Lucio Tan's Company and State Security Forces
Attempt to Break the Picket Lines of the Striking Workers of Tanduay


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Cabuyao, Laguna


Posted May 26,  2014





Photos courtesy of Southern Tagalog Exposure and PAMANTIK-KMU


Media Release
25 May 2015

Lucio Tan, Baldoz hit over non-stop violence vs. Tanduay strike

National labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno condemned business tycoon Lucio Tan and the Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz today for the non-stop harassment and violence being inflicted by hired goons on the striking workers of Tanduay Distillers, Inc. based in Cabuyao, Laguna.

The labor group said the striking workers and their supporters, who are calling for the regularization of the company’s 397 long-time contractuals, have been attacked by Tan’s hired goons in an effort to destroy their picketline while the Labor Department does nothing.

KMU cited an incident last Saturday wherein the striking workers and their supporters were chased by hired goons who beat them with sticks, threw rocks at them, and destroyed the windshields and windows of their vehicles.

“Lucio Tan’s and Baldoz’ cruelty to workers knows no boundaries. After working together to exploit the Tanduay workers for years, they are now brutally attacking the workers’ picketline,” said Lito Ustarez, KMU vice-chairperson.

The labor leader said that eight days after the workers launched their strike, the Labor Department has done nothing to stop the violence against the workers, which is widely shared in social networking sites. 

“This is the same complicity that was shown by the Labor Department with the capitalists of Kentex who also kept their workers contractuals for years. This is the same complicity that ensures that capitalists get their profits at the expense of workers,” Ustarez added.

Ustarez was referring to the owners of Kentex Manufacturing, Inc., who violated labor standards by keeping their workers contractuals and whose violation of occupational health and safety standards killed more than 72 workers in a factory fire last May 13.

Reference: Lito Ustarez, KMU vice-chairperson, 





May 24, 2015

Reference Persons:
Anse Are (09273957876), President, TUDLA
Roque Polido (09204518863), Chairperson, PAMANTIK-KMU


Tanduay workers mark 1 week on strike, vow to intensify struggle for regularization


CABUYAO, LAGUNA – After one week of unrelenting violence from Lucio Tan’s security groups and hired goons, the Tanduay workers on strike vowed to intensify their struggle for the regularization of 397 contractuals saying that Lucio Tan “can never defeat the united strength of the workers and the people”.


Anse Are, president of Tanggulan Ugnayan Daluyang Lakas ng Anakpawis sa Tanduay Distillers Inc. (TUDLA) condemned the new wave of repression from the Tanduay management when yesterday, March 24, two consecutive incidents caused injury of 20 workers and supporters.


Security forces and goons violently dispersed a separate protest of TUDLA who were joined by around 100 supporters from the National Capital Region (Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, ACT Teachers Partylist, All UP Workers’ Union, Anakbayan, Anakpawis Partylist among others). At around 4:30PM, 200 security forces and goons mercilessly beat the protesters and threw rocks at them which even shattered a jeepney windshield. When the protesters returned to the picket line at Gate 2 at 5:30PM, the protesters were again bombarded with firetruck water, human excrement, and stones.


“Lucio Tan obviously has all the power and money to hire a whole army to protect his interest. Instead of giving in to the demands of workers who created his wealth, he tramples on our right to organization and freedom to express our grievances. We are not afraid and we vow to fortify our ranks in the coming days,” Are stressed.


Meanwhile, the workers express their gratitude to the people’s organizations which travelled across provinces just to give solidarity to the workers as well as the nearby communities of Laguna who sympathize with their struggle.  One vendor, for example, gave several watermelons today to show support to the exhausted and hungry workers.


Also, at around 1:30PM today, workers from Sagara Metro Plastic Industrial Corporation conducted a solidarity program at the picket line. According to Ariel Velasquez, a worker of Sagara and chairperson of the Liga ng Mga Manggagawa Para sa Regular na Hanapbuhay, contractual workers from all over the country should unite to put an end to the exploitative conditions of companies.


“We see ourselves with the struggle of Tanduay workers, since their issue is no different from ours. The Aquino government’s policies on contractualization kills Filipinos and the only way to have a decent life is to fight for our rights,” Velasquez said.


