MAKABAYAN Coalition Condermns Supreme Court Decision

Allowing the Rich to Join Partylist Elections




April 8,  2013






Photos courtesy of Gabriela Women's Partylist




April 6, 2013



Cong. Neri Colmenares



SC Decision allowing rich into the party-list condemned.

Bayan Muna Party-list Rep. Neri  Colmenares expressed shock at the sudden turn around of the Supreme Court in allowing the country’s political and economic elites into the party-list system putting to naught various COMELEC decisions that disqualified the rich and the powerful from running as a Party-list candidate.

“This sudden turn around is a complete shock considering that the Supreme Court has consistently disallowed the district congressmen and the rich from the party-list election since 2001 in the case of Bagong Bayani and which was recently reiterated in the case of Banat, which surprisingly was also written by Justice Antonio Carpio himself,” said Rep. Colmenares.  “Under the Constitution, the party-list system was intended as a “social justice” tool to allow the poor to have a voice in Congress by allotting 20% of the seats for the marginalized and underrepresented.  The decision essentially disregarded this social justice principle when it allowed the 80% district congressmen to join in the party-list elections.  Bakit pa tayo maghihiwalay ng 20% para sa party-list kung papasalihin rin lang ang mga district congressmen katulad ni Rep. Mikey Arroyo dito?”

“Affirmative action, or preferential treatment for the poor, is a recognized concept throughout the world in recognition of the fact that the poor cannot compete with the rich in the so called ‘level playing field,’”  Rep. Colmenares added. “ In fact, the Supreme Court knows that social justice under the Constitution means that ‘those who have less in life, should have more in law’ because an equal playing field is always in favor of the rich and therefore not actually equal.  The Court cannot seem to comprehend ‘affirmative action’ when it granted the rich entry into the party-list system.  Parang si Manny Pacquiao pinalaban mo kay Mike Tyson sa boxing.  Of course, the poor party-list groups are no match to the economic elites and rich politicians in any election. That’s why the poor are given the party list system because they cannot win in a district congressional election. ”


Not all is lost: Decision not yet final, COMELEC urged to stand pat on its decision

“But there is hope because the decision is not yet final.  The COMELEC has been tasked to screen which of the disqualified party-list groups shall remain disqualified.  The position of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno is correct.  Since the grounds for disqualifying these groups include other grounds such as failure to prove their advocacy for a sector, or violation of election laws, then these rich powerful party-list groups can still be remained disqualified for these grounds since the Supreme Court decision did not touch on these issues,” said Colmenares.  “So as far as their legal status is concerned, groups like Ang Galing Pinoy of Rep. Mikey Arroyo,  and Abang Lingkod of the rich landlords of Negros like Rep. Albee Benitez and Board Member Patrick Lacson, the son of GSIS Chairman Bitay Lacson  can still be disqualified. We hope the COMELEC will courageously stand pat on its decision. Otherwise, the party-list election will be in complete shambles.  This could spell the end of that novel constitutional provision called the party-list system.” 






April 8, 2013


MAKABAYAN CONDEMNS SC DECISION ALLOWING THE RICH TO JOIN PARTYLIST ELECTIONS: Urges Comelec to defend its decision against the anti-poor Supreme Court Decision

The decision only exacerbates the elitist and oligarchic control of our political system and allows the rich to further dominate the already measly 20% of the seats in Congress allotted to the party-list system in the guise of political pluralism.  The people have long been offended and angry that the party-list system was used by rich and powerful politicians as a backdoor to get a seat in Congress.  The Supreme Court has now openly invited the likes of Rep. Mikey Arroyo to pass through the front door and without the hassle of pretending to be poor and pro-poor. The Supreme Court decision is so unjust that big capitalists who have exploited their workers and big landlords who have deprived peasants their lands, can participate in the party-list election by merely feigning advocacy for the workers and peasants. While progressive pro-people party lists like Kabataan and Piston who have long advocated for the youth and the drivers sectors are unjustly and arbitrarily singled out for disqualification, those who have oppressed and exploited the marginalized and underrepresented sectors are given the green light.

