"In the interest of compassionate justice":
3 hours to attend the 2-day wake of her 2-day old daughter,
and zero hour to bury her dear departed Baby Diona

Part I (Wake)   Part II (Funeral, Poems, video, articles)

Poems by Nardy Sabino, Jun Verzola and Ron Magbuhos

Cathedral of the Phlippine Independent Church, Taft Avenue, Manila


May 21,  2014





Photos by Cong B. Corrales, Andrianne Mark Ng, Tudla Productions,  Renato Reyes,
Dominic Saet and Southern Tagalog Exposure as indicated by the filenames



Karapatan Pid
11 hrs


Ipinagkait na naman sa akin ang pagkakataon na makasama nang matagal ang anak ko sa huling sandali. Napaka iksi naman ng 3 oras.

Di bale sana kung buhay sya, kahit kaunting oras lang kami magkita ngayon, dahil alam ko paglaya ko makikita ko sya, pero huling pagkakataon na ito na makakasama at makikita ko sya.

Mga magulang din kayo, alam nyo ang pakiramdam ng isang magulang para sa anak, kapag magkakawalay kahit sandali. Lalo na kaya pag kagaya ko na wala na ang anak ko.

Natakot ako noon na maging isang ina dahil alam kong mahirap. Pero nang malaman ko na buntis ako, napakasaya ko. Naging maingat ako, at gusto kong maging malusog sya. Pero nangyari nga na naaresto ako, at nahirapan sa pagkakapiit.

Malungkot na malungkot ako, hindi na nga ako pinayagang makasama sa libing ang anak ko, sobrang iksi pa nang oras para makita ko siya sa burol. Hindi ba sapat na nawalan ako ng anak? …

Political Detainee
BJMP-Camp Bagong Diwa Female Dorm



May 20, 2014

AFP Claim that Andrea received ‘best’ medical care, NOT TRUE

This is a statement by the Dr. Geneve Reyes, one of the attending physicians of Andrea Rosal. Dr. Reyes is a volunteer doctor for the human rights organization Health Action for Human Rights.
I would like to state for the record that Andrea Rosal did not receive 'best' medical care as claimed by the AFP.

1. At the NBI, where she was first detained in March 27, she already complained of stomach cramps, but the NBI nurse just made her fill out a form; on her third day of detention, the obstetrician who the Health Action for Human Rights requested to see Andrea, was able to access Andrea and examine her only after much arguments with the NBI guards and officials. Only after the HAHR doctor insisted that Andrea be brought to a hospital because of premature contractions did the NBI bring her to Medical Center Manila for an ultrasound. And it is worth noting that Andrea's Aunt Fely paid for that, she gave P10,000 for the ultrasound, Asan na ang sukli?

2. At Camp Bagong Diwa, while waiting for the court order for her hospitalization, I was the one who gave her relatively significant prenatal check up (although minimal since Andrea was able to have said check-ups along the hallways or in the guard's office, where Andrea could only lie on the office floor so she can be examined with all the office employees around).

- Andrea slept on the floor of a 5 x 10 meter cell with 30 other inmates. Her request for an electric fan was denied. She had to buy her own food because she cannot eat the rationed food and she also felt it was not providing her and her baby proper nutrition. The resident doctor of the BJMP would only interview her, and it is not known what the BJMP's recommendations are after Andrea complained of frequent contractions.

3. It was not BJMP or AFP who facilitated the hospitalization. IT was by virtue of a court order which Andrea's lawyers pursued as recommended by private doctors who saw her. Does the AFP mean that Andrea owes them for not opposing her motion for hospitalization?

4. The BJMP did not even coordinate with the PGH, and they should have as soon as they received the court order. it was HAHR who accomplished necessary preparations at the PGH for Andrea's admission, and on May 16, when Andrea was already in labor, the deputy warden at the Camp Bagong DIwa BJMP insisted on requirements that were so unreasonable, that even if I, a doctor, already explained to her and pleaded with her for BJMP to bring Andrea to PGH, the warden did not heed. There was indeed delay in the transfer of Andrea to PGH. Did the deputy warden refer Andrea to the BJMP doctor when she was starting to have contractions on May 16? Or no doctor was present there to advise the deputy warden if she did not trust Andrea's attending doctor?

