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Establish the People’s Council for National Unity, Reform and Peace!


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 March 5, 2015





















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Aquino resign! Establish the People’s Council for National Unity, Reform and Peace!


It is now clear that the January 25 Mamasapano carnage was a result of Pres. Benigno Aquino IIIs failure of leadership.

It was Aquino who approved Oplan Exodus, the top-secret PNP-SAF operation that aimed to neutralize “high-value targets” but ended up with the death of at least 58 civilians, SAF and Moro combatants , and with the GPH-MILF peace negotiations run aground.

As Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief,  Aquino grossly miscalculated  the inherent risks and grave danger in sending nearly 400 fully armed government forces intruding into unfamiliar  terrain under the control of the MILF, the BIFF and other private armed groups.  He should have known that a single gunshot could instantly spark a gun battle that would cause a large number of fatalities and casualties  among the combatantsand  the civilian population.  On top of the resultant deathand destruction, the GPH-MILF peace process,now at a critical stage with the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) under consideration in Congress, has suffered a serious setback, and stands to be the biggest Mamasapano casualty.

Aquino compounded this error several-fold by relying solely on his close and trusted associate, suspended PNP Chief Purisima, to supervise the entire operation in his behalf, contrary to law.Further, the decision of  Aquino, Purisima and SAF Director Napenas to keep the operation “top secret”  from the Acting PNP Chief, the AFP the DND and DILG  heads broke the chain of command and responsibility and betrayed  deep distrust at the highest levels of the civilian and military hierarchy.  As a principal in the GPH-MILF peace negotiations, Aquino showed his lack of trust in the MILF and a cavalier attitude in violating their ceasefire agreement  and not coordinating with the MILF.

Worse, it is now evident that Oplan Exodus was a US-initiated operation using the PNP-SAF as cannon fodder in pursuing its global “war on terror”.  Incontrovertible evidence and an increasing number of credible reports reveal that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and US Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines based in Zamboanga played key roles in the inception, intelligence-gathering, planning, training of SAF forces, implementation, monitoring , medical evacuation and extraction of killed/wounded in Oplan Exodus.

In allowing unwarranted US involvement and the employment of  FBI-trained SAF commandos for Oplan Exodus,  Aquino put a higher premium on supporting the US-led “war on terror” and complying with US dictates at the expense of national interest,  contrary to his oath and duty as President of the Republic and in gross violation of national sovereignty.   

Pres. Aquino keeps paying lip service to the search for truth while leading a grand cover-up.  Aquino and his allies are blaming practically everyone – from the SAF, the AFP, the MILF and the Bangsamoro – for something that happened because of his failed leadership.

The Mamasapano incident and Aquino’s refusal to own up to his responsibility has shown once more the President's utter disdain and callous disregard for the poor, working people represented in this instance by the victims of the carnage and their families. It has proven Aquino's loyalty to his buddies and subservience to US dictates. This time, no amount of populist rhetoric, blame passing and allusions to the memory of his dead parents can hide the nature of his elitist and corrupt regime.

We say enough. The US-Aquino-led bloody Mamasapano fiasco has punctuated the compelling need to end this disastrous presidency.  Aquino must resign now!

s resignation is imperative for the entire truth about the Mamasapano carnage to be determined and accountability pinpointed. It is the only way justice can be attained for the SAF forces, Moro fighters and civilians slain and sacrificed in the name of the US-led “war on terror”. Only when truth, accountability and justice are attained can trust and confidence be returned to the Bangsamoro peace process.

We cannot afford another Mamasapano blunder, another PDAF-DAP scheme, another MRT mishap, another  disastrous response to natural calamities, a Zamboanga siege or Luneta hostage crisis. We cannot sit by while poverty and joblessness worsens despite glowing growth rates, criminality engulfs our communities and our public assets and national patrimony are being sold down the river.

But more than this, we call for Aquinos resignation in order to put in place a new government that better responds to the peoples clamor for political, economic and social reforms. For it cannot be business as usual.

In place of the Aquino regime, we call for the creation of a People’s Council for National Unity, Reforms and Peace that will lead the transition to a new and better government. It will be formed, through a democratic process, from the wide array of organizations, groups and individuals involved in the movement to compel Aquino’s resignation.Its members will be patriotic Filipinos with a track record of leadership in the people’s movement for democratic reforms, with known probity, integrity and independence.

We envision a People’s Council that will rule for a short period of 1-2 years in order to undertake the following:

Create a commission to investigate and prosecute those that are accountable for the Mamasapano fiasco;

Pave the way for clean and credible elections by putting in place much needed reforms that would prevent electoral cheating and fraud, reduce patronage politics and prohibit political dynasties;

Abolish the pork barrel system andprosecute those responsible for the DAP and the PDAF scams; ensure transparency through a freedom of information law and accountability through a whistleblowers' protection law;

Introduce key economic policies to ensure food sufficiency, land reform, national industrialization, higher incomes and basic social services for the poor and middle class and;

   Review lop-sided agreements such as the Visiting Forces Agreement and Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA);

Earnestly pursue peace negotiations with the MILF and NDFP by honoring agreements and addressing the root causes of the armed conflicts.

The people's efforts to force the removal of the Aquino regime and replace it with a transitory People’s Council will necessarily be through the route of people power, or more precisely, the Power of the People. In this light, we call on the armed forces, police and local authorities to respect and support the people’s exercise of their sovereign will, a power which is itself enshrined in the Philippine Constitution.  