Makabayan finds it suspiciously strange that after reiterating in 2009 in the case of Banat vs Comelec that major political parties such as the Liberal Party of Pres. Noynoy Aquino and the Lakas Kampi Party of former Pres. Gloria Arroyo are disqualified from joining the party-list election, the Supreme Court suddenly turns around and allows them to compete with hapless party-list groups from the indigenous peoples, workers, persons with disabilities and other marginalized sectors.  Once these major political parties get their party-list seats in the next Congress, they will make it impossible to amend the party-list law to make it an effective social justice tool for the people.

Section 1 of RA 7941 or the party-list law declares that “t
he State shall promote proportional representation xxx through a party-list system xxx which will enable Filipino citizens belonging to marginalized and under-represented sectors, organizations and parties, and who lack well-defined political constituencies xxx, to become members of the House of Representatives. Towards this end, the State shall develop and guarantee a full, free and open party system in order to attain the broadcast possible representation of party, sectoral or group interests in the House of Representatives by enhancing their chances to compete for and win seats in the legislature xxx”. 

Clearly, the law intends to “enable” the marginalized and underrepresented to “become members” of Congress.  In fact, it justly requires a system that will “enhance” their chances “to win seats in the legislature”, and the Supreme Court cannot just disregard the legislative will through judicial legislation especially since RA 7941 has not been declared unconstitutional. The constitutional and statutory basis for this principle is that because the poor cannot win in expensive regular elections, they should be allowed to get that opportunity through the party-list system.  Allowing the district congressmen who composed 80% of the seats in the House of Representatives to vie for the 20% party list seats practically nullifies the intent of the party-list system.

Makabayan urges the Supreme Court to reconsider its highly unpopular decision and preserve the long established social justice doctrine that the party-list system is only for the marginalized and the underrepresented.  We call on the Commission on Elections to defend its decision in disqualifying these fake party-list groups and demand reconsideration from the Supreme Court.  We urge the people to protest against this attempt by the rich and the powerful to deprive them of the opportunity have a genuine voice and representation in Congress.


References      :


Rep. Neri Colmenares (Bayan Muna)     

Rep. Luz Ilagan (Gabriela Womens Party)


Rep. Rafael Mariano (Anakpawis)         

Rep. Tonchi Tinio (Act Teachers Party List)


Rep. Mong Palatino (Kabataan Party List)   

Rep. Emmi de Jesus (Gabriela Womens  Party)

Rep. Teddy Casino (Bayan Muna)


George San Mateo (PISTON Party-list)            

Connie Regalado (MIGRANTE)


Arlene Brosas (AKAP BATA Party-list)           

Beverly Longid (KATRIBU Party-list)


Clemente Bautista (KALIKASAN Party-list) 

Bartolome Rayco (AKING BIKOLNON)


Ferdinand Gaite (COURAGE)




News Release
April 5, 2013

Reference: Satur Ocampo, president Makabayan Coalition Party

Makabayan to COMELEC: Stop harassing progressive party list groups

The Makabayan Coalition Party today hit the Commission on Election (Comelec) for harassing progressive party list groups.

According to Satur Ocampo, Makabayan president, “Kabataan Partylist and PISTON are now being threatened with disqualification even if they already complied with the Commission’s postering regulations and have been carefully following campaign rules. In fact there is already a draft order by the Comelec en banc cancelling the registration of Kabataan partylist and PISTON,”

“It is very petty indeed for the representatives of the youth and drivers to be disqualified just because of posters. What is more alarming though is that it seems that our allied party lists are being singled out and selected for disqualification while others close to the administration like Akbayan which already has 9 postering violations and Anak Mindanao whose posters brazenly line up the highway from Dipolog to Pagadian, are not being cited for disqualification by the Comelec,” said the former congressman.

