At UP Cebu: Ousting a Deantator

Students, faculty, staff and workers AOM

(Arouse, Organize, Mobilize for AOM [Avila Ouster Movement])


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Cebu City


March 3, 2011





Photos courtesy of Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE) - UPVCC


Official Communication Sent to the Board of Regents Appealing for the Ouster of Dean Avila and Cohorts

by Euvic Maningo Ferrer on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 9:08pm


*The exact words from the communication sent to the BOR via email last March 1 (8pm). This letter was discussed during the BOR Meeting the TODAY (March 2) and it was decided that all these complaints be subjected to investigation. 


March 1, 2011



President, UP System

Quezon Hall

UP Diliman

Quezon City


Dear President Pascual:


Warm Greetings!


We, the assembly of faculty, students, REPS, and staffs of UP Cebu College would like to appeal to your kind office to remove the Dean, Prof. Enrique Avila from his office with his cohorts, Mr. Alsidry Shariff, Budget Officer and Mr. Ernesto Pineda, Consultant for the following reasons:


1.)Under the UP Charter provision on democratic governance in the University that should be based on collegiality, representation, accountability, transparency and active participation of its constituents, Avila failed to involve full participation in the design of the program of UP Cebu's autonomy, such as:- phasing out of programs and student representation without due process and consultation;- filling up and hiring of administrative (i.e., budget office) and academic positions without due consultation (Article 6, UP Academic Union duly signed by the UP System administration and the Academic and Workers Unions);


2.)He failed to protect and promote the professional and academic rights and welfare of its academic and non-academic personnels.


-Non-action on the tenure of duly qualified faculty members

-Non-action on complaints against incidents of qualified theft of Mr. Shariff;

-Non-action on harassment by Mr. Shariff against staffs and security guards

-Non-action on the issues raised up (ex. dishonesty on lost and found items, etc.) (affidavits are available);

-Non-action on the formal information on the construction/encroachment on UP Cebu property for use of Paegett Place; and

-Implementation of projects such as the establishment of the Paegett Place Condotel at UP lot, the guest house renovation and fixing of fees; the accommodation of the Sun Cellular Cell cite; and the dumping of soil at the UP soccer field without due consultation with the faculty-wide assembly and other constituent bodies.


We look forward for your immediate action on this matter.


Sincerely yours,



Note : original documents will follow via LBC or JRS with the supporting signatures.Cc : Staff Regent, Faculty Regent, Student Regent, All-U.P. Union (Academic and Workers)



Why are we calling for the ouster Dean Avila and cohorts? If those written above don't sound comprehensive to you, try reading the following posts:




Padayon ta! 


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by Nke Upvcc on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 12:33am

March 3, 2011 (Thursday):
putting up of sympathy boxes (AS canteen, main canteen)
12nn - boodle fight with 15 guards (OBLE square)
launching UP Kilos Na: Kilusan para sa demokratikong pamantasan ng bayan - Cebu Chapter

March 4, 2011 (Friday)
12nn - NOISE BARRAGE (outside 2nd gate)

March 7, 2011 (Monday)
12nn - protest action
5:30 - protest action

March 8, 2011 (Tuesday)
9-5:30 - STRIKE: SIT-IN (admin building)

Note: sa mga donations for the guardskay ibutang lang nato sa mga sympathy boxes unya if modonate ug kwarta kay contact sir Karl Roque kay siya ang in charge.






