indigenous tribal leaders from the five regions in Mindanao

strengthen their unity in defending their culture and ancestral domain


Aplaya, Digos City.


April 25, 2011





Photos courtesy of KALUMARAN


April 25, 2011

Indigenous tribal leaders from the five regions in Mindanao perform a ritual to signify their unity in defending their culture and ancestral domain, and held a solidarity meal in the Datu-Bai Conference to begin the three-day Earth Day Conference held in Gabriela Silang Training Center, Aplaya, Digos City.

The tribal leaders represent the tribes of the Ata-Manobo of Talaingod, Davao del Norte, Bagobos of Davao, the Higaonon and Talaandig of Bukidnon, Manobo of Caraga, B'laan of Saranggani and South Cotabato.

The highlights of the three day gathering will be a cultural program for defense of culture on April 26, and a caravan in Davao del Sur areas affected by large-scale mining and coal-fired power plants.

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Dulphing Ogan

Secretary General, Kalumaran




April 25, 2011


Davao City --- Angered by latest attempts of landgrabbing, Bagobo Klata lumads from farflung Sitio Kahusayan, Brgy. Manuel Guianga trooped to the city and staged a picket rally infront of the Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s ‘kingdom’ consisting of a gigantic school, office and mansion near the International airport here.

Last week, the Kahugpungan sa Lumad sa Kahusayan (KSL) reported that three backhoes escorted by members of the 84th IB of the Philippine Army arrived in Kahusayan, around 50 km from downtown Davao, to bulldoze the ancestral lands of slain Kahusayan Datu Dominador Diarog and pave the way for a gherkins (small cucumber) plantation on the said land that is being claimed by Quiboloy.

“This intensified attack on our ancestral lands is a palpable act of greed by a landlord to acquire vast tracts of lands for his profit. We have already lost thousands of hectares of our ancestral lands when Quiboloy’s prayer mountain was constructed in 1999. Now we stand to be completely driven away from the small piece of land where we were pushed to stay, as Quiboloy’s pine trees and fences take over our traditional farms, place of worship and hunting grounds,” said Diolito Diarog, council member of KSL and Deputy Secretary General of PASAKA, regional confederation of lumads.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the patriarch of the religious sect Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, has occupied 5,000 hectares within a supposed protected area of Mt. Apo. Quiboloy’s Kingdom covers portions of Brgy. Tamayong, Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Brgy.Sirib, Brgy. Carmen in Davao City. Another forty hectares are occupied by Quiboloy’s pine tree plantation.

Widow of Datu Diarog, Emily Diarog lamented, “This April 29, we are about to commemorate the 3rd death anniversary of our tribal leader but instead of the justice that we seek, we are again faced with even greater threats of losing the land that he died for. This we cannot allow, even if I, my children or our tribe lose our lives to defend our land.”

Datu Diarog’s family and relatives believe that it was at the behest of the influential pastor that the Datu was killed. An attempted massacre on the evening of April 29 had ended the life of Datu Diarog leading also to the injury of his wife, and two children.

Kahusayan lumads have long been seeking the help of the local government and the Commission on Human Rights to dismantle the fences that Quiboloy has put up around “his” so-called kingdom as annointed Son of God, pushing the Bagobo Klata tribe of Sitio Kahusayan to occupy a mere 5-hectare lot in the foothills of Mt. Apo.

“Apo Sandawa passed on to us the stewardship to cultivate and protect these lands. Our forefathers have died faithful to this inheritance of stewardship. Datu Diarog’s death will not be in vain. We shall continue the struggle he committed his life to,” stated Diolito Diarog.

The Diarog family challenged the Davao City local government to strongly implement the resolutions, one of which is the status quo, after the Kahusayan residents urged Pastor Quiboloy to dismantle the fences that has deprived the Kahusayan lumads of their lands. #


Diolito Diarog
Deputy Secretary General

Contact Number: 09303035126