Compared to the party-list Piston's 1 notice, and Kabataan's 7 alleged notices of poster violations, the aforementioned pro-administration Akbayan and Anak Mindanao party-lists and Risa Hontiveros (also with 7 violations) have not been subject to any disqualification proceedings.

“Even the legitimate issues being campaigned for by our party list groups like the campaign opposing violence against women is prohibited by the Commission. The Comelec and Chairman Brillantes should not allow themselves to be used by the administration to harass and suppress the true voices of the marginalized in our society,” ended Ocampo. ###





7 April 2013
Reference: ACT TEACHERS Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio (09209220817)

New SC ruling opens party-list system to rich and powerful -teachers’ solon

“A supreme error at the expense of the poor and underrepresented.”

ACT TEACHERS Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio slammed the Supreme Court (SC) which, in a decision issued on April 2 and published in its website yesterday, junked the requirements of representation and membership of party-lists and their nominees in marginalized sectors.

“Representation and membership in a marginalized sector are set by the Constitution and law, and it is beyond the SC’s limits to change, much less remove them,” Tinio said. “The justices encroached into the power of the direct representatives of the people, especially the marginalized masses, to crowd them out of the tiny space allotted for them in Congress.”

Republic Act 7941 or the Party-List Act states that 20% of the Lower House must be made up of direct representatives of “marginalized and under-represented sectors, organizations and parties, and who lack well-defined political constituencies.”

The high court also allowed political parties to join in the party-list system so long as their “sectoral arm” registers with COMELEC, which ruling Tinio condemned as absurd and contrary to the language and spirit of RA 7941.

“The party-list system is a tool which gives some measure of an ‘equalizer’ in Congress for the poor and underrepresented,” said Tinio. “The ruling effectively erases this equalizer and reinvents the system as a free-for-all for the rich and powerful to fully exploit, without anymore bothering to feign representation of the people they oppress.”

Tinio finally warned that the people will hold the justices accountable for giving the economic and political elite express permission to use the machinery of government to further push the poor and underrepresented into the margins. ###



News Release| Abril 8, 2013
For Reference: George San Mateo, National President 0909.475.1334
Randy Evangelista, media liaison, 0923.5969798

Drivers groups cry political harassment over moves to disqualify PISTON and Kabataan;

We will not let COMELEC disenfranchise millions of drivers and supporters for Aquino’s vested interest! – PISTON Partylist

PISTON Partylist members, supporters and allied organizations trooped to the Commission on Elections in Intramuros this morning to protest what they call a ridiculous attempt to disqualify PISTON and Kabataan from the partylist elections in the name of advancing Aquino’s interest in the 2013 polls.

George San Mateo, national president of PISTON said that from what they have observed from Comelec’s press releases, the arguments presented in the hearings may have been in vain since the poll body is dead-set on harassing progressive partylists with cancellation of accreditation. On the other hand, Comelec continued to be soft on pro-administration and Aquino-backed partylists such as Akbayan.

“Even if we are confident that the Comelec had no basis to disqualify us, we are afraid that they will bully their way into doing so and thereby disenfranchising millions of drivers and supporters of PISTON.”

“This is not simply about the postering violations they alleged. The gestures of Comelec screams of politcal harassment directed against the most vocal critics of the Aquino administration. We are definitely worried that Comelec has been cooking our disqualification in order to harass the progressive partylists who have been very critical of Malacanang and Comelec’s handling of the 2013 elections.”

PISTON also criticized what it called a choreographed move by the Supreme Court to remand the cases of disqualified partylists to Comelec despite having been proven to be organized by rich and powerful politicians.

