NUSP and Rise for Education Alliance
protest CHED's approval of tuition fee hikes


CHED, Quezon City


May 8, 2015





NUSP and the Rise for Education Alliance troops to CHED to rage against the yearly tuition increase, the non-response and the inaction of the commission on the cases and complaints filed by the students.


Photos courtesy of National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP)




08 May 2015


Student group names CHED as worst violator of student rights

CHED, hit for approving tuition hikes despite protests


Denouncing the approval of Higher Educational Institutions’ (HEIs) proposals for tuition and other school fees increases for the academic year 2015-2016, the youth group League of Filipino Students (LFS) and various organizations belonging to the Rise of Education Alliance trooped in front of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) main office on Friday.


Student leaders from the University of the Philippines Diliman and Manila, Miriam College, University of Santo Tomas, University of the East, De La Salle University Manila and Araneta also joined the protest.


LFS tagged the CHED as the worst violator of student rights due to its stance in favor of the continued commercialization of education.


“By allowing schools and universities to raise their tuition and other school fees every year, CHED deserves to be labeled as the number one violator of the students’ right to education,” said LFS National Chairperson Charisse Bañez.


CHED said that it will release the complete list of HEIs allowed to raise tuition and other school fees on the first half of May.


LFS lashed out at CHED for disregarding protests against the proposed fee increases.


“Students have protested against tuition hikes on all fronts, be it legal complaints or demonstrations. We have firmly asserted our opposition against the skyrocketing cost of education yet CHED still adhered to the school administrators’ profit motives,” Bañez said.


“CHED’s act of railroading fee increases regardless of widespread opposition among its constituents proves that it is anti-student to the core,” she continued.


LFS also assailed the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum No. 3, series of 2012 as a bogus regulation policy for tuition and other school fee increases. According to the group, this policy only turned CHED into a ‘stamp pad’ for tuition hike proposals submitted by private colleges and universities.


The youth group also denounced CHED for using inflation in order to justify tuition hikes. According to Bañez, this kind of reasoning unmasks CHED as a mouthpiece of profit-seeking school administrators.


“Any increase in tuition and other school fees are unjust and inhumane. By justifying tuition increases, CHED proves itself as an instrument to ensure greater profits for capitalist-educators,” she said.


LFS added that the education policies enforced by the Aquino government has guaranteed the accumulation of more than billions of profits for private universities every year. These policies adhere to the Education Act of 1982 or the main commercialization act.


“The Education Act of 1982 was a springboard for commercialization in the sector. It has legitimized the government’s neglect of responsibility to provide free education and led to tremendous increases in tuition and other school fees,” said Bañez.


“Aquino strips the youth of the essential right to education while stocking up profit for greedy school administrators and his own corrupt regime. His gross negligence on the plight of the students stirs calls for his resignation,” she concluded.###






Charisse Banez

LFS National Spokesperson

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Charlotte Velasco

LFS Media Liaison

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It is also very insulting that CHED is asking the students and parents to understand that schools need to increase tuition and OSF. CHED Chair Licuanan’s statement reveals that, indeed, CHED is the spokesperson of tuition hike-hungry school owners. CHED has once again revealed its real face: as an official stampad of tuition increases of the Aquino administration.


NUSP and the Rise for Education Alliance troops to CHED to rage against the yearly tuition increase, the non-response and the inaction of the commission on the cases and complaints filed by the students.


“CHED should not be telling us to understand our schools. CHED should and must tell our schools to stop tuition increases because we cannot take any hikes anymore! We urge CHED to stop all the fees increases for it will not only burden the working class families, but it also legalizes school administration violators in imposing redundant, dubios and exorbitant fees. It also violates students’ democratic rights,” says Ms. Sarah Elago, NUSP National President.


The Education Alliance and the student union also reiterate that in Aquino’s administration, there is an almost 10% increase every year in tuition. What’s even worse, tuition deregulation continues amidst increase of dropout and out of school youth in the country.


Moreover, K to 12 and tuition deregulation are a perfect team up for inaccesibilty of Philippine education. It only drives the Filipino youth to take the path of being part of the “reserved labor force” through the tracks of technical vocational courses offered by the government.


“Automatic tuition increase and other illegal school fees such as developmental fees remain. CHED’s memorandum order no. 3 series of 2012 also remain to be a toothless and useless mechanism. It does not regulate tuition and other school fees at all. Moreover, it does not sanction school administrators that violate the said guidelines,” stresses Elago.


NUSP also criticizes Aquino and CHED’s band aid solutions such as scholarships and student loans. These schemes only target a few, when in fact majority of the Filipino youth will be not be aided by these programs. These only give false hopes.


“CHED has once again clearly bared out its position as pro-commercialization and nothing but a stampad for tuition and other school fees increases. We shall take our cases to higher authorities and we shall make sure that CHED shall be made accountable,” Elago ends.





Ms. Sarah Jane Elago, NUSP National President and Rise for Education Alliance Convenor – 0935-4869915

Mr. JC Sibayan, NUSP Media Liaison Officer and NUSP Vice President for Luzon – 0919-6654455 / 0927-4741362 


Despite school violations and student complaints:

CHED approves tuition hikes


After announcing last week that it will release the list of universities and colleges with approved tuition hikes by the end of April, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has only released early May an initial figure of around 280 schools that it approved for tuition hikes. CHED Chair Dr. Patricia Licuanan said in an interview that the figure is most likely to be reduced as she claimed that CHED is more strict in implementing its regulations. Breaking its promise to release the list of schools approved of tuition increase, CHED has no list of schools and no average amount of approved tuition hiikes.


While the commission boasts that it will approve a lesser number of universities and colleges that applied for tuition and other school fees (OSF) hikes, students led by the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) and the Rise for Education (R4E) Alliance are enraged by CHED’s approval of these tuition hikes despite school violations and student complaints.