March 1, 2011 - We Marched As One to Oust Dictator Dean Avila and His Minions! |
by Kristian Jacob Abad Lora on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 12:28pm

IT STARTED when 15 guards of University of the Philippines Cebu College were unjustly amd hastily retrenched at 10 p.m., February 28 by Dean Enrique Avila's administration. That same night, around 20 members of Churbarbies Sorority (4th Year Mass Communications Batch 2011 organization), the Student Council, members of political parties Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE) and Union of Progressive Students (UPS), and other students quickly gathered and held candle-lighting, marking it as the beginning of protests for the guards and against Dean Avila.
In the next morning, March 1, UP Cebu was again rocked when more than 300 students, teachers and workers marched and gathered in front of the Administration building to protest Dean Avila's harrassment to the 15 guards that were left unemployed after the retrenchment. Later in the protest program, protesters unanimously called for the ouster of Dean Avila.
"The plan was just to protest for the rights adn welfare for the 15 guards. But when Avila administration' and Budget Officer Alsidry Shariff's alleged anomalies were finally exposed, almost everyone was shouting to oust Dean Avila and his minions. This mobilization was briefly planned but the result is overwhelming," said NKE spokesperson and Student Council Vice-Chairperson-elect Kristian Jacob Abad Lora.
Around 4 p.m., signing of petition to oust Dean Avila, Budget Officer Alsidry Shariff and the dean's consultant began. According to outgoing SC Chairperson Euvic Ferrer, as of 5 p.m., the petition significantly gathered around 500 signatures. It was to be sent to the Office of the UP President, Staff Regent and Student Regent for it to be included in the agenda of the UP Board of Regents meeting, March 2.
Around 12 noon, around 20 students, teachers, workers and the retrenched guards gather in the Oblation Square to kick off snake rally to convince more students, teachers and workers to join the rally.

More teachers, students and workers join the snake rally and march outside the main campus and towards Arts and Sciences Building to pick up more constituents there.
Protesters pause for a while in front of the 2nd gate facing the streets to create public opinion. Protesters chant and show placards to inform the Cebu community on what's happening in UP Cebu.
On the other hand, Dean Avila riding on his silver Suzuki APV passes by the protesters and goes out of the university.
Protesters continue the march to AS Building.

All UP Workers Union Cebu Chapter joins the rally.
Outgoing 2nd year representative and 3rd Year Representative-elect Kirby Palang Taghoy invites students, teachers and workers in the AS Bldg. to join the sympathy fasting and the protest action.
Snake rally picks up around 280 students, teachers and workers. Protesters march bakc to the Oblation Square for a Sympathy Fast and Protest Action.
Around 300 protesters gathered in the Oblations Square to show rage and disgust on the retrenchment of the 15 UP Cebu security guards and Avila's UNdemocratic governance.
More teachers and workers join the protest.
Darwin Muralla of League of Filipino students-UP Cebu Chapter gives solidarity message; introduces the recent crisis in UP Cebu.
NKE spokesperson and SC Vice-Chair-elect Kristian Jacob Abad Lora gives solidarity message; emphasizes the "death of Democracy" in UP Cebu under Dean Avila's administration and calls UP Cebu students, workers, and teachers to continue the fight.
More of his speech:
Tatay Taniel of All UP Workers Union-Cebu Chapter delivers message; calls everyone to unite and fight against the repressive incumbent administration.
Professor Phoebe Sanchez delivers message; stresses that one possible reason of the retrenchment of the guards is that they are witnesses of some anomalies in the administration. Moreover, Prof. Sanchez aks who is/are the people behind the alleged anomalies: (1) robbing and selling of the Guest House gate; (2) selling of COA papers from the basement; (3) stealing of the laptop that is supposedly for everyone; and (4) not immediately returning a camera found by a guard in 2008.
Professor Karl Roque expresses dismay and disgust on the recent happenings in the college and tells the chronology of events until the guards were replaced by 10pm on Feb. 28. He officially announces his resignation as Security Officer and Head of the Security Committee as the Avila Administration never listen to his recommendation/proposal in strengthening security in the campus.
Professor Primitivo Ereno (UP High school professor and former Associate Dean) talks about how certain administrative decisions were readily imposed without consulting the faculty members and students. He reveals that Professional Education Department is already gone as it has no longer a chairperson. He calls all constituents to be vigilant and militant to bring back democratic governance in UP Cebu.
Former head guard, Kuya Nico, talks about how hastily they were fired. He shows a hand-written letter telling them all 15 that by 10 pm, February 28, they were about to be replaced by new security guards.
Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) Cebu Chapter delivers solidarity message.
Outgoing SC Chair Euvic Ferrer and Prof. Roque expose surplus budget for Security which would amount to more than 800,000 php. This is enough to hire 3 more guards to improve the security setting in UP Cebu and to open both gates. It can be remembered that Avila administration would always reason out that there is no enough budget to hire more guards to open both gates.
Incumbent KASAMA sa UP Vice-Chair for Visayas and SC Chairperson-elect Liezyl Anne Gomez expresses sympathy to the unemployed guards and their families. Protesters also get emotional.
Math Professor Lawlita Cabahug proposes to put all complaints into writing. Prof. Sanchez motions to conduct petition signing calling for the ouster of Dean Avila and his cohorts especially Budget Officer Alsidry Shariff.
UP Cebu is united in shouting: "OUSTD DEAN AVILA! Tama na! Sobra na! Patalsikin si Avila!"
Outgoing SC Vice-Chair Sheena Dabon, also a member of the Churbarbies Sorority expresses sympathy to the retrenched, cheated and unemployed 15 guards and their families. Protesters get emotional again.
Doreen Mancao, Fine Arts student expresses Fine Arts Sutdents Organization (FASO)'s support to the guards and recall good relationship with them.
Oblation's head is covered with black cloth and tied Avila and Shariff's names around his neck to symbolize Avila's administration repressing Oble, making him blind and mute and killing Democracy in the College.
To conclude the one of the most massive protests in UP Cebu's history, Kristian Jacob Abad Lora emotionally sings UP Naming Mahal with tears, anger, courage and eagerness to continue the fight.
The protesters' chants "Iskolar, Guro at Trabahante ng Bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban!" echo around the college.
Credits to NKE for the photos and few captions from their album:
Students, faculty, staff and workers AOM (Arouse, Organize, Mobilize for AOM (Avila Ouster Movement)