“Dancing to the same tune as Comelec, the Supreme Court virtually erased the spirit of the partylist law. That is, to provide an avenue for marginalized sectors of our society to get seats in the elite-dominated Philippine congress. As if opposing its own decision, the Supreme Court had ordered the Comelec to allow the ‘partylists of the rich and powerful’ through guidelines that defeat the very purpose of the law and its own jurisprudence such as the Ang Bagong Bayani case.”

“The yellow force have been busy at work as election day approaches. First, they allow Akbayan, Aquino’s pet partylist, to run despite being in the center of power. Then they try to disqualify progressive partylists with absurd cases of campaign violations. Now, they allow the rich and powerful to run against marginalized partylists through their intentionally skewed interpretation. This elections could turn out to be the dirtiest in terms of manipulation by the incumbent administration.”

San Mateo explained their plans should the Comelec cancel PISTON’s accreditation. “Alam nyo ang mga driver, alam nyo ang PISTON, hindi kami umaatras sa laban kahit gaano kalaki ang kapangyarihan ng sasagupain namin. We will show Comelec the potent force of drivers across the country should they try to disqualify us. We will not allow ourselves to be disenfranchised by a yellow Comelec.” # # #

attachment: chronology of the absurd case against PISTON Partylist

Labanan ang Panggigipit sa Piston Partylist!

Malinaw na pampulitikang panggigipit ang ginagawa ng gobyernong Aquino sa pamamagitan ng Comelec sa Piston Partylist!

Iregular ang proseso ng pagpapaabot ng babala sa Piston kaugnay ng pagdidikit ng poster. Sa kabila nito, nag-comply ang Piston. Pero nagtuluy-tuloy ang Comelec sa trial by publicity laban sa Piston, kahit wala pang kasong isinasampa.

At nang magsampa ito ng kaso, nagbatay ito sa mabuway na ebidensya – sa nag-iisang poster sa isang lamp post sa Taft Avenue na natuklasan ng Comelec ilang araw matapos magpadala ng babala sa Piston.

Pebrero 19 – dinala sa tanggapan ng Piston ng isang staff ng Kabataan Partylist ang isang liham mula sa Comelec na inihatid sa tanggapan ng kanilang partylist. Tungkol ang liham sa umano’y nakadikit na mga poster ng Piston sa tapat ng Philippine General Hospital sa Taft Avenue.

Pebrero 20 – Bagamat hindi direktang ipinaabot sa tanggapan ng Piston ang sulat, seryosong tinugunan ng Piston ang naturang liham: Ipinatupad ang atas ng sulat na baklasin ang poster sa nabanggit na lugar.

Pebrero 26 – Nagpadala ang Piston ng Letter of Compliance sa Comelec. Tinatakan ito ng Comelec na pormal na natanggap noong Pebrero 27.

Huling linggo ng Pebrero – umugong ang balita ng pagsasampa ng kaso ng Comelec para idiskwalipika ang Piston kahit wala itong natatanggap na anumang pormal na liham mula Comelec hinggil sa isyu.

Marso 4 – Para matiyak, pinuntahan ng mga opisyal ng Piston ang Comelec para itanong ang nabalitang pagsasampa ng kaso. Pero ayon sa Law Department ng Comelec, wala itong binubuong kaso o ginagawang sulat para sa Piston. Ganoon din ang pahayag ng opisina ni Comelec chair Sixto Brillantes,Jr.

Marso 11 – halos magkasabay na dumating ang dalawang liham sa opisina ng Piston na ipinapaalam ang dalawang magkahiwalay na pagdinig – ng en banc session ng Comelec sa Marso 15 hinggil sa cancellation ng accreditation (kaugnay ng hindi pagtanggal ng poster sa kabila ng notice), at ng Law Department ng Comelec sa Marso 20 hinggil sa kasong kriminal (kaugnay ng pagdidikit ng poster).

Sa pagdinig ng Comelec en banc, lumalabas na:

>> Ibinatay ng Comelec ang kaso sa ilang larawang lumabas sa Twitter na nagpapakita umano ng mga poster ng Piston sa isang center island ng Taft Avenue. Nakuha ang larawan noong Pebrero 19, ang araw na inihatid ang notice.