The time is now. We cannot wait for the 2016 elections wherein political dynasties, money, and a flawed automated electoral system decide our fate as a people.

Tama na. Palitan na. Remove Aquino now.

25 February 2015



Bishop Oscar Cruz


Former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño

Former Gabriela Women Partylist Rep. Liza Maza

Atty Edre Olalia of NUPL


Preliminary Legal Study/Opinion on
Queries of Noynoy Out Now (NOW)
by the National Union of Peoples' Lawyers (NUPL)
Discussed by Atty. Edre Olalia at the launching of NOW!
5 March2015

I. What are the crimes of President Aquino that justify his removal from power now?

-Generally, in violation of solemn oath to do justice to every person and to faithfully execute the laws.

-Culpable violation and betrayal of trust

In particular:

1. DAP/pork barrel system liability as author or proponent of unconstitutional acts in violation of specific provisions of Constitution and penal code on continuing illegal transfer and use of public funds

2. EDCA for blatant and multiple violations of specific constitutional provisions

3. Yolanda for criminal negligence

4. HRVs - ICC?

5. Mamasapano:

a. Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act for undue injury to any party, including the government, or giving any private party any unwarranted benefits, advantage or preference in the discharge of his official functions through manifest partiality, evident bad faith or gross inexcusable negligence whichnis deemed a corrupt act and therefore, unlawful.

b. Code of Ethical Standards for Government Officials and Employees, wherein the public interest should come first before any personal interest.

c. Obstruction of justice

d. suborning or inducing usurpation of authority

e. contempt for or defiance of Ombudsman suspension order

f. Reckless imprudence for complicity?

HENCE, proven pattern that incumbent is remorseless "recidivist" or habitual offender of abuse of power; negligent in duty, absentee chief executive and violator of rights (non-feasance, misfeasance or malfeasance)

II. Is people power lawful?

a. "Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them."

b. Governmental power is authority given or delegated by the governed to those who were given the duty to govern them (People power is one of many ways in addition or in lieu of elections, people's initiative, recall, referendum, impeachment etc.)


c. Freedom of speech, association, assembly

d. Right to self-determination ( UN Charter, UDHR, ICCPR, ICESCR, UN General Assembly Resolutions, Algiers Declaration, Protocol 1 to Geneva Conventions, Constitution re intl law as part of Phil law, even US Declaration of Independence, US Consti etc.)

e. "Extraconstitutional" and "intraconstitutional" i.e. outside the four corners of Consti (eg Edsa 1 & 2; Cory and Erap SC decisions) but BOTH CONSTITUTIONAL

(Please see: Lawyers League for a Better Philippines and/or Oliver A. Lozano v. Pres. Corazon C. Aquino, et al., GR No. 73748) and related cases in Joseph E. Estrada vs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, G.R. No. 146738, March 2, 2001)

("In fine, the legal distinction between EDSA People Power I EDSA People Power II is clear. EDSA I involves the exercise of the people power of revolution which overthrew the whole government. EDSA II is an exercise of people power of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly to petition the government for redress of grievances which only affected the office of the President. EDSA I is extra constitutional and the legitimacy of the new government that resulted from it cannot be the subject of judicial review, but EDSA II is intra constitutional and the resignation of the sitting President that it caused and the succession of the Vice President as President are subject to judicial review. EDSA I presented a political question; EDSA II involves legal questions.)

f.THEREFORE: Nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of
- in speaking of, asking for, asserting, supporting or acting for change in administration/government and  ultimately -- in the exercise of our inherent power which exists regardless of whether it is recognized or spelled out in legal documents-- - in taking back power from those who abused, misused (or not use) delegated authority to govern them and act in their interest and for their welfare. DIRECT ACTION BY THE PEOPLE

III. Is a people's council as expression of sovereign will legal?

Any proposal by the people made in good faith in furtherance of such ultimate power and for the public interest, welfare and good is legitimate and legal. (Cf Cory "revolutionary" govt)

Declaration of Principles in Constitution provides the basis for the system of Government as defined in the Constitution including the forms and methods in electing and selecting such government, and the express authority define how thy wished to be governed.

IV. Political and Moral issue to be judged by history

At any rate, the overarching principle - enshrined even in the Constitution - that sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them, is the legal, moral & political justification for changing a government that to a significant member of the populace has lost popular support, betrayed the people or lost moral authority - and worse, a head of government that could not care less about it and thinks it is all but a game.#
















NOW! – Noynoy Out Now!
Posted date: March 05, 2015In: News Releases

Aquino, Resign!

Itaguyod ang Konseho ng Bayan para sa Pambansang Pagkakaisa, Reporma at Kapayapaan!

Malinaw na ngayon: ang palpak na pamumuno ni Pangulong Benigno Aquino III ang dahilan ng trahedya sa Mamasapano, Maguindanao noong Enero 25. Si Aquino ang nag-apruba sa Oplan Exodus, ang lihim na operasyon ng PNP-SAF. Layon nitong tugisin ang tinaguriang “high-value targets,” pero nagbunga ito sa pagkamatay ng humigit-kumulang 60 sibilyan at naglabanang SAF at Moro, at sa pagkakompromiso ng usapang pangkapayapaan sa pagitan ng gobyerno at MILF.

Bilang Chief Executive at Commander-in-Chief, malubhang nagkamali si Aquino sa pagtaya sa matinding panganib ng pagpapadala ng halos 400 armadong puwersa ng gobyerno sa isang lugar na hindi pamilyar sa kanila at kontrolado pa ng MILF, BIFF at iba pang pribadong armadong grupo. Dapat niyang napagtantong kahit isang putok lamang ay makapagpapasiklab na madugong barilang tiyak na ikamamatay hindi lamang ng magkatunggaling mga grupo kundi pati ng mga inosenteng sibilyan.