Sagara’s workers were supposedly set for Certification Elections (CE) last April 8. But the Department of Labor and Employment unjustly cancelled their CE because of a memorandum issued by Malacañang (Presidential Decree 20-2011).


The workers continue to urge the local government of Cabuyao headed by Mayor Jun Hemedes and Vice-Mayor Atty. Mel Gecolea as well as the local Philippine National Police to stand with the workers in holding Lucio Tan accountable for his crimes. #






Youth groups condemn Tanduay Distillers management over strike repression


Youth groups Anakbayan, League of Filipino Students, and Student Christian Movement together with other sectoral organizations gathered at Tanduay Distillers Inc-Cabuyao Laguna to support the worker’s strike led by the Tanggulang Ugnayan Daluyang Lakas ng Anakpawis sa Tanduay Distillers Inc. (TUDLA).


Anakbayan supported the workers’ calls for regularization and wage hike. They also condemned the Tanduay management for their strike repression.


“These workers have all the reason to launch a strike against Tanduay. Most of these workers have been working in Tanduay for 5 to 11 years, yet they are still contractual. They receive below minimum wages while Lucio Tan rakes in billions in profit,” said Vencer Crisostomo, Anakbayan National Chairperson.


“Aside from low wages, the management has also failed to provide workers with Personal Protective Equipments. Because of their contractual status most of these workers does not receive any substantial support and benefits from the management,” Crisostomo added.


Since the day when the strike was launched, the workers and their supporters has been continually harassed by Tanduay’s security forces and hired goons. 


According to Kilusang Mayo Uno, the goons threw rocks at the protestors and harassed them by, for an example, illegally confiscating a DSLR camera.


“Dahil sa takot na mawalan ng malaking tubo walang alinlangan si Lucio Tan at Tanduay management sa paggamit ng dahas laban sa mga manggagawa at kanilang mga taga-suporta,” said Crisostomo.


The youth leader called on the Tanduay management to submit to the calls of their workers.


“Lucio Tan and the Tanduay management should submit to the calls of their workers because without their workers have primarily contributed their labor for the company’s development. It is only just for the Tanduay workers to call for better working conditions,” said Crisostomo.


The youth leader stated that the plight of the Tanduay workers proves the deplorable situation of every Filipino worker under the Aquino administration.


“Sa Ilalim ng kontra-manggagawang administrasyon ni Aquino, patuloy nag kontraktwalisasyon, ang pambabarat sa sahod, ang kawalan ng trabaho, ang hindi ligtas na kundisyon sa pagawa, ang kawalan ng benepisyo, at ang patuloy na pag atake sa karapatan ng mga manggagawa na mag-unyon,” said Crisostomo.


“Walang ibang pinagsisilbihan ang administrasyon ni Aquino kung hindi ang mga gaya ni Lucio Tan,” said Crisostomo.


Anakbayan and other progressive organizations vowed to continue the fight against for the rights of Filipino workers and called for Aquino’s ouster.


“Aquino has long been the scourging Filipino workers with his anti-worker policies. We cannot just stand idle at this injustice. We must oust this anti-worker president and build a government that will forward national industrialization,” Crisostomo concluded.


Reference: Vencer Crisostomo, 09399207114, @venzie





MAY 23, 2015


Recent NCMB hearing result, new round of labor repression verify correctness of strike; 

Urged more ‘contractual’ workers to do the same



Ariel Velasquez
Liga ng Manggagawa para sa Regular na Hanapbuhay (LIGA)


The events in the past two days gave all the more reasons for the workers of a distillery plant at Laguna to endure and push forth with the now-six-day-old strike.


Yesterday, regional organizations from different sectors and provinces were present for a multisectoral protest at the picket line. Today,  they are joined by a delegation from the national multisectoral organizations, led by the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan and national labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU).


Workers’ alliance Liga ng Manggagawa para sa Regular na Hanapbuhay (LIGA) chairperson Ariel Velasquez said that this will be an additional surge of energy for the striking workers.


“Day after day, we have more people coming in the picketline and sharing their support for the workers, knowing their plight; it is such a breath of fresh air compared to the plain violence from the mercenary goons, anti-worker policemen and callous local government,” said Velasquez.


On the other hand, the results of last Thursday’s hearing at the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) brought more problems than it solved: with the management and a contracting agency only presenting its lawyers, only one contracting agency presented its job offering description – and even this was deprived to the workers, as it pulled it out counter to the recommendation of the arbiter.


