorded and immediately went viral through various social networks. “If this is the kind of treatment that our distressed OFWs receive from labor attaches and POLO officials, how can we expect the Aquino government to protect them from unfair labor practices and inhumane working conditions in host countries?”

“If our own labor attaché cannot respect and uphold the dignity of an OFW, how can we expect foreign employers to do such?,” said Mariano who encouraged Salud to resign from his post. “His untoward actions are reflective of the policies of the Philippine government for OFWs – promotion of cheap, docile, undignified labor.”

Mariano noted that in 2009, there are about 1.42 million OFWs deployed globally. Out of this, 1.04 million are land-based and 326,000 are sea-based. “The Philippines remain as one of the top exporters of human capital and the Aquino government is resolute in promoting labor migration in response to the domestic employment problem.”

The solon also recommended that Philippine Labor Attaches be retrained in labor and human rights. “Troubled OFWs often complain about labor attaches and POLO officials and employees who are helpless in providing due assistance to them.” ###



An album (of 7 songs) and a song the G20s don't want to hear



An album of 7 songs


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Makibaka! (Struggle) is a rock 'n roll album for and about the people's struggle for change. A collection of songs promoting social awareness that are free to listen to, download, and distribute for non-commercial purpose. The songs in the collection are written by Drea...m Worker, Karl Ramirez, and Leoncio Bagani. Arranged and performed in collaboration with people's artists Tony Palis and Walkie Miraña of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines.






This video was made to defy and circumvent the deportation of Jess Santiago, and 4 other activists, who were barred from entering South Korea where the G20 meeting will be held. 11.08.2010


The song "Morning Dew" (in English) is described as follows:
Originally written and sung by Kim Min-gi, "Morning Dew" described
people's enthusiasm for democracy in a metaphorical way, such as "The
red sun rises above the graveyard and the sultry heat in the middle of
...the day is the trial for me." The song, which was frequently chanted in
protests, was on the government list of forbidden songs until the late
That should explain why the Koreans/G20 do not want Jess Santiago to sing and so they promptly deported hm.


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