5. It is Andrea’s family money and contributions from well-meaning individuals that is funding for Andrea’s and her daughter’s hospitalization.
To the AFP, is this what ‘best’ medical care means to you. Is this the kind of medical care you would wish for your wives, and daughters? Do you think this is already the best that Andrea deserves because she is a detainee and she is the daughter of a communist leader? Have you ever heard of the rights of detainees especially of pregnant women?

For the sake of argument, if we do not take into account the outcome of Andrea’s pregnancy, if the baby were born alive and healthy, the fact still remains, there was ill-treatment of a pregnant woman in the custody of BJMP. And this has to stop. ###

REFERENCE: Dr. Geneve Reyes






New-born of illegally arrested political prisoner Andrea Rosal died two days after birth

Andrea Rosal, a woman political prisoner and daughter of communist spokesperson Ka Roger Rosal, lost her first child two days after giving birth while in detention.

Andrea Rosal was arrested together with Edward Lazanas on March 27 by elements of the National Bureau of Investigation for trumped up charges of kidnapping with murder. Rosal was seven months pregnant during the arrest.

A decision granting Rosal's Urgent Motion for Hospitalization was issued by the Pasig Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 266 in the morning of May 15, just in time for Rosal’s delivery.

The Pasig RTC’s decision came out only after six long weeks since it was filed on April 2 at the Mauban Regional Trial Court Branch 64. The Mauban RTC did not decide on the petition but instead transferred the motion to the Pasig RTC.

Rosal gave birth at 8 a.m. on May 17. But the hours between May 15 and 17 were the longest for a mother in labor. Undergoing uterine contractions since the evening of May 15, Andrea was brought back and forth from Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City to the Philippine General Hospital in Manila, almost 15 kilometers apart, because there were no available room for her according to the BJMP. Andrea Rosal was admitted only at the PGH on May 16. The next morning, on May 17, she gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Diona Andrea Rosal.

On May 18 at around 5:00 pm, Baby Diona expired due to pulmonary hypertension secondary to neonatal pneumonia and hypoxic encephalopathy, according to her death certificate. Right after she was born, Baby Diona was on artificial respirator.

Baby Diona's lifeless body was already cold and blue when Andrea had the first and only opportunity to hold her in her arms. (picture attached, with permission from Andrea Rosal)

According to Dr. Beng Rivera-Reyes of the Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD), the poor prison conditions which Andrea Rosal was in and the failure to provide regular pre-natal check-up may have contributed to the health condition of Baby Diona.

During her detention at the National Bureau of Investigation in Manila, Rosal was brought to a cramped and extremely hot cell most unfit for a pregnant woman. Despite complaints of stomach cramps, Andrea was only allowed to see her doctor two days after her arrest. The doctor’s prescription for hospital confinement and other laboratory procedures were ignored. Instead, she was transferred to the female dormitory for detainees in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City where jail condition was worse.

She did not receive any medical attention from jail authorities during her detention at Camp Bagong Diwa. Andrea shares the 5x10 meter cell with 31 other female detainees. Each cell has only a window built along the building's corridor; no window is built where fresh air and sunlight could get through.

Since her arrest, she stopped taking her supplements and has to make do with prison food rations, which is usually just rice and a meagre amount of fish or boiled vegetable. She was allergic to fish, but she was not allowed to cook her own food. She had to sleep on the floor because the sleeping cot assigned to her is on the third deck. Her request for an electric fan of her own was refused by jail authorities citing there is a limit to the number of fans in each cell.

Andrea is still mourning for the death of child. But the Court prohibited her to bury her own child for "security reasons". She is only allowed to visit the wake of Baby Diona for three hours.

Andrea Rosal and Lazanas must be immediately released for the cases charged against them are fabricated and baseless. The witness against Andrea Rosal was the same ‘professional witness’ used by the military against security guard Rolly Panesa, who was illegally arrested, detained and tortured on charges that he was a high-ranking official of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Recommended Action:
Send letters, emails or fax messages calling for:

1. The immediate release of Andrea Rosal and Edward Lazanas;
2. The end to the policy of labelling, targeting and persecuting children of members of the national democratic movement;
3. The withdrawal of Oplan Bayanihan, the Philippine government’s counterinsurgency program, that victimizes innocent and unarmed civilians; and
4. The Philippine Government to observe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Standard Minimum Treatment of Prisoners, UN Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and all the major Human Rights instruments that it is a party and signatory to. ###