Firm in their stand, the workers call for the management to be held accountable and face the workers at the board hearing, and push for the regularization of the 397 contractual workers under the company plant in Cabuyao.


Since the distillery workers’ strike, more associations and unions for workers deemed by the capitalist as contractuals have been formed and registered to the Department of Labor and Employment, guaranteed by the Constitutional right to organization.


These unions were formed in Manco Synthetic, Manila Cordage, Inc., Karzai, and just recently, in Asia Brewery Inc., where neighboring distillery workers strike.


Velasquez heads the alliance of such formations here.

“There is no question that the workers’ unity is spreading throughout factories in the region, as contractualization policies continue to spread in here,” added Velasquez.


Velasquez ended that such is the serious matter of contractualization, that is fought against by the workers, that it is not only an isolated case, but a national issue.


“It is undeniable that the nation now employs contractual, and not regular workers. It is then imperative for the people to show their unity. In the continuing call for justice for the slain Kentex workers, those who live in such conditions now unite to fight the common enemy that is the government’s continuing policy of contractualization and cheap labor in the nation,” concluded Velasquez. ###


Click here to play video clip of violent dispersal
  Injuries suffered by the workers  

23 Mayo 2015 | Gate 3, Tanduay Distillers Inc., Asia Brewery, Cabuyao, Laguna
Walang awa at brutal na dinahas ng mga 'hired goons' ni Lucio Tan ang mga welgista at mga tagasuporta nito na nagkilos protesta sa Gate 3 ng pagawaan ng Tanduay. Tuwang tuwa ang mga goons at 'security group' habang hinahabol ng pamalo at pamamato ng malalaking bato ang mga welgista at mga tagasuporta. Mariing kinokondena ng TUDLA at Pamantik-KMU ang karahasang ito na nagdulot ng 30 sugatan at pagkasira ng mga gamit at sasakyan.

Tanduay Workers on Strike update: 4:52 pm. Walang awang pinaghahampas ng palo at pinagbabato ng mga scurity guards ni Lucio Tan sa Gate 3 ang mga welgista at supporters ng strike. Marami ang nasaktan at nasugatan. Nabasag din ang harapang salamin ng jeep. Kinokondena ng TUDLA at Pamantik-KMU ang karahasang ito!

Pagkatapos saktan sa Gate 3 ng pagawaan ng Tanduay, binomba naman ng mabahong tubig at pinagbabato ang mga welgista at mga tagasuporta nito sa kanilang piketlayn sa Gate 2 ng Asia Brewery.

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May 23, 2015

Roque Polido (09204518863), Chairperson, PAMANTIK-KMU
Anse Are (09273957876), President, TUDLA



Update as of 6:00PM -Day 6 (May 26)


Umakyat na sa bilang na 20 ang kumpirmadong nasaktan dahil sa dispersal (muling pamamalo at pambabato) ng mga sekyu at goons sa protesta sa Gate 3 kaninang 4:30PM at muling pagbobomba ng tubig at pambabato pagkabalik nila sa picket line sa Gate 2 ngayong 5:30PM. Kasalukuyang ginagamot ang mga nasugatan habang tuloy ang programa sa picket line.


Batid ng mga manggagawa ng TUDLA na malaking tao si Lucio Tan at kayang-kaya niyang bayaran ang libu-libong security guard maprotektahan lamang ang kaniyang interes. Subalit ganito ba ang kaniyang isinusukli sa mga manggagawang lumikha ng 'di-mabilang niyang produktong alak sa loob ng isang dekada?


Patuloy na nananawagan ang TUDLA at PAMANTIK-KMU na itaguyod ang karapatan ng mga manggagawa sa kanilang makatarungang welga. Nananawagan din sa kapulisan at lokal na pamahalaan ng alkaldeng si Jun Himedes at bise-alkaldeng  Atty. Rommel Mel Gecoleana kung tunay naglilingkod sa mamamayan ay panagutin ang mga sekyu at goons na nananakit ng mga manggagawa at mga tao.







May 21, 2015

Anse Are (09273957876), President, TUDLA
Roque Polido (09204518863), Chairperson, PAMANTIK-KMU

Tanduay mgt still defiant in its ‘observer’ status as workers’ unions surge support for the strike 

The Tanduay management remains indifferent to the calls of its workers for regularization while more unions from various factories in Southern Tagalog express support for the strike. 