A Call for Jobs and Justice Solidarity statement for the 15 retrenched UP guard
by Nke Upvcc on Monday, February 28, 2011 at 10:59pm


We, the UP community, stand united for the welfare and interest of the 15 retrenched guards of UP Cebu. The wholesale retrenchment not only robs these guards of their sole livelihood but will eventually starve their families. We cannot fathom how the administration of Dean Avila perpetrate such action to honest and hardworking men who have for many months worked day and night to ensure the safety of UP Cebu and its residents.

Prior to the retrenchment, the UP guards are victims of labor laws that allow low salaries and non-regularization. In this time of soaring prices of commodities, it is the moral obligation of all sectors in UP to defend the job security of workers particularly of the UP guards.

The new contracting security agency is said to be open to absorbing the 15 UP guards to their company. Even UP Cebu security committee chair Karl Roque is supportive of the retention of the UP guards. However, Dean Avila and his crony Supervising Administrative Officer Al-Sidry Shariff refuse the retention of the 15 UP guards for the unfounded reason of inefficiency. Such excuse to terminate the UP guards are clearly shallow and can readily be remedied. Moreover, the replacement of guards does not necessarily ensure efficiency.

A call for democratic governance

The Avila administration is a patent autocratic regime. It does away with genuine dialogue and abuses the power that comes with the deanship. A few years back, it initiated the move to close UP High School Cebu despite the massive opposition of the different sectors in UP. Failing in its objective to close the High School, this administration is now refusing the tenureship of Profession Education Division and high school professor Roberto Basadre. Recently, the Avila administration removed unilaterally, without notice, the student representative to the College Executive Committee.

We must now unite to bring back democratic governance in UP Cebu. We call on new UP president Alfredo Pascual to look into UP Cebu situation and take immediate corrective measures to put in check the abusive Avila administration.

Don't Starve the Guards and their Families!
Defend their Jobs!
Stop the Retrenchment!
Bring back democratic governance in UP Cebu!