Bukod sa pagkitil ng buhay at pagsira sa maraming buhay at kabuhayan, ang usapang pangkapayapaan sa pagitan ng gobyerno at MILF – na nasa kritikal na yugto habang nakasalang sa Kongreso ang Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) – ay naitulak sa bingit ng alanganin at nanganganib na maging pinakamalaking kaswalti ng bakbakan sa Mamasapano.

Ibayo pang pinalubha ni Aquino ang ganitong pagkakamali nang tanging kay Hen. Purisima niya ipinagkatiwala at ipinaubaya ang pagmando sa sensitibong operasyon kahit labag na ito sa batas dahil suspendido na ang huli bilang pinuno ng PNP. Dagdag pa rito, malinaw na nilabag nina Aquino, Purisima at SAF Direktor Napeñas ang chain of command nang tahasang ilihim ang operasyon sa Acting PNP Chief, AFP, DND at DILG. Naipamalas rin nito ang malubhang kawalan ng tiwala sa pinakamatataas na antas ng pamunuang sibilyan at militar. Bilang prinsipal sa negosasyong pangkapayapaan, ipinakita ni Aquino ang kawalan ng tiwala niya sa MILF (kaya kapansin-pansin ang kawalan ang koordinasyon sa kanila hinggil sa Oplan Exodus) at ang walang-pakundangang paglabag sa kasunduang tigil-putukan na nagtatakda ng kinakailangang koordinasyon.

Masahol pa, lumilitaw na ngayon ang katotohanang ang US ang nasa likuran ng Oplan Exodus at mistulang ipinambala sa kanyon ang PNP-SAF sa ngalan ng diumanong “global war on terror.” Malinaw sa mga ebidensiya at sa dumaraming kapani-paniwalang ulat na may susing papel ang Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at ang US Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines na nakabase sa Zamboanga sa pagbubuo, pagkakalap ng paniktik pagpaplano, pagsasanay sa mga puwersang SAF, pagpapatupad ng operasyon, pagmomonitor, pati na pagpapagamot at pagpapalikas sa mga namatay at nasugatan sa Oplan Exodus.
Sa pagpapahintulot sa pakikialam ng Estados Unidos at sa paggamit sa SAF commandos na sinanay ng FBI para sa Oplan Exodus, higit na pinahalagahan ni Aquino ang pagsuporta sa “war on terror” at pagsunod sa mga dikta ng USkahit taliwas na ito sa pambansang interes , lumalabag sa pambansang soberanya, at labag sa kanyang sinumpaang tungkulin bilang Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas.

Nananatiling walang-lamang retorika ang pahayag ni Aquino na nais niyang lumitaw ang katotohanan at katarungan samantalang nangunguna siya sa paghahabi ng kasinungalingan at pagsagka sa katarungan. Sinisisi ni Aquino at ng mga alyado niya ang halos lahat – SAF, AFP, MILF at ang Bangsamoro – para sa matinding kapalpakan ng kanyang pamumuno.
Ang trahedya sa Mamasapano at ang pagtakas ni Aquino sa pananagutan ay sumasalamin lamang sa pangmamata at kawalan ng malasakit ng Pangulo sa karaniwang mamamayan (na sa kasong ito ay kinakatawan ng mga biktima sa Mamasapano at ng kanilang mga pamilya).
Pinapatunayan sa kabilang banda ang katapatan ni Aquino sa kanyang mga kaibigan at kauri, pati na ang pagiging sunud-sunuran sa kagustuhan ng US. Hindi mapagtatakpan ng mababangong pananalita, pagbato ng sisi sa iba at pagbanggit sa kanyang mga namayapa nang magulang ang pagka-elitista at korap ng kanyang rehimen.

Sukat na! Pinatitingkad ng madugong kinahinatnan sa Masasapano na pinangunahan ni Aquino at ng US ang pangangailangang wakasan ang nakapipinsala’t nakamamatay na administrasyon ni Aquino. Kailangan na niyang magbitiw sa puwesto!

Kinakailangang mapaalis si Aquino sa Malacanang para mapalitaw ang buong katotohanan sa trahedya sa Mamasapano, at matukoy kung sino-sino ang dapat managot. Sa gayon lamang natin makakamit ang hustisya para sa mga namatay na miyembro ng SAF, grupong Moro at sibilyang isinakripisyo sa ngalan ng “war on terror” . Ang pagkakaroon ng tunay na katotohanan, pananagutan at hustisya ay magpapanumbalik sa tiwala at kumpiyansa sa prosesong pangkapayapaan ng Bangsamoro.

Hindi na dapat maulit ang isa pang trahedya sa Mamasapano, pakanang PDAF-DAP, aksidente sa MRT, nakapipinsalang tugon sa mga natural na kalamidad, pagsugod sa Zamboanga o hostage crisis sa Luneta. Hindi tayo maaaring maging kampante habang ang kahirapan at kawalan ng trabaho ay lumalala sa kabila ng diumanong paglago ng ekonomiya, habang nananatili ang kriminalidad sa mga komunidad at walang habas na niyuyurakan ang pambansang soberanya.