As of yesterday, a second hearing was conducted at the National Conciliation and Mediation Board attended by representatives from Tanggulang Ugnayang Daluyang Lakas ng Anakpawis sa Tanduay Distillers Inc. (TUDLA), Tanduay management, the provincial and regional officers of the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) and the two agencies of Global Skills Providers Multi-purpose Cooperative and HD Manpower Service Cooperative. The Tanduay management, lead by plant manager Richard Teng, remain deaf to the pleas of the workers saying that they are only present in the hearing as an “observer” to the complaints which should only be addressed to the two agencies. 

TUDLA and PAMANTIK-KMU however, reiterated that it is the sole accountabily of the Tanduay management - and not the two agencies - why the company is employing Labor Only Contracting (LOC), a practice which is deemed illegal under the Labor Code. The DoLE regional office requested copies of job descriptions from the agencies to be brought to the next hear on May 22, which is a favorable move for the workers since it will be exposed that the workers are indeed involved with production-related work – a solid grounding for their call for regularization. 

As the fourth day of the Tanduay workers’ strike sets in, various labor unions led by regional labor center Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan-Kilusang Mayo Uno (PAMANTIK-KMU) showed their support for the workers through different actions. They spearheaded mobile propaganda teams and information drives regarding the Tanduay workers’ plight. In a workers’ solidarity night yesterday, they also expressed statements of support to the Tanduay workers, which they said will be an inspiration in their further struggles as a whole. 

“The issues Tanduay workers face are not exactly different from other factories in the country: massive contractualization, union-busting, low wages and repression are norms inside our labor force that have to be changed,” said Roque Polido, chairperson of PAMANTIK-KMU. 

The TUDLA, which led the workers’ strike, expressed their gratitude to the workers’ support and hope for the victory of regularization for the 397 contractual workers. “It is true that our strike will not go on if not for our unity, and the support that other workers’ unions and other sectors give which has dictated our strength since day one,” said Anse Are, president of TUDLA. 

Meanwhile, at least three buses full of scabs were seen entering the compound of the Asia Brewery through the Eton City-South Luzon Expressway route. Partial production inside the factory has reportedly resumed. 

More protest actions and solidarity events are to follow in the next days. ###

They came "to serve and protect"....

Support the strike of Tanduay workers in Cabuyao, Laguna!
Fight for the regularization of 397 contractuals!

Starting May 18, 2015, workers from the Tanduay Distillers Inc. in Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines are on strike for their regular jobs and just working conditions.

Three hundred and ninety-seven workers, or 90% of its total workforce, have been working as contractual workers for 5 to 11 years now – with a meager wage of P315 (set to be lowered to P255 because of the Two-Tiered Wage System), no benefits (medical, sick leave, vacation leave or even bonuses), and no job security (they can be dismissed by the company anytime).

This is ironic since Lucio Tan, primary owner of Tanduay, is listed on 2014 as Forbes Magazine’s 2nd Richest Filipino with a net worth of $6.1 billion or P270 billion. Tanduay Distillers Inc. alone, earned net sales of P10 billion and P12 billion on 2013 and 2012 respectively. Each day, Tanduay workers create an estimate of P15 million worth of products. This means, per P1 profit of Tanduay Distillers, only P0.003 goes to wages which will be divided to 397 workers!

Workers have petitioned for an investigation from the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) since Tanduay Distillers Inc. has been employing workers under the guise of 2 agencies (Global Skills Providers Multi-purpose Cooperative and HD Manpower Service Cooperative). Labor Only Contracting is illegal under the Labor Code of the Philippines and yet even DoLE has turned a blind eye to the pleas of the workers.

It is saddening that the same workers who make alcoholic beverages such as Long Neck, Lapad Five Years, Jamaica, Green Tea, Asian Rum, Compañero, London Gin, Gin Capitan, Rhum Cocktails, Island Mix and many others – are the same workers who are deprived of their just wages, benefits and job security. They are the same workers who, day by day, have families who are struggling through poverty.

Is this what business tycoons like Lucio Tan want as a future for Filipinos who offered their sweat and blood for honest work?

