BAYAN names its Conference Hall

the Bulwagang Bambi Santos

to honor a martyr and former member of its staff


December 16, 2010











Who is Bambi Santos?

Bambi Santos was an activist, a full-time staff member of the national democratic alliance, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN). She was in charge of many things foremost of which was mobilizing artists to contribute to the cultural work attendant to the political mass campaigns that BAYAN led. She was also a budding creative writer who graduated with a journalism degree from an exclusive all-women college, the only child of science professionals who had dedicated all their lives to government service.

She was killed at the age of twenty-seven, in what military authorities said was an encounter [Note: Oct, 2000 in Zamboanga del Sur]. Witnesses contend however that there was a raid on a farmer’s hut where Bambi was resting with several companions. She was hit in the leg and thereafter allowed to bleed to death. She was unarmed. She had gone on a leave of absence from BAYAN to do political immersion among poor peasants in Mindanao. She had planned to write stories and poems about her experiences.

I had the difficult task of informing her family about her death and of traveling all the way to Pagadian City to retrieve her remains and bring it back to Manila. She died at the height of the campaign to oust President Joseph Estrada and after we had grieved for her and buried her, we just had to tell ourselves that justice would come with the change of government.

But that didn’t happen. We did what we could to try to determine who were the military officials involved in the raid but they had been quickly reassigned and we faced a blank wall regarding their whereabouts. We filed a case with the Commission on Human Rights; we even filed a case with the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Negotiating Panels for the government-National Democratic Front peace negotiations.

Impunity is still the name of the game in this country ruled by the elite classes of big landlords, big traders and local partners of multinational corporations as well as several generations of politicians who make politics and government one big, profitable business as well.

They craft the socio-economic policies that fuel armed revolution and political dissent. They direct the counter-insurgency campaigns that engender such gross human rights violations. They authorize and then protect from prosecution and punishment the state forces and paramilitary death squads that do the dirty work of killing the likes of Bambi Santos.,,,,,

Excerpted from the column of Carol Araullo

March 12, 2009
Justice for Rebelyn



Letty Santos, mother of Bambio


Heroes and martyrs

by Tonyo Curz


Let’s never forget to honor our many heroes and martyrs who have died blazing the trail towards national freedom and democracy.


They are the many stars that inspire us to carry on the noble fight for our people’s welfare against the most malignant enemies that continue to frustrate our quest for meaningful change.


Offering one’s life to country and people is the highest sacrifice. Our heroes and martyrs who made such sacrifice likewise deserve the highest tribute by way of unrelenting struggle.


I know some of these finest children of the people: Bambi Santos, Beng Hernandez, Eden Marcellana. They are personal friends-turned-paragons of virtue for every Filipino.

Across the nation, we have many orphaned kin of countless others. The entire nation, in fact, is orphaned yet awed by the passing of these many outstanding citizens.


Today, when the rulers proclaim apathy and cynicism as the virtues of choice amid official thievery, cheating and repression, the collective memory of our heroes and martyrs inspire us to think and act in a great and grand manner befitting the very people to whom they offered their supreme sacrifice.


True, our personal and family interests are always important. But as long as the most backward forces prevent the entire nation from attaining progress with jobs and justice, food and freedom, our individual drive for survival would ultimately fail.


Our heroes and martyrs teach us that more important than three square meals, a house, a career, or material wealth is how the nation could first secure its national freedom from alien and local fetters. After having secured that freedom, the nation would be able to ensure our individual and collective welfare.


May the memory of our heroes and martyrs not be drowned by the lies and deceit of today’s rulers. May our people cherish them as to ensure their sacrifices do not end in vain.




Awit Para Kay Bambi


Titik at Musika: Danny Fabella
Boses: Bayang Barrios
Gitara: Empiel Palma
Violin: Jonathan Urbano
Violin: Paul Allesa


‘Wag mag-alala mahal na kasama
Sa ‘yong pagkawala makakaasa ka
Hindi masasayang alay naming bulaklak
Hindi masasayang mga luhang pumatak
Hindi masasayang aming awit at tula
Ng paghanga at pagdakila

Pagkat bakas na ‘yong iniwan
Ay aming susundan
Buong tatag kaming babangon
Sa ‘yong kinabuwalan
Pagkat bakas na ‘yong naiwan
Ay aming susundan
Libu-libo kaming susulong
Tungo sa kanayunan

‘Wag mag-alala mahal na kasama
Sa ‘yong pagkawala makakaasa ka
Hindi masasayang ang iyong nasimulan
Hindi masasayang buhay mong ipinuhunan
Hindi masasayang ang sandatang nabitawan
Muli namin itong tatanganan

Pagkat bakas na ‘yong iniwan
Ay aming susundan
Buong tatag kaming babangon
Sa ‘yong kinabuwalan
Pagkat bakas na ‘yong naiwan
Ay aming susundan
Libu-libo kaming susulong
Tungo sa kanayunan

At sa piling ng masa
Muli naming madarama
Ang lambing mo’t pagmamahal


Danny Fabella performs "Awit kay Bambi""


BAYAN presents a plaque of appreciation to the parents of Bambi Santos

Bambi's parents with BAYAN staff and some artist friends of Bambi

  Bambi's parents at home at the Bulwagang Bambi Santos