You may send your communications to:
H.E. Benigno C. Aquino III
President of the Republic
Malacañang Palace,
JP Laurel St., San Miguel
Manila Philippines
Voice: (+632) 564 1451 to 80
Fax: (+632) 742-1641 / 929-3968
E-mail: op@president.gov.ph

Sec. Teresita Quintos-Deles
Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process
Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP)
7th Floor Agustin Building I
Emerald Avenue
Pasig City 1605
Voice:+63 (2) 636 0701 to 066
Fax:+63 (2) 638 2216

Ret. Lt. Gen. Voltaire T. Gazmin
Secretary, Department of National Defense
Room 301 DND Building, Camp Emilio Aguinaldo,
E. de los Santos Avenue, Quezon City
Voice:+63(2) 911-6193 / 911-0488 / 982-5600
Fax:+63(2) 982-5600
Email: osnd@philonline.com, dnd.opla@gmail.com

Atty. Leila De Lima
Secretary, Department of Justice
Padre Faura St., Manila
Direct Line 521-1908
Trunkline 523-84-81 loc.211/214
Fax: (+632) 523-9548
Email: lmdelima@doj.gov.ph, lmdelima.doj@gmail.com, lmdelima.doj2@gmail.com

Hon. Loretta Ann P. Rosales
Chairperson, Commission on Human Rights
SAAC Bldg., UP Complex
Commonwealth Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Voice: (+632) 928-5655, 926-6188
Fax: (+632) 929 0102
Email: chair.rosales.chr@gmail.com, lorettann@gmail.com

Please send us a copy of your email/mail/fax to the above-named government officials, to our address below:



Armed guards escort Andrea Rosal to the wake of her Baby Diona



Press Statement
May 22, 2014

Reference: Cristina “Tinay” Palabay, Secretary General, 0917-3162831
Angge Santos, Media Liaison, 0918-9790580

AFP told to shut up and stop muddling the issue on the death of Andrea Rosal’s baby

Today, Baby Diona was buried without her mother Andrea Rosal. The Court prohibited Andrea to bury her own child for "security reasons". Yesterday, she was only allowed to visit the wake of Baby Diona at the Cathedral of the Philippine Independent Church for three hours, and “with overkill security escorts”. Observers counted at least 40 escorts from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, mostly armed with high powered rifles.

“The Aquino government and the AFP have shown more than enough barbarism on the case of Andrea Rosal and her baby. This is not the time to dish out your usual victim blaming and red baiting. These will not work; neither the lies you continue to peddle nor the hypocritical sorrow that you express. The harm has been done, Baby Diona is gone and Andrea Rosal is still in detention. And, we hold you accountable for all of these,” said Karapatan secretary general Cristina Palabay.

Palabay added, “The least the government can do to render justice to the death of Baby Andrea is to release the falsely charged Andrea Rosal. Otherwise, it better shut up.”

Karapatan reiterates Andrea Rosal’s arrest and detention is illegal. “It is based on false charges and on the testimony of a ‘professional witness’ who goes from court to court peddling lies fed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines to justify detention of suspected ‘enemies of the state’,” she said.

The ‘witness’ against Andrea Rosal is the same Erwin Rosales used by the military against security guard Rolly Panesa. Panesa was illegally arrested, detained and tortured on charges that he was a high-ranking official of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Palabay said the lack of proper medical care and the inhuman condition in jail contributed to the eventual demise of baby Diona. “Contrary to claims by the AFP, Andrea was deprived of proper medical care necessary for a pregnant woman” she said, “despite the doctor’s prescription ‘to undergo laboratory and ultrasound examinations’ and a ‘hospital check-up or even admission’.”

Andrea Rosal shares a 5x10 meter cell with 31 other female detainees. Since her arrest, she has stopped taking her supplements. She was allergic to fish but was not allowed to cook her own food and had to make do with prison food rations, usually just rice and a meagre amount of fish or boiled vegetable. She slept on the floor because the cot assigned to her is on the third deck. Her request for an electric fan of her own was refused by jail authorities citing there is a limit to the number of fans in each cell.