All freedom loving citizens should enjoin us because only through our collective spirit and principled action can we help the the 397 contractual workers in their just cause for regularization!

Sign petition here


The picket line before state and company security forces
attempted to disperse the striking workers


May 18, 2015


Roque Polido (09204518863), Chairperson, PAMANTIK-KMU
Anse Are (09363265297), President, TUDLA





Ganap na idinedeklara ng mga manggagawa ng Tanduay simula ngayon, Mayo 18, 2015, sa pangunguna ng Tanggulan Ugnayan Daluyang Lakas ng Anakpawis sa Tanduay Distillers Inc. (TUDLA) ang isang WELGA PARA SA REGULAR NA HANAPBUHAY AT MAKATAONG KONDISYON SA PAGGAWA!


Sampu ng buong kasapian ng TUDLA at ng 397 manggagawang kontraktwal na bumubuo sa 90% ng kabuuang lakas-paggawa sa Tanduay Distiller Inc. dito sa Cabuyao, Laguna, KAMI AY MATAGAL NANG NAGTITIIS SA PAHIRAP NA KALAGAYAN SA LOOB NG PABRIKA!  Karamihan sa aming mga kontraktwal ay 5 hanggang 11 taon nang nagtatrabaho ngunit nananatiling kontraktwal hanggang sa kasalukuyan – patuloy na nakapako sa napakababang sahod na P315 na maaari pang bumaba sa P255 floor wage dahil sa iskemang Two-Tiered Wage System, patuloy na walang natatanggap na makabuluhang benepisyong magtataas sa kalidad ng buhay ng aming pamilya, at higit sa lahat, patuloy kaming nasasadlak sa kawalang kaseguruhan sa trabaho dulot ng Labor Only Contracting o LOC ng kapitalistang Tanduay na iligal! 


Tulad ng mga manggagawa ng Kentex sa Valenzuela na namatay kamakailan sa sunog dahil sa kawalan ng safety protocols, talamak din sa loob ng aming pagawaan ang kakapusan sa Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Madalas kaltas pa sa aming sahod kung kukuha ng PPE kaya’t maya’t maya ang naaksidente at nasusugat sa bubog dahil sa mga nababasag o sumasabog na bote. Ayaw naming magaya sa mga manggagawa ng Kentex na huli na at namatay dahil hindi naagapan ang ganitong problema, hangad din namin ang ligtas na kondisyon sa paggawa! 


Dagdag pa rito, dilawan at nagbubulag-bulagan ang nakatayong unyon sa loob ng aming pagawaan kaya’t hindi umuunlad ang aming kalagayan.

Maayos naming sinunod ang paghahain ng petisyon para sa regularisasyon sa Department of Labor and Employment o DoLE, subalit mismong mga inspektor ng DoLE ay bayaran at kasabwat ni Lucio Tan! Sa pagsusumite ng resulta ng kanilang inspection noong Abril 28, inutil sila Jennifer Taip at Daisy Ramos sa mga pruweba ng paggamit ng LOC ng kumpanya at sa halip, tinawag pang “legal” ang dalawang agency ng Global Skills Providers Multi-purpose Cooperative at ang at HD Manpower Service Cooperative. Ang aming paglalantad sa kabulukan ng DoLE at ang kanilang pakikipagkuntsaba sa Tanduay ay lalo pang nagluwal ng panunupil sa aming mga manggagawa: ngayong Mayo 16, kumpirmadong ang higit 200 sa amin ay iligal na tatanggalin dahil lamang sa aming paninindigan para sa tama at makatarungang kondisyon sa paggawa!


Bago pa ito, samu’t saring panunupil na ang nararanasan namin mula sa management – kabilang na rito ang 5 araw na forced leave simula noong Abril 24, at ang sapilitang pagpapapirma sa waiver na mag-aatras sa aming laban para sa regularisasyon. Makailang beses nang binabantaan ang aming kasapian na tatanggalin o ‘di kaya’y berbal na inaabuso sa pagtatawag na “walang utang na loob”. Paano ito nangyaring kami pa ang “walang utang na loob” gayong dekada na kaming naninilbihan subalit wala man lamang kakapiranggot na ibinalik sa amin ng kumpanya sa napakalaking tubo na nakuha nito dahil sa aming likhang-produkto? Noong 2012 at 2013, umabot ng higit P10 BILYON at P12 BILYON ang Net Sales ng kumpanya, ibig sabihin walang pang gasingko sentimos ang nakukuhang pakinabang ng manggagawa mula rito! Si Lucio Tan mismo na hinirang ng Forbes Magazine bilang pangalawa sa pinakamayamang Pilipino sa kasalukuyan, ay nagkakahalaga ng $6.1 BILYON o P270 BILYON ang ari-arian! Kaya hindi kami naniniwalang mahirap maibigay ng Tanduay management ang aming kahilingan para sa regularisasyon, ito’y kapiraso lamang kung ikukumpara sa araw-araw na supertubong nahuhuthot nila dahil sa sagad-sagaring pagpapahirap nila sa amin.