Higit pa sa mga ito, nananawagan tayo ng pagbibitiw sa puesto ni Aquino para itaguyod ang isang bagong gobyernong mas makatutugon sa panawagan ng bayan para sa repormang pampulitika, pang-ekonomiya at panlipunan. Hindi na natin mapahihintulutan ang “business as usual”.

Bilang kapalit ng rehimeng Aquino, itaguyod natin ang isang Konseho ng Bayan para sa Pambansang Pagkakaisa, Reporma at Kapayapaan (People’s Council for National Unity, Reform and Peace) para pangunahan ang transisyon sa isang bago at mas mabuting gobyerno. Buuin natin ito sa pamamagitan ng isang demokratikong proseso mula sa malawak na hanay ng mga organisasyon, grupo at indibidwal na kalahok sa malapad na kilusang nagtutulak sa pagpapaalis kay Aquino sa puwesto. Mga makabayang Pilipinong may malinaw na track record sa pamumuno sa mga kilusang bayan para sa demokratikong reporma, kilala sa kanilang katapatan, integridad at kakayahan, ang bubuo ng Konseho. Ang tinatanaw na Konseho ng Bayan ay mamamahala sa loob lamang ng isa o dalawang taon para maisagawa ang sumusunod:

• Pagbubuo ng isang independyenteng komisyon para imbestigahan at usigin ang mga sangkot sa trahedya sa Mamasapano;

• Paglalatag ng kundisyon para sa malinis at kapani-paniwalang eleksiyon sa pamamagitan ng pagsasagawa ng mga kinakailangang reporma para maiwasan ang pandaraya at panlilinlang, mabawasan ang pagkakaroon ng mga patron sa politika at pagbawalan ang mga dinastiyang politikal;

• Pagtatanggal sa sistemang pork barrel at pag-usig sa mga nakinabang sa katiwaliang DAP at PDAF; pagtitiyak ng government transparency sa pamamagitan ng batas hinggil sa kalayaan sa impormasyon (freedom of information law) at government accountability sa pamamagitan ng batas para protektahan ang mga whistleblower (whistleblowers’ protection law);

• Pagpapatupad ng mga pangunahing patakarang pang-ekonomiya para sa reporma sa lupa, pambansang industriyalisasyon, mataas na kita, seguridad sa pagkain, at batayang serbisyong panlipunan para sa mahihirap at gitnang-uri;

• Pagrepaso sa maka-isang panig na mga kasunduan tulad ng Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA) at Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA); at

• Pagpapatuloy ng negosasyong pangkapayapaan sa MILF at sa NDFP sa pamamagitan ng pagkatig sa mga nakaraang napagkasunduan at pagtugon sa mga ugat ng armadong tunggalian ;
“People power” ang pamamaraan sa puwersahang pagwawakas ng rehimeng Aquino at pagtataguyod ng pansamantalang Konseho ng Bayan. Ibig sabihin, magmumula ito sa mismong kapangyarihan ng sambayanan. Sa kontekstong ito, tinatawagan natin ang sandatahang lakas, pulis at lokal na awtoridad na igalang at suportahan ang “sovereign will” ng mamamayan, isang kapangyarihang nakapaloob sa ating Konstitusyon.

Ngayon na ang panahon. Hindi na natin mahihintay pa ang eleksiyon sa 2016 dahil hindi katanggap-tanggap na ang mga dinastiyang politikal, pera at palpak na automated na elektoral na sistema ang magtatakda sa ating kapalaran at kinabukasan.

Tama na. Palitan na. Tanggalin na si Aquino bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas!
25 February 2015
















































Youth groups to hold bigger protests for Aquino resignation, call for walkout on March 13
March 5, 2015

Youth group Anakbayan today announced "bigger and bolder" protests to demand the resignation of President Benigno Aquino III over the Mamasapano offensive and unabated school fee hikes under his government.

According to Anakbayan national chairperson Vencer Crisosotomo, more than 100 youth organizations including teachers, faculty and administrators, are calling for nationwide campus walkouts on March 13. Thousands of students walked out of classes last February 27 to kick off a series of mass protests to push for Aquino. Youth groups will also march to CHED on March 6, Friday.

Crisostomo said the youths are outraged over the suicide of another student from Cagayan after she was kicked out of school due to inability to pay school fees.

"We are calling on youths and students, it is time to take action and make history. Let us walkout against tuition hikes, injustice and corruption," he said.
He said they will "paint campuses black" to call for justice for the death of students due to tuition hikes and for the deaths in Mamasapano.

"Ang kapal ng mukha ni Aquino na sabihin na siya ay 'ama ng bayan'. May ama ba ng bayan na walang pakialam sa edukasyon ng kanyang kabataan? May ama ba na hahayaang mamatay ang kanyang anak dahil hindi makabayad ng matrikula?" he added.
He called on the people to oppose the cover-ups and the all-out offensive in Mindanao.

"Wala pong forever, Mr. Aquino. Hindi lahat ng panahon ay panahong makakapanloko at makakapagsinungaling kayo. Game over na. Hindi na namin hahayaan na mas marami pa ang mamatay at maghirap sa ilalim ng bulok na panguluhan ni Aquino," he said.

Reference: Vencer Crisostomo, 09399207114, @venzie



Aquino should go beyond apology and resign – KMU

Responding to calls for Pres. Noynoy Aquino to apologize over the death of many Filipinos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last January 25, national labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno said today that the chief executive should accept responsibility for the deaths, go beyond making an apology, and actually resign.