When she was three years old, Andrea was abducted by elements of the AFP with the intent to force the surrender of the late Ka Roger Rosal, spokesperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines. The military later gave in to public pressure and released Andrea. ###





Protesta ng mga Bianggong Pulitikal sa Malupit na Pagkamatay ng Kapapanganak na Sanggol ng Kapwa Bilanggong Pulitikal na si Andrea Rosal
(19 Mayo 2014)

Kaming mga bilanggong pulitikal sa Special Intensive Care Area, Camp Bagong Diwa, ay malakas na nagpoprotesta sa pagkamanhid, kalupitan at pagpapahirap na dinaanan ng isang kapwa bilanggong pulitikal, na si Andrea Rosal, sa kamay ng mga otoridad ng militar, intelidyens, kulungan at naghaharing reaksyunaryong estado, na tumungo sa kagyat na pagkamatay ng kanyang sanggol na si Diona Andrea, wala pang isang araw pagkapanganak nito.

Liban pa sa pahayag na ito, ipamamalas namin ang aming protesta sa pamamagitan ng isang minutong sabay-sabay na pag-iingay mamayang 5:30 n.h.

Si Andrea, na inaresto noong Marso 27 habang nagdadalantao at naghahanda na para sa nalalapit nang panganganak niya ay pinadaan pa sa mga masyadong mahabang pag-antala, pagpabalik-balik at maraming kahirapan at mga nararamdamang sakit bago siya naipasok sa ospital isang araw na lamang bago ang panganganak niya.

Ang sanggol sa sinapupunan ay malubhang napinsalaan ng mga pagkamanhid, kalupitan at pagpapahirap na dinaanan ng ina sa loob ng bilangguan, at ang mga ito ang naging sanhi ng maraming sakit at halos kaagad na pagkamatay pagkaluwal sa kanya.

Ang pangyayaring ito, ilang araw lamang makaraan ang Araw ng mga Ina ay malinaw na paglalarawan sa kawalan ng pagtugon ng naghaharing reaksyunaryong rehimen at estado sa karapatan ng mga nanay at mga sanggol nila, ng mga bilanggong pulitikal at ng mga karaniwang inaapi at naghihirap na mamamayan.

Kailangang pagpanagutin rito ang mga responsableng awtoridad ng militar, intelidyens, kulungan at naghaharing reaksyunaryong rehimen at estado.

Palayain si Andrea Rosal!
Palayain ang mga bilanggong pulitikal na nanay!
Palayain ang lahat ng mga bilanggong pulitikal!

Mga bilanggong pulitikal
sa Special Intensive Care Area,
Camp Bagong Diwa,
Bicutan, Taguig City

Media interview


Little One
By Arnold Alamon
May 20, 2014

WHAT is your sin little one that they should make you suffer?

That you are born to a family of revolutionaries could be one. Your mother Andrea, after all is the daughter of Ka Roger Rosal. He died in the field of battle sadly under the same circumstances of your death. He was far from the health care he needed having been at the military cross hairs for decades as the spokesperson for the revolutionary movement in Southern Tagalog. But it was a kind of death that was accepted and honored for a life spent in bravery and courage.

But you, you barely had a day in this world. But you have been the subject of so much hate and villification by virtue of your courageous bloodline that the natal care you needed while inside the womb was kept out of reach by the enemy. There was your mother, well into the last months of her pregnancy, captured and tagged as a common criminal, with thirty one other women in a cramped cell.

Remember public school teacher Rebelyn Pitao, daughter of renowned NPA commander Parago. Last March 4, 2009, she was abducted by armed men while on her way home in Davao City. Her body was found in a ditch the next day with marks of torture and sexual abuse. She had no enemies except for those that her own father had made as a revolutionary. Just like you, little one, Rebelyn was a fair target of this unprincipled war perpetrated by state forces.

How many more nameless sons and daughters have been tortured in the name of state-sponsored peace so that they will reveal the whereabouts of their loved-ones in hiding? How many parents have been threatened with the power of the state to expose their courageous sons and daughters? How many innocent lives have been sacrificed in the indiscriminate hostilities waged by the state against non-combatants?

For counterinsurgency operations to target family members of revolutionaries is not new. It is a system that has been put well into place by American occupying forces since the time of Taft and then adapted by the Philippine military for their own internal security operations against their own people a century hence.

One wonders what kind of state killing machine this is that target innocent civilians whose only fault is to be born into families who resist against injustice. It is not hate and passion emanating from a human impulse but a kind of soulless imperative of a military bureaucracy driven by machismo where body count, civilian or otherwise, is a basis for glory and promotions. This madness is also the kind that emanates from the irrational fear of an occupying force that treats everyone – men, women, and children as likely enemies.