Kaya buong lakas at tiwala naming ilulunsad ang WELGA PARA SA REGULAR NA HANAPBUHAY AT MAKATAONG KONDISYON SA PAGGAWA! Sapagkat ito na lamang ang aming nalalabing armas upang makamit ang katarungang matagal na naming hinahangad. Ngayon, kailanpaman, hinihingi namin ang suporta ninyong mga kapwa naming manggagawa, maging ng iba’t ibang sektor ng mamamayan: mga estudyante, propesyunal, magbubukid, taong-simbahan, makabayang pulitiko, at marami pang iba – patunayan nating kayang-kaya nating gapiin sa pamamagitan ng nagkakaisang tinig ng mga Pilipino ang tunay na nagpapahirap sa ating lahi – silang iilang mayayamang tulad ni Lucio Tan na marapat nang magising at magkaroon ng katiting na malasakit sa ating lahat na bumubuhay sa kaniyang negosyo!


Sama-sama nating ipagtagumpay ang WELGANG ito, sapagkat hindi lamang namin ito WELGA, kundi WELGA ito para sa lahat ng manggagawang kontraktwal na nagnanais maging regular, WELGA para sa disente at nakabubuhay na sahod at kalagayan sa paggawa, WELGA para sa mas mabuting kinabukasan para sa ating pamilya at mga anak!







MAYO 18, 2015




May 21, 2015

Makiisa sa welga ng mga manggagawa ng Tanduay!

Nakikiisa ang Anakbayan sa pakikibaka ng mga manggagawa ng Tanduay, na pinamumunuan ng Tanggulan Ugnayan Daluyang Lakas ng Anakpawis sa Tanduay Distillers Inc. (TUDLA), para sa regular na hanapbuhay at makataong kundisyon sa pagawa. Ang Tanduay Distillers Inc. ay pagmamayari ng kilalang malaking negosyante na si Lucio Tan.

Ikinasa ng mga manggagawa ng Tanduay ang kanilang welga noong Mayo 18, 2015.
Lumahok dito ang 397 na kontraktwal na mga manggagawa na bumubuo ng 90% ng mga manggagawang nagtatrabaho sa Tanduay Distiller Inc. sa Cabuyao, Laguna. Karamihan sa mga manggagawang kontraktwal ay 5 hanggang 11 taon nang nagtatrabaho sa Tanduay pero nananatili pa ring kontraktwal. Ang mga manggagawang kontraktwal ng Tanduay ay sumasahod lamang ng P315 kada araw, at maaari pang bumaba ang mababa na ngang sahod sa P255 floor wage dahil sa iskemang Two-Tiered wage system na isang anti-manggagawang polisiya na pinapatupad ng rehimeng US-Aquino.

Ang mga manggagawa sa Tanduay ay malapit sa peligro dahil sa kawalan ng safety protocols. Ayon nga mismo sa mga manggagawa ng Tanduay, kapos din sila sa mga Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Madalas ikinakaltas pa ng management sa kanilang sahod ang pagkuha sa PPE.

Wala ding nakukuhang benepisyo mula sa management ang mga manggagawa na maaari sanang makapagpataas ng kalidad ng kanilang buhay sa kagyat at sa kanilang pagreretiro. Dagdag pa, wala din silang kaseguruhan sa trabaho dahil sa iskemang Labor Only Contracting(LOC) na ipanatutupad ng Tanduay.

