The Philippine president is summoned to the US carrier ship,

activist groups picket the US embassy




May 17, 2011





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”Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw ang pagiging tuta ni Aquino sa Imperyalismong US. Nitong nakaraang sabado, nakipagpulong si Aquino sa mga opisyal ng sundalong Amerikano lulan ng USS CARL VINSON, ang aircraft carrier o sasakyang pandigma ng US na ginamit upang ilibing si Osama Bin Laden. Mariing kinukundena ng Bagong Alyansang Makabayan- Timog Katagalugan ang malinaw at direktang pagpapasok sa tropang Amerikano sa kabila ng inilalagay nito ang bansa sa posibleng kapahamakan at paglabag sa soberanya ng bansa”. Ito ang pahayag ni xL fuentes, tagapagsalita ng BAYAN-TK.

”Sinasabi ng administrasyong Aquino na ang pagsalubong at pagtanggap sa tropang amerikano ay magtitibay di-umano sa relasyon ng US at Pilipinas sa pagsugpo sa terorismo, pero sa katotohanan ay nais pagmukhain lamang ng gubyerno ni Aquino na katanggap-tanggap ang pagpapasok sa mga tropang Amerkano at ng Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).” dagdag ni Fuentes.

Ang VFA ay isang kasunduan sa pagitan ng Pilipinas at US upang maglunsad ng mga pagsasanay-miitar. Bukod sa paglabag sa soberanya ng bansa, ang VFA ay kilala rin na dahilan ng malawakang pagsasamantala sa mamamayang Pilipino katulad ng diskriminasyon sa mga kampo at ang malawakang pang-aabuso sa kababaihan at prostitusyon at panggagahasakatulad doon sa kaso ni Nicole, ang Pilipinang gnahasa ng sundalong Amerikano.

”Ang pagpasok ng tropang amerikano ay malinaw upang panatilihin ang kontrol ng imperyalismong US sa pangunahing sa militar, ekonomiya at pulitika ng bansa. ” ani pa ni Fuentes.

”Hindi mabubulid ang mamamayang Pilipino sa mga pakitang-tao na sabwatan ni Aquino at ng imperyalismong amo nito. Patuloy na ilalantad ng BAYAN-TK ang pagsasamantala ng imperyalismo sa mga mamamayan. ” pangwakas na pananalita ni Fuentes. ###st

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Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

Press Release
May 15, 2011

Aquino summoned to US carrier ship, fuels talk of reestablishing US military facilities--CPP

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the "shameless display of master-puppet relationship" when Pres. Benigno Aquino was flown by a US military aircraft to international waters for an unscheduled and unannounced rendezvous to board the USS Carl Vinson. The USS Carl Vinson is one of four carriers scheduled to port in Manila for four days starting today.

"It would appear that Aquino was summoned by the US government, which had him flown to the US carrier, bypassing standard diplomatic procedures," said the CPP.

"Aquino's rushed, unannouced and unscheduled visit to the US military carrier is highly irregular, to say the least, and fuels speculation that the US is pressing its agenda on the Philippine government," said the CPP. "It fuels recent talk that the US is seeking to reestablish its military facilities in Subic Bay or some other part of the Philippines."

The CPP pointed out that two weeks ago, two senior US government officials visited Subic Bay Freeport to be briefed of the situation in the former US naval base before visiting Malacañang and conferring with Aquino.

The CPP condemned the scheduled docking at Manila Bay today of the US fleet comprising the USS Carl Vinson, USS Shiloh, USS Bunker Hill and USS Gridley. The fleet sailed from the North Arabian Sea and is said to have served as the launching pad of the White House-directed operations to assassinate al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden last May 1 in Pakistan.

"The docking of a US fleet of interventionist troops is a transgression on Philippine sovereignty," said the CPP. "By allowing the North Arabian fleet of US battleships to dock in Manila, the Aquino regime is letting the US use the Philippines as an operations base for its interventionism in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries."

"Furthermore, the docking of the North Arabian fleet in Manila serves as a magnet for the enemies of the US and renders the Filipino people vulnerable to acts of reprisal."

The CPP pointed out that the scheduled four-day docking of the US North Arabian fleet is the third in the past few months after two similar port calls by the USS Washington in September 2010 and March 2011. At least 3,000 US troops also entered the Philippines last month to participate in the annual Balikatan excercises.

"Aquino is bound to become one of the most shameless US puppets as he accedes to every whim of his imperialist master," said the CPP. "His regime allows gives full play to the US' intervention in armed counterinsurgency operations and allows the US to use the Philippines as a forward-deployment base for interventionism against other sovereign states."



May 15, 2011

Aquino maintains RP subjugation with US warship ‘routine maintenance’---LFS

For the militant student group League of the Filipino Students (LFS), the visit of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III along with senior members of his Cabinet to the USS Carl Vinson currently docked in Manila Bay is an open declaration that his government, like past regimes, will unconditionally serve US interests, albeit disastrous for the Filipino people.