Notes on Retrenchment of Guards

by Euvic Maningo Ferrer on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 7:53am
Fisher Agency has been providing UP Cebu with security personnel for the past 5 or 6 years. This year, a new security service provider, Cafe Agency, won the bid. This would normally result to deployment of new guards. However, as College Security Officer, Professor Karl Roque advised the new agency to absorb the old 15 guards. This he did with the idea that there would be no problem of transition as the old guards are already aware of their jobs and that so far, there have been no complaints on inefficiency. This move, he judged, as logistically and logically sound.

Cafe Agency heeded the advice of Prof Roque. The old 15 guards are to absorbed by the old security service provider. For a guard from a different agency to be absorbed to Cafe, he is required to resign in the other agency. For this case, for the 15 guards to be absorbed to Cafe so they can continue to serve UP Cebu, they have to resign from Fisher.

On February 20, 12 of the 15 guards resigned from Fisher. Just yesterday, February 28, the remaining 3 guards signed up for resignation. This they did without any hint that they signed up for joblessness.


Yesterday at around 5:30 pm, the Dean met up with Prof. Teresita Rodriguez and Mr. Cafe (owner of Cafe Agency) while Prof. Roque, Kuya Nico (Head Guard) and some members of the Student Council waited outside the Admin Building for the final decision.

Prof. Rodriguez came out bearing the bad news that the Dean has decided for the deployment of new security guards. Mr. Cafe was bringing along a note (not verbatim) ordering the deployment of NEW security guards in view of the needs of the school for security. No justifications. Just the order, no more, no less.

I asked about the reasons behind the decision, there were mentions of complaints of inefficiency. Prof. Roque and other members of the Student Council asked about such complaint but no one was able to provide us a copy. As College Security Officer, Prof. Roque found questionable the existence of such complaint without his knowledge.


In a separate talk with Prof. Teresita Rodriguez, members of the SC asked further about the Dean's justifications and about the "complaint on inefficiency". Our conversation went as follows (not verbatim):

SC: So Madam, unsa gyud dae reasons ni Dean nga magdeploy man gyud ug new security despite the developments within the agency?

Prof. Tess: Ahm, the Dean simply wants a change in guards.

SC: Just because he simply WANTS it?

Prof. Tess: Not just because he wants them changed but because he wants new security guards because they are more efficient.

SC: How about the complaint on inefficiency?

Prof. Tess: You know, we have already assumed that Al Sidry is the reason behind the guards replacement. We should not have such assumption. The Dean thinks new guards would be more efficient because they are easier to train and bag-o pa sila ana so naa pay drive. When your old (sa service, not sa age), there is this sense of complacency, that things are easily taken for granted.

SC: Do you think ma-change pa ni iyang decision, Madam?

Prof. Tess: *shakes head* I think. (Meaning she DOESN'T think nga ma-change pa ang decision as of that time.)

SC: Can we talk to him?

Prof. Tess: Ahm, yes you can. I'm not sure though if he'll listen to you. Ako gane nga ganahan unta i-retain ang guards, no matter how I justified, di man siya maminaw nako. If ako pangutan-on, you can talk to him but not now kay musamot siya'g kagahi. But if you like, you can wait until later.

First, how come new guards are more efficient? It is possible, yes. But to ask for new guards because they are efficient is to insinuate that there is unsatisfactory provision of service by the old guards. This, however, has not been properly substantiated and proven.

Second, that new guards can be trained easily. This can be true. But if we continue to deploy the old guards, who have not been proven of any inefficiency issue, there would be no further need for training.

Third, that the old guards would find it easier to take things for granted. I beg to disagree. This has to be substantiated and given proof. We can't just say that this holds true to our old guards and make this a justification for terminating them from service.


Immediately by 10 pm that night, NEW SECURITY GUARDS were deployed. Immediately by 10 pm, the OLD SECURITY GUARDS will face joblessness despite their resignation from their old agency hoping to continue service in UP Cebu.