Kahit napakarami na ng kasalanan ng management ng Tanduay sa kanilang manggagawa, hindi tumindig ang kasalukuyang nakatayong unyon sa loob ng pagawaan. Pinaasa ng dilawang unyon na ito ang mga manggagawa ng Tanduay. Ang unyon na ito ay nag bingi-bingihan sa mga hinaing ng mga manggagawa.Bago ikinasa ang welga, nagpetisyon na para sa regularisasyon ang mga manggagawa sa Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Subalit pumanig ang DOLE sa management ng Tanduay, pinagtanggol ng DOLE ang paggamit ng LOC ng kumpanya.

Samu’t saring panunupil na ang nararanasan ng mga manggagawa mula sa management. Kabilang na rito ang 5 araw na forced leave simula noong Abril 24, sapilitang pagpapapirma sa waiver na mag-aatras sa paglaban ng mga manggagawa para sa regularisasyon, at bago pa man din magsimula ang welga,

Mayo 16 pa lamang ay kumpirmado nang higit sa 200 manggagawa ang tatanggalin ng management dahil lamang sa kanilang paninindigan na ipaglaban ang kanilang karapatan. Sa mismong pagputok ng welga, binomba ng tubig, pinagbabato at sapilitang pinaalis ang mga manggagawa, pero nanaig ang lakas ng sama-samang pagkilos ng mga manggagawa laban sa panunupil ng management at ng gobyerno.

Ang kalagayan ng mga manggagawa sa Tanduay ay naglalarawan sa kabuuang kalagayan ng mga manggagawa sa buong Pilipinas. Ang mga manggagawa na siyang nagpapagod para umunlad ang ating bayan ay patuloy na pinapahirapan ng mababang pasahod, kontraktwalisasyon, kawalan ng maayos na benipisyo sa trabaho, delikadong kundisyon sa paggawa, at kawalan ng karapatan sa pag-uunyon. Habang patuloy na lumulubog sa kahirapan ang mga manggagawa, nagpapakasasa sa yaman na nililikha nila ang mga kapitalista gaya ni Lucio Tan.

Sa kabila ng kalunus-lunos na kalagayan ng mga manggagawa patuloy parin ang ang atake ng rehimeng US-Aquino sa mga manggagawa. Patuloy ang paglikha at pagpapatupad sa kontra-manggawang mga polisiya sa ilalim ni Aquino. Lagi ring nakaantabay ang gobyerno ni Aquino na ipagtanggol ang mga kapitalista, at supilin ang mga manggagawang nakikipaglaban para sa kanilang mga karapatan.

Nararapat lang na makiisa tayo sa laban ng mga manggagawa ng Tanduay para sa regular na hanapbuhay at makataong kondisyon sa paggawa. Tulungan natin ang mga manggagawa ng Tanduay na ilantad and kanilang kalunus-lunos na sitwasyon, at ang sabwatan ng ganid na management ng Tanduay at ng bulok na gobyerno ni Aquino. Manghimok din tayo ng mas marami pang tao na tumungo sa piket upang makiisa sa welga. Tiyak na maipapanalo ang welgang ito gamit ang sama-samang pagkilos ng mga manggagawa at ng sambayanan.

Ang tagumpay na makakamit ng welgang ito ay hindi lamang tagumpay ng mga manggagawa ng Tanduay Distiller Inc., ito ay tagumpay din ng lahat ng mga manggagawa sa Pilipinas at isang hakbang pasulong sa tunay na pagbabago sa lipunan.


Reference: Vencer Crisostomo, national chairperson, Anakbayan 09399207114


Media Release
18 May 2015

Lucio Tan told: Regularize long-standing contractuals in Tanduay-Cabuyao

After workers of the rum distillery started a strike this morning, national labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno called on business tycoon Lucio Tan today to regularize the long-standing 397 contractuals in Tanduay Distiller, Inc. in Cabuyao, Laguna.

The labor group said it is unjust, especially for the second richest billionaire from the Philippines who has a net worth of $6.1 billion, to maintain 90 per cent of the said factory’s workforce as contractuals despite the workers’ five to 11 years of service to the company.

KMU also said that it is unjust and illegal, especially for the owner of one of the world’s largest rum makers, to give a wage of P315 to contractuals, given the fact that the legally-mandated minimum wage for Calabarzon is P362.50.

“Today’s strike in Tanduay-Cabuyao further exposes how Lucio Tan is exploiting workers and raking in huge profits. He should do what’s just and regularize the long-standing contractuals in the factory,” Lito Ustarez, KMU vice-chairperson, said.