This same fear of a resisting people ironically emboldened the likes of General
Palparan to transform Eastern Visayas and Central Luzon into a howling counterinsurgency wilderness during his reign. The general remains in hiding to this day fearing the people’s justice that is sure to come.

However, it is the unflinching courage of those that have been victimized by the impunity of the system that has served as the strongest counterpoint to their message of fear.

It is the relentless and persevering efforts of mothers like Connie Empeño, Linda Cadapan, and Edith Burgos and other family members of the desaperacidos that have placed the likes of Palparan at the pedestal of infamy. After losing her daughter Rebelyn in such a gruesome manner, Evangeline Pitao stepped up and became the spokesperson of Hustisya Southern Mindanao, the organization of relatives of extrajudicial killings. It is also the organized and peaceful resistance of the indigenous Manobo tribes in Talaingod, Davao against mining and militarization in their ancestral land that strikes fear into the hearts of the occupying forces.

So they fear you, little Diona Andrea. They fear all that you represent even when you were in your mother’s womb. So they had to curtail your young life by nipping you at the bud and preventing you to blossom as a human being and bear witness to the injustice in this land just like your grandfather did. That is your sin and that is why they made you suffer.

But just like the mothers who have stood up for their missing and murdered daughters and sons, the tribes who have resisted the encroachment of opportunistic military and business entities, we are marked by the same sin of being witnesses to the same national suffering.

We stand by your mother in mourning, in our lips the promise that you, little one, did not die in vain.




  Ecumenical Mass for Baby Diona  


Statement of Solidarity of Congress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy on the Death of Andrea Rosal’s Newborn Child Diona Andrea
20 May 2014

We, the members of the Congress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy, UP Diliman, strongly condemn the fascist US-Aquino Regime for illegally arresting Andrea Rosal, daughter of the late New People’s Army (NPA) spokesperson Gregorio ”Ka Roger” Rosal. She was seven months pregnant when arrested last March 27 in Caloocan City by military intelligence agents on murder charges. We express our anger against the fascist military minions of the US-Aquino Regime who refused to free her on humanitarian grounds. We detest and condemn the inhuman and cruel attitude of the fascist military whose hands are stained by the death of Andrea’s newly born child, Diona Andrea. We express our profound sympathy with Andrea Rosal and mourn the loss of her first born child, Diona Andrea.

Andrea Rosal was arrested even if Gregorio Asedillo, spokesman of the National Democratic Front in Laguna province, issued a statement that, “[t]he claim of the AFP that she is the secretary of the Komiteng Larangang Gerilya (Guerrilla Front Committee) Sub-Regional Military Area in Southern Tagalog is a malicious lie and baseless accusation done to justify her arrest and continuous detention.” Given her health and physical condition, the government should have at least considered detention of Andrea in a decent hospital, if not released her immediately. Instead, progressive and militant sectors of our society needed to file motions to the court for Andrea’s pre-natal check-up and transfer to a hospital.

Contrary to claims by AFP spokesperson Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala who said that Andrea was afforded medical care after her arrest on March 27, we believe the expert opinion of Dr. Genevieve Reyes, secretary-general of Health Alliance For Democracy (HEAD), who said Andrea was not able to undergo prenatal check-up and she was not in good condition while in prison. We believe that the Andrea’s prolonged imprisonment and delays in hospital care have affected her and the baby’s grave health as explained by Dr. Reyes. Indeed, Andrea’s detention in a cramped prison which forced her to sleep on the floor and its lack of adequate ventilation at the height of the summer heat greatly contributed to the untimely death of Diona Andrea.

As educators, we are saddened by the way our government and its military minions handled the arrest of Andrea Rosal. It gives a wrong impression to our children and mothers that those who are suspected as enemies of the state will be subjected to the cruellest and most gruesome treatment. While our government provides all necessary and expensive medical treatment and security to the plunderers of our nation’s wealth, and presumes the innocence of corrupt politicians unless proven otherwise, that same government regards suspected enemies of the state as common criminals. They are denied of their rights and are imprisoned based solely on trumped-up charges.

We therefore call on our fellow teachers and educators to express our strongest solidarity for Andrea Rosal and all political detainees. Let our collective indignation be a message to our students and children that we do not condone the violence of the state perpetrated against our mothers who express different political beliefs. We cannot teach genuine democracy and love of the country if our government itself declares war against our mothers and their children.