Immediately by 10 pm that night, the school will be handled by security guards who do not know who students are and who are not; which one is a faculty or admin staff; or where the hell is the Conference Hall building. I am not saying all of these cannot be learned. Simply, when we change our guards abruptly for EFFICIENCY PURPOSES we fail to recognize that the abrupt change (within 5 hours) would further sacrifice the efficiency that we've been looking for.

Underlying Issues

1. Until now, di gahapon mi makadawat sa rason nga gihatag kung nganu gikinahanglan ug bag-o nga security force despite the opportunity to have the old ones...

2. The Admininstration is fond of setting up committees and consultations but it is also fond of overriding the recommendations of these committees. In UP Cebu, the committee system shows some semblance of democracy and consultation but in the past days, even this effective system of delegating necessary aspects of College management is being overridden by prerogative and hierarchy. This is a further manifestation of the kind of leadership and administration UP Cebu has. As a newly-autonomous unit grappling for the right track, UP CEBU NEEDS A LEADER WHO WON’T KEEP US IN THE DARK. UP CEBU NEEDS A LEADER WHO WILL LISTEN TO THE CONSTITUENTS NOT JUST TO A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE. UP CEBU NEEDS TO BE DEMOCRATICALLY GOVERNED AND THIS IS NOT AN AFFRONT TO THE INSTITUTIONAL GOALS OF THE AUTONOMOUS UNIT.

3. Nganu wa naman lang tawn giconsider ang sitwasyon sa mga guards nga if atoh gihapon sila i-employ kay WALA MAY MAWAGTANG SA UP CEBU. UP Cebu has nothing to lose if we maintain the old guards.

4. Why is this our issue? Why not? This is OUR UP CEBU.







OUST DEAN AVILA and his minions!
by Kristian Jacob Abad Lora on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 9:50pm

The TRUTH is: Dito sa UP Cebu, wala na, PATAY na ang DEMOKRASYA!

Higit sa lahat, mga Guro, Kawani at Iskolar ng Bayan, ipagpatuloy ang laban para sa guards, para sa UP Cebu, para sa bayan, para sa kinabukasan! Nagsisimula pa lamang ang laban! Padayon!
July 2010. Multi-sectoral protest against Dean Avila's Autonomy (NOT Genuine Autonomy) Plan
Last year, we, NKE, LFS and concerned teachers warned everybody of the undesirable things that may happen under the FAKE AUTONOMY PLAN of Dean Avila. And we are afraid that these things are coming true.

July 2010. Multi-sectoral protest against Dean Avila's Autonomy (NOT Genuine Autonomy) Plan
"Iskolar ng Bayan, ngayon ay Lumalaban!"

Isang maitim na tanghali sa ating lahat!

Kagabi'y tayo'y nawindang sa masamang balita na lahat ng 15 guwardiya natin ay di pinayagan ni Dean Avila na i-retain. This retrenchment DID NOT UNDERGO DUE PROCESS at ito'y naging daglian, leaving the guards UNEMPLOYED.

Last year, we, NKE, LFS and concerned teachers warned everybody of the undesirable things that may happen under the FAKE AUTONOMY PLAN of Dean Avila. And we are afraid that these things are coming true.

With this, plus yung pagtanggal ng Student Representative sa Executive Committe, pagtambak ng lupa sa ating soccer field na walang consultation, we can see na WALA NA TALAGANG DEMOKRASYA.


Ang TUNAY na AUTONOMY ay nakabase sa DEMOKRASYA. Ngayon, klarung-klaro na ninakaw ng isang pandak at isang higante ang ating DEMOKRASYA. Datapwa't tayong mga constituent pa rin ang makakapabalik nito at tayo rin lang makapagpapa-push ng isang TUNAY na AUTONOMY ng UP Cebu at hindi ang iilan lang na mga tao kahit si Dean Avila.

Kung kaya't kailangan na talaga nating magkaisa at kumilos! Anya ni Tatay Taniel, mas marami pang mangyayaring di kanais-nais kapag di tayo aaksyon.