>> Walang affidavit ang may-account sa Twitter na nagpapahintulot gamiting ebidensya ang kanyang larawan kaya hindi magagamit na pormal na ebidensya ang larawan niya sa pagdinig.

>> Nag-inspeksyon lang ang Comelec sa naturang lugar noong Pebrero 23. Ang nakita nito sa inspeksyon: nag-iisang poster ng Piston sa tuntungan ng lamp post, na nag-iisa rin sa buong Taft Avenue.

Kinokondena namin ang panggigipit sa partylist ng mga drayber at maralita, ang Piston Partylist! Iprotesta natin ang panggigipit na ito at ang pagpabor ng Comelec sa makapangyarihang mga partylist at kandidato at sa gobyernong Aquino!

PISTON Partylist





News Release
April 7, 2013
Reference: Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño, +639209035683

Assails Comelec, government for inadequate number of PCOS machines, ballots for Overseas Absentee Voting

Hong Kong, SAR - Makabayan senatorial bet Teddy Casiño said the disenfranchisement of Filipino migrants because of a shortage of ballots and Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines may be an impeachable offense if it occurs on a massive scale as feared by various OFW groups.

“The outright disenfranchisement of our citizens is a betrayal of the public trust which is an impeachable offense. It is preposterous for the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to succeed in expanding the Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) when in Hong Kong alone they reduced the number of PCOS machines from 22 to nine (9),” the progressive lawmaker said during his miting de avance in Hong Kong.

Earlier last month, Comelec informed the Filipino community in Hong Kong that while they increased the number of countries covered by the OAV, they will reduce the number of PCOS machines in this country to only nine.

“This is especially problematic because the registered voters in Hong Kong have increased to 122,820 from 95,000 in 2010. I wonder how Comelec derived that 9 PCOS machines will be enough when the Filipino community itself has been protesting the move,” Casiño said.

“While voting is up to 30 days, most of our Filipino workers are available on Sundays only. In 2010, 6,000 migrants voted on one Sunday of the OAV. With the number of PCOS machines reduced and the precinct locations sparse, migrants fear that the number of actual votes will drop and thousands of OFWs will be disenfranchised,” the three-term congressman said.

Casiño said this does not even factor in the insufficient number of ballots since Comelec reduced the number of ballots in Hong Kong by 31,941, leaving that number of voters with no ballot allocation. This was due to an earlier delisting of 240,000 overseas voters which the Comelec later reinstated but without ballot allocations.

Casino appealed to the Comelec to increase the number of voting centers overseas, especially in Hong Kong, the Middle East and Australia, where voters have to travel hundreds of kilometres and spend for airfare just to register and vote.

Hong Kong has been the top post for overseas absentee voting and is home to more than 150,000 Filipino migrants. The Makabayan Coalition candidate said he was determined to bring "Takbo ni Teddy" to the OFW communities in different parts of the globe. Casiño, whose platform focuses on the needs of the common folk, said he has long been involved in migrants issues, from initiating investigations into various transgressions of employers and recruitment agencies to crafting measures that help address problems faced by overseas Filipino workers.###



News Release
April 7, 2013
Reference: Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño, +639209035683

Takbo ni Teddy launched in Victoria Park, amid thousands of Filipino migrants

Hong Kong, SAR - As the Philippines endure the sizzling summer heat of the campaign season, senatorial bet Teddy Casiño kicked off his Hong Kong-leg sortie by running around Victoria Park and greeting Filipino migrants amid the cool weather.
The Makabayan Coalition candidate said he was determined to bring "Takbo ni Teddy" to the OFW communities in different parts of the globe.