In a press statement, LFS national chairperson Terry Ridon said, the shameless act displayed by President Aquino and top officials of his administration is a welcome greeting to US military troops to engage in full scale military activities in Philippine soil, waging a war of aggression against the Filipino people. The USS Carl Vinson is the same ship used to bury Osama bin Laden, it being one of the most heavily armored vessels of the US Navy.

“Aquino and his company of puppets’ visit to the high powered war machine known as USS Carl Vinson should be condemned by freedom loving Filipinos to the highest order. It is a striking affirmation of Aquino’s puppetry to US and his wholesale approval of the White House’s ongoing terrorism through steady military operations waged here by US troops.” the LFS chairperson stressed.

President Aquino and his party composed of foreign affairs secretary Albert del Rosario, defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and Armed Forces Chief of Staff were given a special tour of the US Navy aircraft carrier while the ship was still out at sea yesterday. The ship docks today in Manila Bay for a four day routine ‘maintenance’ beginning Sunday.

“If there is anything maintained in their supposed ‘routine maintenance’, it is the subordanition of the Philippines to the US. This raises the same questions asked repeatedly by the Filipino people, what then is our gain with the Visiting Forces Agreement? That we get to see big warships in our shores? That we, without warning, have to face the terror of having a warmachine docked in our motherland?”, said Ridon.

Ridon, a University of the Philippines (UP) graduating law student, said President Aquino even violated the provision of the 1987 reactionary Philippine Constitution that prohibits the entry of nuclear powered military ships in the country.

“USS Carl Vinson is a nuclear powered vessel which is of course designed to carry nuclear arms wherever the US mercenaries wish to go for covert and overt military operations. To set the record straight, Mr. Aquino violated his own constitution in the name of US
imperialism. This blatant one-man show of treachery is a ground for impeachment or any other legal and constitutional case against Aquino”
the LFS chair added.#

Terry Ridon
National Chairperson
Mobile: +639155310725




Patriotiko Mindanao
15 May 2011


US killer warship most unwelcome in Philippines
"Most unwelcome and take this killing machine out of here, please."

This is how we greet today the arrival of the US warship USS Carl Vinson, the warship that carried the body of Osama bin Laden and the Navy Seals who killed him.

As people in the world have mixed reactions on the US army's killing of bin Laden, the arrival of this warship in Philippine waters sends a wrong signal that the country welcomes the US war of aggression.

It is twice the shame also that President Benigno Aquino III toured this warship and expressed awe and praise to the US troops. The President should know better that these US-led war on terror has been responsible to the deaths, injuries and abuses of Mindanao people in the past nine years under the Balikatan joint military exercises.

In similar ways, the 9-11 incident and US-led war on terror has resulted to the deaths of civilians and a state of Islamophobia, and should be both condemned. Also condemnable is the US continuing hegemony in Asia-Pacific to establish further their geo-political and economic hold in this region.

We are dismayed that as Congress is pushing for the review of the Visiting Forces Agreement, Aquino goes all out with praise to the US. It signals that Aquino is the new ally of the US in perpetrating their hegemony in the Asia Pacific.

We all the more we urge the people to stand against US militarism, aggression and interventionism. Let global justice be our call and not war of aggression.

Bishop Rudy Juliada




Patriotiko Mindanao
15 May 2011

Patriotiko protests Aquino's visit to Osama 'hearse'

Patriotiko Mindanao criticizes the arrival of USS Carl Vinson in Manila Bay, along with Aquino's tour of the warship that escorted the Navy Seals that killed Osama bin Laden.

Aquino's tour on USS Carl Vinson and his praise to the US troops invites criticism. His actions come at a time when people all over the world have mixed response to bin Laden's death and on the US military aggression.

His praise to the US war on terror show his lack of history on the atrocities of this US-led war on terror in Mindanao, where the US troops have been deployed and stationed here since 2002 resulted to illegal arrests, injuries and killings of Moro people in the name of this war.

As much as we demand the US military and materiel be removed from Philippine soil, and the Congress move for the review of the Visiting Forces Agreement, Aquino's action runs counter to such views.

For such actions, we are alarmed that Aquino's government offers no change in its foreign relations policy from the past administration, as it throws support to the US as shown by their welcome of US senators in Subic a month ago to discuss the expansion of US troops in the country.

We raise alarm on this continuing puppetry of the Aquino government to the United States. We demand that if Aquino says the people are his boss, the people are saying no to continuing US war of aggression and no to US military presence in the country.###

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Bai Ali Indayla


President Benigno Aquino III and members of his Cabinet on Saturday toured a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that brought Osama bin Laden to his final resting place at sea. The President addressed crew members of the USS Carl Vinson, many of whom were Filipino-Americans.