Ngayon, sa ating malaking pagtitipon, naipakita natin at mas ipakita pa natin na tayong mga estudyante, guro at kawani ay nagkakaisa at ang ating Nagkakaisang Kusog ay di basta-bastang magigiba, di basta-bastang mabangbang.

Kaya ang panawagan natin ngayon kay Dean Avila at sa kanyang mga kampon: RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS! RESPECT LABOR RIGHTS! RESPECT STUDENTS' RIGHTS! RESPECT DEMOCRACY!

At ang panawagan naman sa ating lahat: ipaalam sa publiko na may diktador na naghahari sa UP Cebu, na patay na ang Demokrasya sa UP Cebu.

Higit sa lahat, mga Guro, Kawani at Iskolar ng Bayan, ipagpatuloy ang laban para sa guards, para sa UP Cebu, para sa bayan, para sa kinabukasan! Nagsisimula pa lamang ang laban! Padayon!


This is the manuscript of the message I delivered originally in Cebuano-English on behalf of the Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante during the UP Cebu Multi-Sectoral Massive Protest, March 1, 2011,

 at the Oblation Square. Some parts of this message might have not been delivered.



A Day in the Life of a UP Cebu student:


UP Cebu SC Vice-Chair-elect Kristian Jacob Abad Lora's NKE Victory Party Speech

by Kristian Jacob Abad Lora on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 8:24pm

Changes continue to come in UP Cebu;


"Iskolar ng Bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban! Ngayon ay lumalaban, Iskolar ng Bayan!"


Di man ako tumakbo last year, Wala man ako sa Konseho for one year, patuloy rin naman ang paglilingkod ko sa inyo at ngayon na ibinalik niyo ako, tuluy-tuloy pa rin ang serbisyo.


Thank you rin sa lahat sa walang humpay na pagtitiwala at pagsuporta sa akin at sa tambalang Gomez-Lora. You all deserve this victory.


With this year's elections, na-affirm ko sa sarili ko na sa NKE ang Tunay na Palabang Pamilya, Saya, at Serbisyo - amidst the attacks and black propagandas na ibinato sa mga kandidato, back-up agad ang ibang miyembro, pero naka-smile at tawa pa rin, at higit sa lahat, patuloy pa rin sa paglilingkod. Kahit pagod na pagod na, patuloy pa rin. Truly, kayo ang mga bida at bayani. NKE is the TRUE party that NEVER QUITS.

victories will come more!


Isang mapula at mapagwaging araw nating lahat mga Iskolar ng Bayan! We are gathered here today not just for food and drinks but because we are celebrating our victory - not just NKE's victory but the UP Cebu Community's and the People's Victory!


First, I congratulate all UP Cebu students for a very successful Grand Rally and Elections manifested by a big Voters' Turn-out. You, We have enlisted once again ourselves in the UP Cebu's History.


Thank you rin sa lahat sa walang humpay na pagtitiwala at pagsuporta sa akin at sa tambalang Gomez-Lora. You all deserve this victory. Di man ako tumakbo last year, Wala man ako sa Konseho for one year, patuloy rin naman ang paglilingkod ko sa inyo at ngayon na ibinalik niyo ako, tuluy-tuloy pa rin ang serbisyo.


I also congratulate NKE for another year of majority in the Student Council. Congratulations to all of my comrades - candidates, the organizers, and members of the support system na mga TUNAY, PALABAN, at MAKABAYAN. Saludo ako sa inyo.


With this year's elections, na-affirm ko sa sarili ko na sa NKE ang Tunay na Palabang Pamilya, Saya, at Serbisyo - amidst the attacks and black propagandas na ibinato sa mga kandidato, back-up agad ang ibang miyembro, pero naka-smile at tawa pa rin, at higit sa lahat, patuloy pa rin sa paglilingkod. Kahit pagod na pagod na, patuloy pa rin. Truly, kayo ang mga bida at bayani. NKE is  the TRUE party that NEVER QUITS.