The labor group said Aquino’s resignation is even more justified after a video was leaked showing relieved Philippine National Police-Special Action Force director Getulio Napeñas, Jr. admitting that Aquino knew of the operation and that the latter knew that the Armed Forces of the Philippines would only be informed “time on target.”

“If Aquino would accept responsibility for what happened in Mamasapano, he should not only apologize but actually resign. The number of Filipinos who died, the violations of the law committed, and the lies spread about the operation warrant nothing less,” said Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson.

The labor leader also criticized Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda’s statement that Aquino should not apologize because the president is responsible on the “policy level” and the “lapses” committed were “on the operational level, how the operation was conducted.”

“The huge number of people who died shows that the error lies on the policy level, not on the level of implementation. A bloodbath ensued because the plan was to kill a suspected terrorist in a place where there are many armed groups, and Aquino is responsible,” Labog added.

He also said that Aquino is guilty of violating the 1987 Constitution’s prohibition against the participation of foreign troops in military operations in the country, the PNP’s chain of command in making suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima head of the operation, and the government’s peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

“If Aquino truly has a sense of honor, then he should resign, and not only apologize. A mere apology won’t be acceptable to workers and Filipinos as it would make light of the lives of the many Filipinos who died in Mamasapano,” Labog stated.

KMU is calling on all workers and Filipinos to join protests across the country on March 8, International Women’s Day, which will call for accountability and justice for the Mamasapano deaths.

Reference Person:
Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson
Contact information:









Singer Composer Heber Bartolome







Tanong-sagot | Sigaw ng bayan: NOYNOY RESIGN!

on MARCH 6, 2015



Bakit dapat kumilos para itulak ang pagbibitiw ni Aquino?

Traydor sa bayan si Aquino. 

Duguan ang kamay niya sa madugong engkwentro sa Mamasapano. Para mapaligaya ang boss niyang Estados Unidos (US), itinulak niya sa tiyak na kapahamakan at kamatayan ang 44 na Special Action Force, 18 mandirigmang Moro at di bababa sa 7 sibilyan sa opensiba sa Mamasapano.

Buhol-buhol na ang kasinungalingan ni Aquino para pagtakpan ang krimen niya at ng US. Gumawa-gawa siya ng script para palabasin na wala siyang kinalaman o kaya'y mali ang mga inulat sa kanya. Pero buking na siya ng taumbayan --- siya at ang US ang mastermind ng madugong bakabakan. Kasama ang kabarkada niyang suspendido na si Alan Purisima, ibinenta niya ang soberenya ng bansa, niyurakan niya ang chain of command at ginera ang komunidad ng Moro kahit pa may peace talks.

Walang malasakit at pakialam sa buhay si Aquino; kahit ang sariling pwersang pulis ay pinagtraydoran at isinangkalan na parang sa video game. Hindi na bago ang sagad na pagtatraydor ni Aquino, ipinatupad niyaa ng Visiting Forces Agreement at Enhanced Defense Cooperation agreement at pinayagang magtayo ng mas maraming base ang US sa bansa, habang tahimik sa pagpaslang kay Jennifer Laude at pagsira ng Tubataha.

Pahirap sa bayan ang hacienderong si Aquino.

Ang kanyang mga patakarang pabor sa dayuhan at mga kapwa naghaharing uri ay lalong naglubog sa mamamayan sa kahirapan.

Lalong tumataba ang bulsa ng mga kroni at malalaking negosyo na inawardan niya ng mga kontrata sa public-private partnerships gaya ng mga Ayala, Pangilinan at iba pa. Sila ang makikinabang sa walang tigil na pagtataas ng kuryente, tubig at langis. Sila rin ang magbubulsa ng kita sa taas-pasahe sa MRT/LRT at mga pampublikong ospital.

Sa kabilang banda, lalong pinatitindi ang atake sa kabuhayan ng taumbayan. Itinutulak pababa ang halaga ng sahod at isinusulong ang kontraktwalisasyon. Pinagkakait ang mga batayang serbisyong panlipunan at dinedemolish ang mga maralita. Patuloy na inaagaw ang lupa na para sa mga magbubukid at pinananatili ang mga hacienda.

Kamakailan, isang mag-aaral na naman ang natulak na kumitil ng sariling buhay dahil sa kahirapang magbayad ng matrikula. Dahil sa patakaran ni Aquino ng deregulasyon sa matrikula, sobrang taas at dami ng mga pabigat na bayarin sa pamantasan na higit na nagkakait sa kabataan ng karapatan sa edukasyon.

Kurap at bulok ang gubyernong Aquino.

Mahigit P300 bilyon ang dinambong ni Aquino, ipinanuhol at ipinamudmod sa kanyang mga alyado sa Disbursement Acceleration Program o DAP at aabot pa rin sa P1 trillion ang pork barrel na kinukulimbat ng kanyang gubyerno.

Ang kanyang mga kamag-anak, kaklase at kabarilan ang naninindikato sa bilyon pisong mga proyekto sa gubyerno. Laganap ang smuggling at pagbibigay ng mga eksempsyon sa buwis sa malalaking komprador. Ginagamit ni Aquino ang posturang anti-kurupsyon para pagtakpan ang mas malalaking mga kaso ng kurakot ng mga kapamilya at kaalyado niya, gayundin para sa mga sariling negosyo at interes gaya ng Hacienda Luisita.

Pasista at walang paggalang sa buhay at karapatang pantao si Aquino.

Ipinatupad niya ang Oplan Bayanihan para supilin ang paglaban ng mamamayan. Itinambak ang mga militar sa mga komunidad sa kanayunan, pinaslang ang lagpas 200 mga aktibista at ipiniit ang nasa mahigit 300 bilanggong pulitikal.