Let’s continue to teach and act against state fascism!
Together with the patriotic sectors of our society, we demand with clinched fists:
Release Andrea Rosal immediately and without conditions!
Justice for baby Diona Andrea!
Free Wilma Austria-Tiamzon and all political detainees!
Down with military fascism!
End state impunity!
Down with Oplan Bayanihan!




Sonny San Juan
Pinoy Weekly

Paalala ng Maruming Gera
Posted: 20 May 2014 07:10 PM PDT

Sa mga mata ng sinumang taong nag-iisip nang matino, mahirap nang ikaila ang pananagutan ng gobyernong Aquino sa pagkamatay ng dalawang-araw na gulang na sanggol na si Diona Andrea nitong Mayo 18. Inaresto at ipiniit ang kanyang ina, si Andrea Rosal, noong pitong buwan siya sa sinapupunan. Tiyak na nagdulot ang pagkaaresto ng matinding stress at masamang lagay sa kulungan sa kanyang nanay.

Na hindi naman dapat, o ligal. Ang bintang ng militar at gobyerno kay Andrea Rosal ay lider siya ng New People’s Army, pero inaresto siya sa Caloocan City, hindi sa labanan. Nang maaresto siya, ipinanawagan na palayain siya agad sa batayang humanitarian o makatao, dahil buntis siya, pero hindi ito pinakinggan. Ipinanawagan din ang espesyal na atensyong medikal sa kanyang pagbubuntis, pero nagbingi-bingihan din dito.

Malinaw ang suri ng mga progresibong organisasyon at indibidwal sa social networking sites: ang tanging kasalanan ni Andrea Rosal ay anak siya ni Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, na noong nabubuhay pa ay mukha ng NPA at tagapagsalita ng Communist Party of the Philippines. Bukod pa sa ang kanyang ina ay namatay rin na isang NPA. Sa pagdakip sa kanya, waring sinentensyahan na ng kamatayan ang anak niya ng militar at gobyerno.
Ngayon, walang propaganda ng militar at gobyerno ang nakakapaglinis ng dugo ng sanggol sa kanilang mga kamay. Nagpahayag sila ng pakikiramay, na itinuring na insulto mula sa pumatay. Hindi rin pinaniwalaan, at nagsilbing patunay ng kalupitan, ang sinabi nilang ang matinding stress na dinanas ni Andrea Rosal ay dahil sa pagtatago umano sa batas. Ginawa pa nilang napakaiksi ng oras niya kasama ang patay na anak.

Nabalik sa alaala ng marami si Rebelyn Pitao, noo’y 20-taong guro ng pampublikong paaralan na pinatay ng militar noong Marso 4, 2009 sa salang pagiging anak ni Leoncio Pitao, “Kumander Parago” ng NPA sa Mindanao. Ayon sa imbestigasyon, ginahasa at sinaksak si Rebelyn ng mga dumukot sa kanya mula sa sinasakyan niyang traysikel noong pauwi sa bahay, bago iniwan ang kanyang bangkay sa isang daluyan ng irigasyon.

At napakarami pa ng dapat maalala. Pinakahuli lamang si Diona Andrea sa malaon nang tinawag na “maruming gera” ng gobyerno laban sa mga mamamayan. Marumi dahil hindi pinag-iiba ang NPA at di-armadong aktibista, at lalong hindi kinikilala ang karapatan ng mga inakusahang NPA. Marumi dahil hindi sinasanto ang internasyunal na makataong batas tungkol sa mga gera. Marumi dahil pinipiling maging marumi.

Maaalala ang napakaraming biktima ng ekstrahudisyal na pagpaslang at pagdukot. Ang daan-daang bilanggong pulitikal. Mga pambansang minorya at magsasakang biktima ng militarisasyon. Mga dumanas ng tortyur sa kamay ng militar, kapwa buhay at patay. Mga iligal na inaresto at ikinulong na dapat ay katransaksyon ng gobyerno sa usapang pangkapayapaan. Mga sinampahan ng gawa-gawang kaso, kapwa nakapiit at nagtatago.

Marami pang pwedeng alalahanin. Ang mismong human-rights worker na pinaslang. Ang taong simbahang pinatay sa pinalabas na insidente ng pagnanakaw. Ang babaeng NPA na ginahasa muna bago pinatay at niluray ang katawan. Ang sinaktan sa ari sa proseso ng tortyur. Ang pamilyang minasaker. At marami pang iba, na parang duguang lubid na nagdudugtong sa kasalukuyang gobyerno sa mga dayuhang sumakop sa bansa.