"Ang mga migrante ang isa sa mga sektor na layon kong pagsilbihan kapag ako ay nahalal sa Senado," the three-term congressman explained.
Casiño, whose platform focuses on the needs of the common folk, said he has long been involved in migrants issues, from initiating investigations into various transgressions of employers and recruitment agencies to crafting measures that help address problems faced by overseas Filipino workers.

"I vow to continue our fight in the Senate, to uphold and protect the rights of Filipino migrant workers and to create local opportunities for them by developing national industries and creating jobs with adequate wages," he said.

Together with Migrante party-list, Casiño addressed Filipinos in Hong Kong during a miting de avance along Chater Road in Central.
Casiño discussed his plans for Filipino migrants, including measures to ensure that government agencies support and defend Filipino migrant workers against abusive employers and recruiting agencies and the removal of excessive fees and exploitative policies.

"Presidents of yesterday and today proclaimed OFWs as modern-day heroes by uplifting not only their families' lives, but also momentarily boosting the country's economy. However, it is saddening to learn about their real situation. How they have sacrificed so much but are neglected by the government," he said.

He added that his comprehensive platform of agrarian reform, national industrialization and lower prices will effectively address the root of the problem: lack of regular and adequate-paying jobs in the country.

"Government should have long deserted the labor export program and had instead invested in national industries and agriculture which will create wealth and livelihood for the country.

Hong Kong has been the top post for overseas absentee voting and is home to more than 150,000 Filipino migrants.###




06 April 2013
For Reference: REP LUZVIMINDA C. ILAGAN 0920-9213221
REP. EMMI A. DE JESUS 0917-3221203
Jang Monte (Public Information Officer) 0917-4049119


Women's partylist group Gabriela assailed today the Supreme Court ruling setting guidelines in the determination of partylist qualification and remanding all partylist disqualification petitions to the Commission on Elections.

Gabriela Women's Party Representatives Luz Ilagan and Emmi De Jesus both said the decision practically defeats the essence of the Partylist Law which supposedly gives marginalized sectors a chance for representation in the House of Representatives.

"The Partylist System was created to favor the poor, marginalized and underrepresented sectors. It was supposed to give farmers, workers, informal settlers, indigenous groups and women-- sectors whose opinions are often relegated to the sidelines, the chance to take active part in legislation and policy making. The Supreme Court ruling takes an entirely opposite direction. It makes a mockery of the Partylist system," said Ilagan.

De Jesus said that the SC ruling will allow more political dynasties and individuals representing interests of big businesses and the elite to abuse the partylist system. "We have a Congress dominated by landlords and hacienderos, multi-millionaires, big business interests. The SC ruling further paves the way for anti-poor legislation."

Gabriela Women's Party, along with allied partylist organizations in the Makabayan bloc is set to hold protest on Monday at the COMELEC and the Supreme Court following a press conference at 10:00AM. #





Press Statement
05 April 2013

On the SC decision allowing 41 partylists to run

The decision of the Aquino-dominated Supreme Court to allow 41 partylists previously barred by the Comelec to run in this year’s elections will strengthen the elite’s domination of the country’s elections and government.

The SC’s decision runs counter to the spirit of the partylist system. It will ironically strengthen elite rule through a system that claims to empower the marginalized and to give the marginalized a voice in the country’s legislature.

While it allowed a few genuine partylist groups to run, the SC ruling allowed more elite-owned partylist groups to run in the coming elections. While we trust that genuine partylist groups will exert all efforts to maximize the remaining campaign period, the belated release of the ruling makes it more difficult for them to win in the elections.

This decision goes hand-in-hand with the Comelec’s efforts to harass and disqualify progressive partylist groups Kabataan and Piston and restrict the campaign of all partylist groups.

It is compatible with the Comelec’s refusal to go after Pres. Noynoy Aquino and candidates closest to him like Risa Hontiveros and Akbayan Partylist for their numerous violations of campaign rules.

The Comelec is clearly working to strengthen the rule of elites and the Aquino regime in the country.