Para pagtakpan ang madugong krimen at lalo pang isulong ang interes ng US, isinusulong ngayon ang "all-out war" sa Mindanao na magpapahamak sa libo-libong mga mamamayan.

Mas marami pang mamamatay at maghihirap kung magpapatuloy pa ang gubyernong Aquino! Papayag ba tayo? Sobra na, tama na. Game over na!

Paano matutulak na magbitiw si Aquino?


Dumarami na ang nananawagan na magbitiw si Aquino: mga karaniwang mamamayan, mga manggagawa at magsasaka, mga pamilya at kamag-anak ng mga namatay, mga obispo at taong-simbahan, mga opisyal ng gubyerno, maging mga pulis at militar. Kahit sa poder mismo ni Aquino ay tumitindi ang hidwaan at may mga lihim na naghahangad na mapagbitiw siya.

Gaya sa mga nagdaan, ang "people power" o sama-sama at malawak na pagkilos ng mamamayan ang sandata ng bayan para kamtin ang pagbabago. Dapat ilunsad ang papalaking mga pagkilos hanggang sa mapalibutan ng milyon-milyong mamamayan ang Malacanang at mapilit si Aquino na magbitiw. Bukas ang kilusan sa sinumang nagnanais ng pagbitiwin si Aquino, maging sa mga dati o kasalukuyang alyado na nais sumama sa taumbayan.

Paano pagkatapos? Sino o ano ang papalit kay Aquino?

Itatatag ng bayan ang "people's transition council." Ito ang magtitiyak na makakamit ang hustisya at maipatutupad ang mga mga kinakailangang reporma matapos magbitiw si Aquino. Paghakbang ito tungo sa hangad nating makabuluhang pagbabago ng sistema.

Ilan sa maaaring gawin nito ang pagpapanagot sa mga maysala sa opensiba sa Mamasapano at iba pang krimen; ganap na pagbasura sa pork barrel at pagpapanagot sa mga tiwali; pagpapatupad ng mga kagyat na reporma para bigyang alwan ang mamamayan gaya ng reporma sa lupa, pagtigil ng pribitisasyon at pagtataas ng sahod; paggigiit ng pambansang soberenya at pagbabasura ng mga makadayuhang patakaran gaya ng VFA at EDCA; pag-usad ng usapang pangkapayapaan para tugunan ang mga ugat ng kahirapan; pagpapalaya sa bilanggong pulitikal; at iba pa.

Matapos ang isa o dalawang taon, magpapatawag ito ng malayang halalan.

Sino ang uupo sa konseho?

Ang mga magiging bahagi ng konseho ay mga lider ng iba't ibang mga sektor at grupo na magsusulong ng demokratikong kilusan at mga kabahaging personahe at indibidwal. Dadaan sa demokratikong proseso sa pamamagitan ng Kongreso o Asembliya ng mamamayan ang pagpili sa mga kinatawan sa konseho. Siyempre, hindi maaring maging kasali rito ang mga sagad-sagaring tagapagtanggol ni Aquino o mga ahente niya na mananabotahe sa pagkilos ng mamamayan.

Ano ang dapat nating gawin?

Mahalaga ang papel ng kabataan sa paglikha kasaysayan. Dapat nating pangunahan ang pagmartsa ng milyon-milyon para sa pagbibitiw ni Aquino.
Ipalaganap natin sa pinakamarami ang pangangailangang patalsikin si Aquino sa poder. Mag-organisa ng pinakamaraming organisasyon at alyansa para sa pagbibitiw ni Aquino. Ilunsad ang marami, malaganap at papalaking mga walkout, martsa, at pagtitipon sa mga eskwelahan, pagawaan at komunidad na dadaluyong patungo sa mga sentrong lansangan at papalibot sa Malakanyang.

Tinatawagan tayo na lumikha ng kasaysayan at ihawan ang landas tungo sa isang kinabukasan na tunay na malaya, demokratiko at masagana.

Noynoy, resign now!


Pambansang Walkout sa March 13! 



































Epic fail in leadership, intelligence
By Carol Pagaduan-Araullo
Streetwise | BusinessWorld
EBRUARY 3, 2015

It was a rout — massacre. On the early morning of Jan. 25, 44 out of close to 400 elite, US-trained Special Action Force (SAF) policemen were killed in a 12-hour firefight in a remote barrio in Mamasapano, Maguindanao — a known rebel stronghold of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). They were reportedly on a top-secret counterterrorism operation to capture Malaysian bomb expert and Jema’ah Islamiya leader Marwan, said to be the equivalent of Osama bin Laden in Southeast Asia, and his second in command, Usman. The two had a total of $7-million bounty on their heads, courtesy of the United States government.

The facts and circumstances surrounding this latest debacle in the Aquino government’s anti-terrorist efforts have only been slowly trickling out, no thanks to Malacañang’s lack of transparency if not outright attempts to mislead and deceive. President Aquino’s address to the nation four days after the Mamasapano incident was riddled with inconsistencies, obfuscation, half-truths and outright lies. (For one, there is no mention of civilian guides and paramilitary casualties, which the MILF reports counting, adding up to a total of 64 instead of just 44 killed on the government side.)

Thus the families and comrades of the slain are still seeking answers. They find little consolation in the Aquino administration’s declaration of a so-called national day of mourning, medals of valor for the dead and injured, and promises of financial support for dependents. They are steadfastly demanding that justice be rendered for their kin’s untimely, avoidable and senseless deaths.