On the other hand, if malaki ang student participation sa eleksyon ngayon, ako ay nananalig sa mga Isko at Iska ng UP Cebu na malaki rin ang student participation sa mga upcoming na activities natin in and out of UP Cebu, mas malaki pa sa bilang natin sa November WALKOUT.


Starting last February 22, after the canvassing of votes, hinde na ang other party yung opponent ng NKE. NKE, UPS, other organizations, all students, teachers and workers will continue facing again the giants - anti-student and anti-people policies, ang mga diktador, ang mga imperyalista, ang bulok na sistema ng ating educational system at ang bulok na sistema ng ating lipunan.


First thing to do - IBALIK ANG DEMOKRASYA sa UP Cebu! Ibalik ang STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE natin sa ExeComm! Ibalik ang 15 Guards!


But I can't do this alone, Ate Liz can't, NKE can't and the SC can't. But with our COLLECTIVE ACTION, with our Nagkaisang Lakas (Nagkahiusang Kusog), again, we can defeat these giants and achieve victories. After all, we believe in GENUINE PLURALISM - that though we have different ways to address the issues, we negotiate and arrive at a unified stance and way to achieve our goals. Wag tayong sumuko, go lang nang go! Let us continue arousing others, organize ourselves and mobilize ourselves for a Nationalist, Scientific and Mass-Oriented Education! 


But for now, kain muna tayo, magpabusog, magpalaki, magpalusog para sa mga hamong darating. Let us fortify our ranks! 


And so, after 2 months, let the Avila Administration, the US-Aquino regime, the oppressors, the theives, the cheaters, and the traitors be thrilled, let the oppressed and repressed be inspired as we mark this day as a resumption of our struggle as we cry once again:


"Iskolar ng Bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban! Ngayon ay lumalaban, Iskolar ng Bayan!"




Special thanks:

  • GOD - for not leaving me, for not leaving us; for protecting us; and for everyone's enlightenment and victory.

  • NKE officers and members - for unending support and for the hardwork; for the sacrifice; and for the love, care, and concern. Kayo ang mga bayani!

  • FASO - also for your unending support and trust; in the first place, NKE would not have existed if not because of you along with LATAGAW, Pol Sci and APO.

  • Comp. Sci, Mass Comm, Management, Psych, Pol. Sci, Bio,  Math - for the votes and straigh votes for NKE

  • SUGOD - for supporting NKE

  • Bio SUGOD friends - for the conversation and for the Straight Votes

  • Mass Comm SUGOD friends - for supporting us and for defending King

  • UP Cebu High - simula't sapul, NKE has always been with you and will always be with you most especially in your struggles;  thank you so much for your support

  • Manang Liza - for your support; as usual, mupalit na sad mi og toron nimo for the Victory Party

  • UP Cebu Teachers - for allowing us to campaign in your classes

  • RED Teachers - for your support and advices

  • RED Gate Family - for your dili mabangbang na support and understanding though I was not able to be with you most of the days in February most especially sa Valentine's Day Special Celebration

  • Churbarbies - for the inspiration and for defending King

  • Former UP Faculty Regent Judy Taguiwalo for the sharing us your experiences and for the advices


Allied Orgs/Alliances

  • All UP Workers' Union-UP Cebu

  • Cebu & YFL Cebu - for understanding my absence for two weeks




  • UP Kilos Na

  • UP Tacloban PULSO



  • KASAMA sa UP

  • UP Mindanao University Student Council

  • NUSP

  • CEGP

  • LFS

  • At sa lahat lalo na ang mga di namention, maraming, maraming salamat po!


NOTE: This speech was not delivered fully because I have to make some necessary changes as I put emphasis to what's happening now in UP Cebu - the massive call for the ouster of Dean Enrique Avila and his cohorts.



Dictators come tumbling down


From a Facebook posting, with a slight editing


Nobody Wants You
Karatula - UP
Cebu launches jingle for the ouster of UP Cebu dean Avila.



Nobody Wants You by criticalcebu on SoundCloud