Reference: Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson, 0908-1636597




Press Statement
08 April 2013

Gising, mga Kababayan! Niluluto ang halalan!

Nakaabot sa aming kaalaman na ang Comelec ay nagbuo na ng desisyong idiskwalipika ang Piston Partylist at Kabataan Partylist at naghihintay na lang ng pagdating at pagpirma ng mga komisyoner bago ito ilabas sa publiko. Kaugnay ito ng mga patakaran nito sa pagkakampanya na mapanupil sa mga partylist, lalo na sa mga progresibo.

Mariin naming kinokondena ang panggigipit na ito sa dalawang partylist. Karugtong ito ng tangkang pagdiskwalipika noon sa Bayan Muna Partylist at Anakpawis Partylist, at sa pagpapalaganap ng kasinungalingan ngayon ng Comelec na lumalabag si Teddy Casiño sa mga patakaran hinggil sa gastos sa patalastas sa midya.

Malinaw na kumikilos ang Comelec sang-ayon sa utos ni Noynoy Aquino at sa kontra-insurhensyang programa ng gobyernong Aquino, ang Oplan Bayanihan. Instrumento ang Comelec ng pagsupil sa mga kritiko ng gobyerno na tumutuligsa sa mga patakarang nagdudulot ng pagsahol ng kagutuman at kahirapan sa bansa.

Sa kabilang banda, tuluy-tuloy ang pagpabor ng Comelec sa mga kandidato ng rehimeng Aquino, lalo na sa malapit nitong alyadong Akbayan at si Risa Hontiveros, at sa mga pulitiko ng naghaharing uri sa pangkalahatan. Kahit ang paggastos at pagwaldas ng mga ito ng pondo ng gobyerno ay hindi man lang makwestyon ng Comelec.

Kaalinsabay, tigas-ulong iginigiit ng Comelec ang paggamit sa PCOS Machines para sa pagbilang sa mga boto sa darating na halalan. Sa kabila ito ng malinaw na kapalpakan ng naturang mga makina at problema sa pagpapahusay ng mga ito. Susi ang mga ito sa Hokus-PCOS sa darating na halalan, sa malawakang pandaraya.

Ngayon pa lang, masasabi natin: Walang patas at malinis na halalan ngayong 2013. Ang mayroon: madugas at maruming halalan pabor sa rehimeng Aquino sa partikular at sa mga naghaharing uri sa pangkalahatan. Ngayong taon ginawa ng Comelec at rehimeng Aquino ang pinakamasahol na pagsalaula sa sistemang partylist.

Layunin ng gobyernong Aquino na kopohin ang Kongreso at Senado para mabilis nitong maipatupad ang maraming mga kontra-manggagawa at kontra-maralitang patakaran. Nariyan ang Cha-cha o Charter Change, malawakang demolisyon, mas mabigat na pagbubuwis, at mas malawakang pagkamkam ng lupa at pagmimina.

Gising, mga kababayan! Niluluto ang halalan! Ginigipit ang mga kritiko ng pamahalaan! Ipapanalo ang mga tuta ng Malakanyang! Kumilos tayo! Kondenahin ang pampulitikang panggigipit sa Piston, Kabataan at lahat ng progresibo! Kondenahin ang pagiging bayarang aso ng Comelec kay Aquino! Ilusyon lang ang patas at malinis na halalan sa ilalim ng gobyernong Aquino at sistemang pabor sa iilan!

Reference: Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson, 0908-1636597





April 5, 2013

Anakbayan slams SC ruling on party-lists

The SC ruling on party-lists will further strengthen elite dominance in PH politics. It will further "trapofy" Congress. Instead of giving space for poor, the party-lists system will give more for dominant candidates. It reversed progressive and pro-poor intent of the party-list system. Expect more hacienderos, trapos and cabinet members to abuse system originally reserved for poor and marginalized sectors.

Reference: Vencer Crisostomo, 09398618369