Ipinapakita ng pagpatay kay Diona Andrea na ipinagpapatuloy ni Noynoy Aquino ang maruming gera. Gamit ang midyang mainstream, pinagtatakpan niya ito ng paglaban umano sa korupsyon. Ipinagyayabang rin niyang umuunlad umano ang bansa, pero ipinapakita ng panunupil ng militar at gobyerno niya ang desperasyon sa harap ng tumitinding kahirapan at kagutuman na siyang nagpaparami sa mga NPA at aktibista.

At tuluy-tuloy na nakikita sa ilalim ni Aquino kung para kanino inilulunsad ang maduming gerang ito. Para sa US na binigyan ng karapatang magtayo ng base-militar saanmang bahagi ng bansa at kung gaano man katagal. Sa mga dayuhang kapitalista na gustong bigyan ng 100 porsyentong pag-aari ng lupa at negosyo sa Pilipinas. Sa mga kurakot sa gobyerno na kanyang pinoprotektahan o pakitang-tao lang na inuupakan.

Silang lahat, at ang kanilang paghahari, isinasakdal ng pagkamatay ni Diona Andrea.
21 Mayo 2014





Press Statement
21 May 2014

On the death of Andrea Rosal’s 2-day old daughter

We hold Pres. Benigno Aquino III responsible for the death of two-day old baby Andrea Diona Rosal, daughter of political prisoner Andrea Rosal. The death of baby Diona highlights the brutality of the Aquino government towards its critics and of its war against its people, especially those who are seeking genuine social change.

We condemn the murderous Aquino government for violating every human and maternal right of Andrea Rosal by illegally arresting her and subjecting her to inhumane incarceration which have, needless to say, gravely affected her pregnancy.

We also condemn this government for its inhumane treatment of Rosal in denying her the right to mourn her baby’s death and attend Baby Diona’s funeral and burial.

We are enraged by the Aquino administration’s gross callousness in sending a hypocritical message of condolence to the Rosals which is a futile attempt to wash off blood from their hands. Their message is no different from that of a murderer’s expression of condolences to his victims.

We are further enraged by the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ claim that human rights groups are merely using Baby Diona’s death for “anti-government propaganda”. It is the AFP which illegally arrested the then seven-month pregnant Andrea Rosal and branded her as a top rebel leader in a propaganda stunt to sell the illusion that it is winning over the New People’s Army.

We demand that Andrea Rosal be released immediately as she is being illegally held in incarceration on the basis of trumped-up charges and has in fact never been subjected to a formal trial. The Aquino government, its military, and its courts have no legal and moral right to prevent Andrea from attending her daughter’s funeral and burial.

Aquino’s inhumane treatment of Andrea Rosal is a manifestation of the government's refusal to address the root causes of the armed conflict in the country through the resumption of peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. Aquino insists on taking a brutal militaristic approach to the growing insurgency.

The Aquino government must be forced to stop its inhumane and illegal detention of political prisoners. We demand that all the hundreds of political prisoners be released immediately. We also demand that the peace talks with the NDFP be resumed immediately.

Justice for Baby Andrea Diona Rosal!
Free Andrea Rosal!
Free all political prisoners!

Reference: Lito Ustarez, KMU vice-chairperson, 0908-6491992




Malupit, Madamot at Praning ang Gobyerno: Pahayag ng mga manananggol ni Andrea Rosal

Pahayag ng mga manananggol ni Andrea Rosal sa tatlong (3) oras na pagsilip sa labi ng kanyang namatay na anak:

Malupit, madamot at praning ang gobyerno sa di pagbigay sa kahilingan ng nagluluksang ina na masilayan at makapiling ng huling pagkakataon ang kanyang sanggol. Halos nasa tapat lang ng ospital ni Andrea ang simbahan kung saan nakalagak ang labi ni baby Diona Andrea.

Ito ay maliwanag na walang habas na pulitikal na pagtugis at pang-aapi sa anak, apo, kaanak ni Ka Roger.

Wala pong sungay, pangil at buntot si Andrea. Hindi lahat ng nakakulong ay kriminal, at hindi lahat ng malaya ay walang sala. Ang hinagpis ng namatayang ina na mahirap ay katulad din ng hinagpis ng namatayang ina na mayaman.