The labor leader said it is disgusting for the country’s biggest billionaires to refuse to carry out improvements in the wages, job security and trade-union rights of workers in their companies despite their wealth and despite the workers’ protests.

“The labor situation in Tanduay-Cabuyao confirms that Tan, a prime example of the country’s elite, is most socially irresponsible. He is clearly conscious of the vast wealth that he has accumulated but shows no recognition of the pitiful state of the workers who create his wealth,” Ustarez added.

KMU also condemned the massive illegal layoff which the Tanduay management planned to carry out against the contractuals before the strike and the use of water cannons against the workers’ strike this morning.

“Lucio Tan and the Tanduay-Cabuyao management should heed the workers’ just demands and stop meeting these with repression. Grave violations of workers’ rights would always spur workers’ resistance,” Ustarez stated.

KMU, together with workers’ formations from both the public and private sectors united in broad campaign network All Workers’ Unity, is calling for the banning of contractual employment in the country, claiming that the employment scheme is a crime against Filipino workers. 

Reference: Lito Ustarez, KMU vice-chairperson, 0908-6491992



May 19, 2015

Roque Polido (09204518863), Chairperson, PAMANTIK-KMU
Anse Are (09363265297), President, TUDLA

Lucio Tan committing grave human rights abuse to Tanduay workers on strike


CABUYAO, LAGUNA - We condemn in the strongest possible terms the continuing human rights violations to the workers of Tanduay Distillers Inc. on strike due to the violence and harassment committed by the security group and hired goons of Lucio Tan.


Several incidents have already occurred since yesterday, May 18, when Tanduay workers, led by the Tanggulang Uganayan Daluyang Lakas ng Anakpawis sa Tanduay Distillers Inc. (TUDLA), launched their strike. The 397 contractual workers (comprising 90% of the total workforce) demand regularization and better working conditions.


As of 12:00NN of May 19, 2015, 50 individuals already have injuries ranging from bruises to cuts caused by security guards and hired goons that beat the workers with truncheons. The said security agents also threw rocks and glass bottles at the picket line simultaneous with surges of water cannon from within the compound’s firetruck. A DSLR camera was illegally confiscated by a security agent when the secondary picket line was dispersed this morning. As of press time, the said camera has not been returned. The local police and local government unit of Cabuyao also turn a blind eye to these incidents even if they are just meters away from the picket line.


This is but a desperate move from Lucio Tan and the Tanduay management. Instead of hearing the just plea of the workers, they treat them inhumanely with violence, provoking anger and insulting them like they were not the same workers who honestly labored inside the factory for years.

We firmly believe that the call of the Tanduay workers for regularization is not a difficult thing to do for the Tanduay management. With the numbers from the net sales of Tanduay products in 2012 and 2013 reach P12 billion and P10 billion respectively – is it wrong for workers to demand a fair share as reward for their hard-earned  labor? Does Lucio Tan, a renowned business tycoon of several industries, really wish for workers to be mired in poverty while he continues to live luxuriously and oblivious to the people who made his wealth possible?


The Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) has been deaf to TUDLA’s petition for regularization. Last April 28, two inspectors of DoLE Laguna Provincial Office justified that the two agencies (Global Skills Providers Multi-purpose Cooperative at ang at HD Manpower Service Cooperative) practicing Labor Only Contracting (LOC) were “legal”. Instead of reporting the truth on Tanduay’s involvement with LOC, the two inspectors only focused on “labor standards” and only gave recommendations to the agencies. Now, DoLE is even twisting the facts, saying that the workers have a high chance for regularization “if only they did not stage a strike” because they have, surprisingly, discovered that the 2 agencies had “expired contracts”.


In a dialogue yesterday with the National Conciliation Mediation Board attended by representatives from Tanduay, the 2 agencies and PAMANTIK-KMU – Richard Teng, plant manager of Tanduay stressed that he was only an “observer” of the labor dispute, when in fact, the Tanduay management is solely responsible for employing LOCs.


DoLE should stop with the lies and urge Lucio Tan and the Tanduay management to concede with the workers’ demands for regularization. We remain firm with our call: the Tanduay management must regularize all 397 contractual workers and respect the rights of the workers for job security, decent wages and benefits!  #