Transport strike in northern Negros

against higher fuel prices in Negros Occidental


Escalante and Bacoplod City


May 16-17, 2011






Photos courtesy of Northern Negros Alliance for Human Rights Advocates (NNAHRA)


Transport Strike
May 17, 2011
By: Northern Negros Allance for Human Rights Advocates

The Northern Negros Alliance for Human Rights Advocates (NNAHRA) in Negros Occidental based in Escalante City together with the Transport sector- United Negros Drivers Operators Center (Undoc) in Bacolod City is having a two days transport strike that began yesterday until today May 17, 2011. This mass action is aimed to register the strong opposition of the people action against the unjust higher fuel prices in Negros Occidental.

The unabated oil petroleum productsprice hike severely affected the lives of the people in Negros especially the poor people. Indeed, the transport and fishing sector continue to carry the heavy burden of this unjust and oppressive highoil prices imposed by the big oil companies.According to Fr. Gilbert Billena, O.Carm, the chairperson of NNAHRA, “The people are now into dire situation due to unabated fuel prices”. He also said that this situation does not favor the poor people and business sector and it is a clear oppression of the big oil companies against the struggling people through the continuing imposition of overpriced petroleum products in Negros.

The Northern Negros Alliance for Human Rights Advocates also strongly opposed President Aquino’s stance on the escalating oil prices in the country. The “PantawidPasada” of P-NOY administration for the transport operators is not the genuine solution to this problem. It seems that the administration of P-NOY is heartless to the plea of the transport and fishing sector by conniving with the interest of the big oil companies. Hence, through this two days transport strike, the multi-sectoral organizations in Northern Negros calls for the demand to the cancellation of the Oil Deregulation Law that causes the unabated oil hike price and the revocation of the 12% Expanded Value Added tax on oil petroleum products and thorough investigation about the higher price difference of oil products in Negros Occidental.

NNAHRA chairperson estimated that the first day of transport strike was participated by 80% of the public transport sector in Escalante and 90% in Toboso area. On the second of day of transport strike the public transportation in the town of Toboso and Escalante City, Negros Occidental was 95% paralyzed. It was well participated by the jeepney and tricycle operators. The Ceres Bus operation from Escalante going to Bacolod City was fully paralyzed at 8:00 in the morning until afternoon due to the persuasion of the striking transport operators to the commuters. The transport strike was successfully culminated with the march rally that began at 1:00 in the afternoon participated by 700 people from different areas in Escalante City and followed by the two hours program held in the strike center at Escalante City rotonda and ended at 4:00 p.m with the noise barrage.

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