This demand underlies the calls by various quarters for an impartial and thorough investigation into the culpability of those who had instigated, authorized and planned the entire operation.

Unfortunately, the warmongers and those with deep-seated anti-Moro prejudices have been garnering the most media mileage. They are calling for “all-out-war” versus the MILF, the junking of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, and a halt to further peace negotiations between the government and the MILF on the premise that the rebel group is mainly, if not exclusively, to blame for the carnage.

Aquino and his defenders and apologists pretend to be sober and fully committed to achieving peace with the MILF despite this setback. They have labeled the Mamasapano incident as an unfortunate “misencounter” and have appealed to the public not to make any hasty conclusions until an investigation to be carried out by a PNP Board of Inquiry can determine the “truth.”

But the truth is, Mr. Aquino and his clique of the closest kabarkada and kabarilan are hell-bent on foisting a cover-up.

In the first place, more than a week after the incident, there is no admission as to who gave the go-ahead for what an Interaksyon editorial called a “fatally flawed mission” (see below). Aquino, when asked by the media categorically whether he himself okayed it, hemmed and hawed and ended up saying his specific approval was unnecessary since there were standing warrants of arrest for the two high-value targets.

Nonetheless, it can be concluded, from his claim that he had repeatedly stressed in briefings the need for coordination, that he was continuously briefed on the progress of the operation, and therefore had — or could have had — full and constant knowledge of it.
What has also emerged as a fact is that SAF Director Getulio Napenas was directly reporting to suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima, bypassing superior officers in the line of command up to Acting PNP chief Leonardo Espina. Purisima in turn was directly reporting to Aquino, bypassing Interior Secretary Mar Roxas. This breakdown in the line of command, especially in giving Purisima the authority to direct the operations, is by itself highly anomalous and unjustifiable, even if the operation had been successful.
There is no need for any investigation to determine the immediate cause of the disaster. It was the deliberate decision not to coordinate with both the MILF and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It is clear that there was no coordination on several levels and fronts between the police and armed forces, from the SAF commandoes and army units on the ground up to the highest levels of command.

Within the police hierarchy, there was a clear breakdown in the chain of command, with Napenas neither informing nor reporting to Espina, and instead directly reporting to suspended chief Purisima. Purisima, in turn, did not inform or report to Roxas but to the President himself.

The MILF official statement sums up the lesson from the Mamasapano incident insofar as the peace process is concerned: “The MILF has been in negotiations with the Philippine government for some time now. During this time both parties have established protocols, ways of proceedings and mechanisms, which support and keep the peace. Adherence to these mechanisms has created a peaceful environment and lessened actual hostilities through the years. lt is unfortunate but not entirely surprising that when parties do not follow these protocols, lives are placed in harm’s way.”

What emerges is the picture of a clique in Aquino’s Cabinet, headed by no less than the Commander-in-Chief, breaking the chain of command and illegally placing a suspended police officer in charge of a suicidal mission — a mission fraught not only with untold dangers and operational complexity, but imbued with wider and more serious political implications on the ongoing peace negotiations, particularly the passage by Congress of the controversial Basic Law.

Some analysts attribute Aquino’s illegal and foolhardy reliance on Purisima and his coterie of trusted aides like Napenas to a combination of hubris, his eagerness to score propaganda points in the global “anti-terror” campaign, and just plain incompetent leadership.

What is overlooked however are the undeniable military and political stakes of the United States in this bungled operation and their record of direct and indirect involvement in previous attempts to neutralize Marwan’s group. This includes the 2012 use of armed drone strikes against a suspected hideout of Marwan in Sulu which resulted in scores of civilian fatalities and an unscathed Marwan.

The “actionable intelligence” that Aquino touted as key to the decision to mount the Mamasapano operation has been traced, according to news reports, to a US mole within the MILF. This was allegedly verified through US drones and GPS tracking. Subsequently, the US mobilized its Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF) based in Mindanao for the latest operation; JSOTF forces were sighted in the aftermath of the Mamasapano operation. The US would also have nixed coordinating with the MILF despite the dangers of a firefight between the SAF and MILF forces, because of intelligence information that Marwan was being given sanctuary by the MILF.

Thus it comes as no surprise that a certified US puppet like Aquino would have had no second thoughts about giving the go-ahead for the ill-conceived operation at the sacrifice of the lives of so many SAF personnel in exchange for the prospect of having bragging rights to Marwan’s neutralization.

Speculations are rife and the entire truth will have to await an impartial and thorough investigation. But there are enough undisputed facts surrounding the Mamasapano disaster that point to an epic fail in intelligence and leadership, military and otherwise.
Carol Pagaduan-Araullo is a medical doctor by training, social activist by choice, columnist by accident, happy partner to a liberated spouse and proud mother of two.
Published in Business World
February 1, 2015
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Aquino and Mamasapano: Covering up for incompetence
By Carol Pagaduan-Araullo
Streetwise | BusinessWorld
Feb. 20, 2015

The second address to the nation about the Mamasapano incident by President B.S. Aquino last Friday was more of the same glib BS.

To the fallen 44’s relatives, the self-proclaimed “Father of the Nation” said he feels for them just as if he had lost 44 of his “children”. SAF Director Napenas is being set up as the definitive fall guy in keeping with Aquino’s habit of blaming everyone else but himself and his inner circle for any failures in his administration. Aquino accepts the resignation of suspended PNP Director Purisima, Aquino’s BFF (best friend forever), for reasons known only to him.