Hindi natin nanaisin na maranasan ninuman ang masaklap na pinakita at pinadadama ng estado sa mag-ina.

Pero dahil dito, hindi kataka-taka ang poot na pinupunla sa kawalan ng tiwala ng dahop-palad sa sistemang pangkatarungan at pagtrato ng umiiral na gobyerno sa mga maliliit sa ating lipunan. #


Edre U. Olalia
NUPL Pangkalahatang Kalihim




21 May 2014

NZ Groups Call for Unconditional Release of Andrea Rosal and all Political Prisoners, Prison and Military Authorities must be held accountable for Baby Diona’s Death

New Zealand Philippine Solidarity groups are distressed by the death of baby Diona Rosal, the daughter of political prisoner Andrea Rosal. Baby Diona died aged two days old on May 18th due to hypoxemia, a deficiency of oxygen in the blood.

“The inhumane conditions of Andrea’s detention are likely to have contributed to this tragedy. At the time of her arrest, Andrea was due for a pre-natal check but was not granted adequate medical or
pre-natal care while in custody. This is in direct conflict with the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners which states for pregnant prisoners ‘there shall be special accommodation for
all necessary pre-natal and post-natal care and treatment,’” Cameron Walker, Spokesperson of Auckland Philippines Solidarity (APS) lamented.

“Rosal was held in a 5x10 metre cell with 31 other inmates at the Philippine National Police’s Camp Bagong Diwa in Manila, hardly suitable conditions for an expectant mother,” Walker continued.

TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: Death of Baby and Continuing Detention of Andrea

“Two months ago Andrea lost her freedom and now she lost her baby. It would be a travesty of justice to keep Andrea in illegal detention on trumped-up charges.”
“We call on Pres. Benigno Simeon Aquino III to heed the appeal for immediate release of Andrea Rosal and over 400 political prisoners unjustly detained on trumped-up criminal charges.” Auckland
Philippines Solidarity (APS) and Wellington Kiwi Pinoy (WKP) declared in a joint statement.

“The deplorable conditions under which Rosal was detained and the tragic death of baby Diona
strengthen our resolve to support the international campaign for an unconditional amnesty for political prisoners in the Philippines,” Walker concluded.

Cameron Walker, Spokesperson of Auckland Philippines Solidarity (APS)





Sa Hele ni Andrea
- Nardy Sabino

Sa hele ni andrea
Nakatanaw ang sanggol na Diona
Hindi humihikbi, hindi umiimik
Lirip at himig naalay na awit
Hindi nya na maririnig

Sa hele ni andrea
Wala ng iyak na patatahanin
Wala ng ngiting palalabasin

Sa hele ni andrea
Ugoy ng duyan ay di na magpapatulog
Lampin ay mananatiling nakatiklop
Ihi at dumi kaylan may di na maaamoy

Sa hele ni Andrea
Panaghoy at pagdurusa ay kalakip
Siphayo ng pangungulila ang nakabigkis

Sa hele ni Andrea
Ulinag ang Ala ala ni diona at iba pa
Sanggol na pinaslang ng mga sakim at palalo
Ahente ng bulok na sistema

Sa hele ni Andrea
Di nagmamaliw ang pag-asa
Pagsikil ay iwawaksi
Katarungan ay ipagwawagi.





Hindi ko Maapuhap ang mga Salita
- Ron Magbuhos

Hindi ko maapuhap ang mga salita
Magsasalarawan sa nilalaman nitong diwa,
Walang pandama ang sabihing malungkot
Walang lasa ang sambiting mapait
Hindi kumikirot ang ilarawang masakit.

Diona Andrea Rosal, sa iyong pagpanaw
Ang sabihing lubog sa hapis ang bayan
Ay pagtataksil sa damdamin ng mamamayan.

Kami ay napupuot
Sapagkat kami ay nagmamahal
Kami ay naghihimagsik.

Hindi ko maapuhap ang mga sarilita
Na magpapahiwatig nitong nadarama.

Nangangalit ang aking bagang, ako ay Ama.
Dumudugo ang aking puso, ako ay Ina.
Lumuluha aking damdamin, ako ay Taumbayan.
Nag-aalab ang aking pahina, ako ay ang Kasaysayan.

Mapait ang panlasa ng nauumid na dila
Hindi ko maapuhap ang mga salita.