Aquino vows to get Usman (the other “terrorist” that got away) and cajoles the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to please help or at least “do not interfere” (as in, don’t shoot our police when they come after him). He then threatens the full might of the state against unspecified groups “who have lost their way”, presumably the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), in a bid to satisfy those whose idea of justice is to get even through “all-out war”.

At the outset and in conclusion Aquino plays the “peace” card. The SAF commandoes attacked the MILF stronghold to achieve “peace”. (No, they were not just serving warrants of arrest for Marwan and Usman.) Aquino considers the MILF “brothers on the path to peace”. (Too bad the ceasefire agreement integral to the GPH-MILF peace talks was breached by the Marwan operation, unleashing untold deleterious consequences on the peace process). And a “widespread and lasting peace” should be the primary focus of one and all. (Truth, accountability and justice are all secondary or perhaps even irrelevant.)
Aquino takes pains to paint Marwan as an extremely evil and dangerous man, wanted by both Indonesian and Philippine governments for mass bombings and for leading an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group in the region. The description of Marwan as the alleged “Bin Laden of Asia” or Southeast Asia is exaggerated media hype; such is not what is stated even in FBI dossiers.

In fact there is no conclusive evidence till now that Marwan, Jemaah Islamiya, the ASG or any Moro/Islamic “terrorists” are behind the bombings in Mindanao and the National Capital Region. Let’s not forget the US fellow Meiring who accidentally set off a bomb in his hotel room in Davao but was whisked out of the country by US authorities beyond any investigation by local police. Let us also call to mind the Magdalo mutineers who pointed to their superiors as having ordered them to throw grenades at public places and implicated then AFP Chief Angelo Reyes and ISAFP head Victor Corpuz in the insidious plots to sow mayhem.

Based on a mere FBI certification (which the public, by the way, cannot independently verify) that DNA tests indicate it is Marwan the SAF commandoes had killed in their assault, Aquino declares Oplan Wolverine a “triumph” albeit with a “heave price”. To many observers, it seemed a foregone conclusion that US lab tests would show the SAF teams got their man. A negative result would have meant the entire Marwan operation was an unmitigated failure.

But even assuming that the FBI claim is true, does one dead “terrorist” justify the illegal command by a suspended general; the unnecessary deaths of 44 SAF, 18 MILF, 2 BIFF and 6 civilians; and the outright violation of the ceasefire agreement between government and the MILF that had held without incident for the past two years?

Marwan’s supposed demise is being used in the same way Osama Bin Laden’s supposed death was used: to falsely claim that the world is safer from terrorism because of the US-led “war on terror”; to justify draconian anti-terror measures violative of people’s democratic and human rights; and to deodorize the atrocities perpetrated in the name of countering terrorism through imperialist wars of intervention, aggression and occupation.

Aquino crows that many lives have been saved because Marwan has been neutralized. The question begs to be asked, were many lives saved by the killing of Bin Laden (assuming that he is indeed dead if we believe the US claim hook, line and sinker)? Has “terrorism” ended with the killing of these leaders? Let us recall that in 2001, US troops joined the AFP in Balikatan war exercises directed against about 300 members of the homegrown Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). The Philippine armed forces then said they had reduced the ASG to a few score men. Nowadays, authorities concede that the ASG appears to be continuously growing like the proverbial amoeba despite one counterterrorist campaign after another.

The truth is, in a bid to follow the orders of his US bosses to go after Marwan in this fatally flawed operation (also out of Aquino’s sheer incompetence, narrow-mindedness and arrogance) Aquino gambled the entire peace process with the MILF. Aquino is now scrambling to salvage what is left of efforts to legislate the Bangsamoro Basic Law that hangs on the brink of interminable delays if not potential defeat.

The Aquino regime is carrying on the policy and practice of the previous Arroyo regime of blind, uncritical support for the so-called war on terror and compliance with US dictates. This is not the first time the result has been at the expense of peace negotiations. In the case of the GPH peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the US designation of NDFP Chief Political Consultant and the CPP-NPA as “terrorists” with the full collaboration of the Arroyo regime resulted in years of delays in the talks until the end of the Arroyo term.

What is critical at this point is to unmask the continuing efforts to cover up the truth and evade accountability by: 1) fudging Aquino’s critical role in the bungled operation as Commander-in-Chief, particularly his criminal abuse of authority in disregarding the chain of command; 2) reducing the bloody fiasco to operational lapses and bad decisions of the commander-on-ground in order to shift the blame to him; 3) denying Purisima’s role as an illegal commander in order to shield Aquino and Purisima; 4) encouraging an anti-MILF hate campaign to also shift the blame on the MILF while making loud noises about wanting to push the peace process forward; 5) going through the motions of filing cases against the MILF and BIFF commanders to appease those who are crying for MILF and BIFF blood; 6) trying to appease the relatives of 44 SAF by means of financial assistance and false paeans to them as heroes; 7) continuing blackout regarding the US role in Oplan Wolverine; 8) claiming the Marwan kill with US complicity so that operation is not exposed as a complete failure.

Aquino and Purisima are both criminally liable. At the minimum, Aquino should resign while Purisima’s resignation should not allow him to escape criminal liability.

There must be no impunity for the Mamasapano bloodbath.

Carol Pagaduan-Araullo is a medical doctor by training, social activist by choice, columnist by accident, happy partner to a liberated spouse and proud mother of two.
Published in Business World
February 8, 2015
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